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Found 31 results

  1. Well, here is my final round 3 entry. A bit late and rushed, but well I didn't have any time the last couple of weeks. But I still hope you'll enjoy it. C&C welcome the Inventor
  2. Colonel Brickington wasn't able to go to the final battle of the Tournament thus, he stayed at home and did one of his favorite things: Eating some Bluecoat Chicken legs and meat. His fellow Redcoats had sent him the Blue meat from the battlefield. And boy was it tasty! I was noticing the end of the Toruney coming, so I built this for the Reds. Hope you like it!
  3. My final entry for TORIII Round 3! Good luck everyone and enjoy! Credits to: Commander Red Hat, Purpearljellyblob, Admiral Croissant, Kabel, Cara, Frank Brick Wright, Mazin, Captain Blackmoor, Antonio, Brickington, Scorpiox, Dr_Spock, Skalldyr, Efullner, Blackar, Duck. Thanks guys for starring in my comic. May the best Bluecoat win!
  4. Well, here is my final entry. I hope you enjoy it! Even you Bluecoats out there... Many Bluecoats were harmed in the production of this comic!
  5. TOR III Entry (R3): Happily Ever After

    Hello everyone, Here is my final comic entry for TOR III. Credits: Admiral Croissant, Skalldyr, Brickington, Scorpiox, Efullner, Esurient, Blackar, Captain Blackmoor, Frank Brick Wright, Muffin, Dr_Spock, Commander Red Hat, Capt. Stabbin, Duck.
  6. Here's my long - awaited entry! . Without further adieu, I give you And that Kids, is how we Beat those Redcoats And that's it! C&C appreciated. This was a fun Tournament, thanks to Admiral Croissant, Captain Red Hat, Captain Blackmoor, Zcerberus, and everyone else that made this happen . Thanks to the Bluecoat team, we did (and are still doing) great. Happy Retributing!
  7. An Easter Tale

    We are almost in Easter (2 more weeks!) so I decided it was about time to make an Easter-related entry. Enjoy and beware of magic carrots Thank you Sebeus for your avatar photo I've been busy so I decided to photoshop things from here and there all around the internet, which means I've used elements which do *not* belong to me. Comments and criticism very welcome as always and may the best bluecoat win!!
  8. Pure Victory: Dreadnought carnage

    [pid][/pid]233A Master of puppets I'm pulling your strings ... eeerm ... levers of my dreadnought! Stomp, grab, smash and burn baby, burn! A small contribution to our second Redcoat community build.
  9. RvB: True Blue Traitors

    Here thy go: In case you missed it: A True Blue Misfit
  10. ToR III Entry 2: A Harder Path

    Here is my next Entry for the ToR III. A Harder Path
  11. My TOR III comic for round 2, enjoy : For those who haven't yet read my first entry: My entry for round 1 the Inventor
  12. Hello everyone, I hope you've enjoyed my previous entry: Death At First Sight. As the Adventures of Purpearljellyblob continues, the Redcoats encounter another problem PIRATES! or is it? Enjoy! Special guests: Dr_Spock, Duck, Admiral Croissant, Mazin, Esurient, Frank Brick Wright C&C always appreciated and welcomed! :) EDIT: Full version of the comic uploaded for those who did not see the last panel (11th panel).
  13. TOR III Entry Round 2: The Redcoat Song

    Here's my non-CGI entry for Round II, demonstrating why I never, ever use my camera unless absolutely necessary. (The song is rather good, though; imagine it set to a jaunty tune and it can really grow on you.)
  14. TOR III Entry: Treasure Island

    Treasure Island Our story continues with our Redcoat duo. They survived Survivor Island but are now lost at sea and down to their last banana. (Previous story -> http://www.eurobrick...36#entry1470882)
  15. TOR III ENTRY: Redcoat Fishing!

    [pid][/pid] So here's my official entry for round two: Pirates, Redcoat Fishing! Sorry about the cropping issues- Hope it didn't distract from the story Anyway, hope you liked it! C&C Welcome!
  16. ToR III Entry: A True Blue Misfit

    [pid][/pid] Here's my entry for the second round of ToR III. I missed Round 1 and I think everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats for a comic of mine. Oh, and I realized that Colonel Brickington hasn't shaved in a while. On one particular day, the Bluecoat Soldier Mazin was greeted by a pirate. , Thus, Mazin followed the pirate to his camp. ​Mazin couldn't take it. So he found a boat and just went on it, without knowing where he was going. Poor Mazin, he went towards the Redcoat HQ without knowing it. Brickington ordered Mazin to the Prison. Mazin didn't know what he was walking in to. And that's how Brickington started his collection of Bluecoat heads! Later on at the Pirate Camp: The End Hope you Enjoyed It!
  17. Here's my WIP comic! I changed it to a better comic. I have just started to use Comic Life and am loving it so far!
  18. [pid][/pid] Only good blue is a dead blue. Take that you blue babies!
  19. [pid][/pid] So here is my Comic. A bit late, but better late then never. I had not much time because I was staing in Hamburg for New Year and was back home 03.01. I hope you enjoy it even it is not perfect. A Bloody Help .
  20. [pid][/pid] A Bluecoat and a Redcoat vie for the attentions of an island lady, and each ends up with the mate he deserves. It's not a comic? Screw the rules. They're guidelines anyway. I did it my way. This is war. As usual, comments are more than welcome.
  21. [pid][/pid] Lets add insult to lots of injury...
  22. [pid][/pid] This is my official ToR III entry for round 1. I hope you like it.
  23. [pid][/pid] I present to you my entry for Tor III, I hope you all like my comic. the Inventor
  24. TOR III Entry: Death at first sight

    [pid][/pid] Hello everyone, This is my first time making a comic. I have put together a piece of comic for all Redcoats and Bluecoats to enjoy. I am sorry if the images might seem a bit grainy. Nevertheless, please sit back and enjoy The Adventures of Purpearljellyblob.
  25. TOR III Entry: Survivor Island

    [pid][/pid] Greetings. Here is my entry: Survivor Island