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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm making this compilation by using pictures taken from bricklink as I don't have them in my stash. I do sincerely hope this list will help you in collecting these cute Unikitties ever produced. Enjoy! These are the angry ones. I started sorting them using red. It seems like they are still cute here but SDCC version would be hard to get. Then green, purple and blue. The first one from the left is in the large Sea Cow. Others should be easier to get. Colourfully printed unikitties! Here I found that the one from the double decker couch had two expressions but I can't find any coding for that in bricklink. Oh, another SDCC... Lastly these are mostly from the Unikitty sets which is quite easy to obtain and their prices are not bad in bricklink. Special thanks to @julesvincent and @TeriXeri for pointing them out and the pictures. I added this one. Notice the CMF unikitty in LEGO Movie 2 CMF series is a brand new unikitty as I can't see any similar one among old unikitties. The closest one would be tlm081 the SDCC one but the new one has a bigger mouth opening. We have a wolverine wanabe unikitty and a large ultrakatty. Do comment below if I left out any! This is the review of the Minifigure Unikitty Series 1 by the great cmf reviewer @WhiteFang. Hope you like this compilation!
  2. Hi guys. As you know TLM2 is within our reach in 2019, there's some time for us to guess what references would like to be used. As we knwo from TLM1, there were quite many references used, especially in the "master builder" when many major LEGO themes representives showed up. There's a very high chance for the same thing going on again, but it's not like LEGO/Warnerbros would always be obedient to what fans want. (for example, the famous Disney-owned media case, we all know that), so I start this topic to check if each franchise has the chance to be in TLM2 or not. *References can be anything, the bigger one is of course having a character figure appear, the smaller one include buildings, world map, scenes, or even just lines. *This topic is mainly activated before TLM2 officially released and all referenced are digged out. *All franchises from TLM1 are all considered available options of references in TLM2, despite I personally wish to see new ones instead. Category 1: franchises between TLM1 and TLM2 Which weren't able to make it into TLM1 so they might be starred in the first place. UniKitty Oh well, the direct spinoff of TLM featuring the very lovely UniKitty! Honestly it seems not very necessary to show all other characters beside UniKitty if she is already the representive from that franchise. But it wouldn't be bad to give Puppycorn and the others in some footage when Emmet and others visit the re-built Cloud Cuckoo Land again. Mixels In some aspects of CN cartoon shorts, it's the predecessor of UniKitty series. I think it's fine to have one of the Mixels or use the cubits references, but not quite sure if this discontinued theme has the popularity in marketing? The Batman Movie Similiar with UniKitty, they might not have to highlight TBM either because Batman and other DC heroes have been featured, or the story is possibly in a different canon. But TBM have grabbed lots of fans and it'd be sweet to see Alfred, Dick and Barbara from the TBM canon also show up in TLM2. Elves One of the current long-running LEGO originals, with unique elf characters and world. It'd be nice to show any elf character as a master builder Nexo Knights The other current running LEGO original, despite it's gonna discontinue this year... Scooby-Doo I assume the chance Scooby appearing in TLM2 is 100%. No explaination. Jurassic World Also 100% chance to have Owen in TLM2 considerin how big this franchise is to WB. Minecraft I think it'd make it in. Especially wowing audience by literally throwing Emmet into the Minecraft worlds and making him chase by the zombies, that'd be fun. Team DFB Well, not sure, Perhaps these guys will take O'Neal's place to star in TLM2? The Angry Birds Movie I'm not sure about this one as well (or should say I'm not sure how is WB doing with Rovio). ABM is gonna have sequel in the same time, but if we're not having ABM2 sets then, would that mean also no any bird in TLM2 as well? LEGO Ideas exclusive franchises Including Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, The Big Bang Theory, The Beatles, NASA ladies All inroduced from LEGO Ideas, but Ideas franchises remain unknown. It'd be stated later. LEGO Dimensions exclusive franchises Including Sonic the Hedgehod, Gizmo, Jake, Betelgeuse... etc. Given that this film has the be closely based on physical figures, the other in-game characters might not be in the movie unless the sets have them. I'm neutral to see them in the film but the regular themes should still be prior IMO. Powerpuff Girls One of the extended franchise from the LEGO Dimensions, it'd make sense for them to be in as CN's main representives. Category 2: past franchises before TLM1 Franchises which didn't make it into TLM1 for unknown reasons. Back to the Future If not counting the original Minecraft building set, this is the very first minifigure-scale LEGO Ideas licensed franchise. However, for unknown reason Marty and Doc didn't make it into TLM1. Despite without any other official regular set, the characters still returned in LEGO Dimensions and this proves it is still an active LEGO license. So, if BttF finally get included in TLM2 canon for this time, the other later LEGO Ideas franchise might all have the chance as well? Friends Currently the second longrunning LEGO original franchise behind Ninjago, which just faced a new reboot this year. It was in the third year when TLM1 was introduced, but they were not really presented in this film (only cited in the world map as a small reference). But now given how notable this franchise it nowaday, any of the Friends should really be in the TLM2 cameo this time. BIONICLE / Hero Fcatory Similiar with Friends, it onlt got small reference from the world map. But it also face huge issue of not quite fitting in the minifigre-scale world as buildable figure toyline, it's even more cruel for being discontinued once again before TLM2 comes. But as an important page of the LEGO history, I still wish that LEGO at least make another reference in TLM2 for this time. Belville Duh... I dunno, like BIONICLE, maybe just a small reference is enough. Time Cruisers / Island Xtreme Stunts Since Johnny had made apperance in TLM1, I would suggest these two historical franchises gets footage in TLM2 for this time, and it'd be sweet if Pepper Roni or Dr. Cyber gets some redesign in physical LEGO sets. CITY Undercover Okay, since Chase McCain has made it into LEGO Dimensions, hopefully also in TLM2 as well. LEGO Universe / Clutch Powers It might just be my personal wish, but I do think LEGO still owe these two franchises a footage since they were suppsoed to be the origins of LEGO crossover projects despite being only in LEGO non-physical media works. Category 3: rumored future franchise after TLM2 Like how they inserted Milhouse in TLM1, it'd be predicable to have another one this time. Overwatch Okay, this is new, I wouldn't be too surprised to see Tracer hop in and steal Wyldstyle's glamor. Here's my personal prediction Main cameos: Unikitty, The Batman Movie, Nexo, Jurassic, MInecraft, Powerpuff Girls Small references / not quite sure: Friends, Elves, Mixels, BTTF, Team DFB What do you guys think? Do you have different ideas about these franchises or you have other unmentinoed options?
  3. okay, im taking on the project of building the full, movie size construction mech from the end of the lego movie, but have run into a big problem. theres a fairly complex looking technic build working as the midsection of the torso and the joint that supports the entire upper body, and i cant figure out how to build it. i dont have a great knowlage of technic, so i was wondering if i could get help from you guys here in the technic forum id'ing the parts and how they are used. im sorry, i know these arent the best shots of it, but this is about all i could find showing the darn thing.
  4. The Chosen Minifigure

    Lego Castle 2013-Present Value.

    Hey there, this is the chosen Minifigure with a big topic: The value of the lego castle sets. Not PPP value, no. Fun value, moc value, and Minifigure value. Let's hypothetically say that I have NO castle, fantasy, Viking or other medival sets of any kind. I wish to get into the theme, already loving some other themes. I get to the store, with enough money for any of the sets, but I only want to buy one. Which set should I get, with the best Minifigure/fun value? Or, say I'm a moccer. Which set would be best? Lastly, on a personal note, Dragon mountain or Kings castle?
  5. The Chosen Minifigure

    The Lego Movie: Customs?

    I recently rewatched the Lego movie, and I kind of got thinking about all of the new moulds, prints ECT... So I wondered, did Finn's dad make those customs? Did he buy TLM sets? (Heh.) Or are they just kind of crop circles, things that have an explanation that nobody agrees on?
  6. HomerJSimpson

    Do you like the sea cow?

    Do you like the sea cow? Another quick question, will you be making custom robo pirates using the robo swat heads, or will metal beard be sailing solo..........??? -N