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Found 2 results

  1. Jellyeater

    Legrang Gompa

    Johnny Thunder goes to the more distant Legrang Gompa to study ancient Buddhist manuscripts to find out where the Marco Polo Treasure is hidden. Monastery is on 48 x 48 baseplate.
  2. Twelve years ago, when I was fourteen years old and about a year away from entering my Dark Age, I received the set 7417: Temple of Mount Everest. I still have all the pieces, with the exception of one minifigure head, and I rebuilt the biplane over a year ago. However, since I now have a full-time Lego cave, I decided I wanted to rebuild the set. But before I started, I realized that there were things I wanted to change about it--including improving the landscaping and making the structure itself look more authentically Tibetan. I also wanted to display my Lego Movie Johnny Thunder minifigure (as well as my Dr. Kilroy and modified Pippin Reed minifigures) around my newly acquired 70751: Temple of Airjitzu. I decided to tackle both issues by making a MOC that would explain our intrepid Adventurers' arrival in the land of Ninjago and use 7417 as a template. I decided to present the aspects of my creation in loose story form (hope this is OK--if not, a mod can let me know and I'll delete most of the text). So, without further ado, I present to you my MOC/modified 7417. "My good friends," said Sherpa Sangye Dorje, "the way to the Temple of Passage is easy from here. I regret that I must part ways with you, after all he help you gave me last time you were in Tibet, but this chorten is not allowed to be passed by any of my people." The three adventurers expressed their gratitude and, after gifts were exchanged, the Sherpa headed back the way that he had come. As they watched him disappear into the blinding whiteness, Johnny shook his head. "Local superstitions." "Johnny," said Pippin, "you've stopped a magic ruby from falling into military hands. You've returned a sacred sun disk to its owner, you've discovered an island of dinosaurs, you've seen a yeti and a living stone lion--and so much more. Sometimes I wish you'd put a little more trust in local superstitions!" "Right you are, Miss Reed! But I have a feeling that this one is something special. Kilroy! Do you think you can find the way to this temple, mate?" "No doubt about it, Johnny! If this map is accurate, it shouldn't be too far away at all! And indeed, before too long at all, the three adventurers beheld the Temple of Passage. Though the rope bridge looked precarious, the adventurers began to cross it, with Johnny at the lead. All was going well, until. . . . "Stop right there, Thunder, and listen to me--or I'll cut the ropes!" It was Lord Sinister! Although it had appeared for quite some time that he had reformed, the adventurers knew he would eventually pop up again with one of his villainous schemes. "This temple is sure to be booby trapped, with the great treasure it holds! I want you to be the one to open the doors and step inside first--and then make way for me!" Johnny couldn't help but agree--after all, he might still have a chance this way, but it would be over for them all if Sinister cut the ropes. When they had crossed the bridge, Johnny removed the heavy wooden lock, opened the door, and stepped inside, only to find. . . . "It's just a monk!" shouted Sinister. "Just a monk, some candles, and a jar! Blast! There must be some mistake! Move aside, while I make this fool tell me what he's done with the treasure!" He shoved Johnny out of the way and ran in brandishing his knife, ready to do whatever he could in order to find what he sought. But as soon as he ran inside, the monk rose from his meditation pillow . . . . . . catapulting Sinister into the air and outside of the temple! He beckoned Johnny and his friends: "Come in, and do not be afraid! I know that you are supposed to be here. My messengers have already told me of your discussions with the Sherpa. Let me show you the location of what you seek." The monk pulled a small lever underneath his meditation mat. Just like that, the floor lowered. The monk lowered himself down and invited the adventurers to do the same. They were pleased to find cushions at the bottom. They also found . . . "The passage between two worlds!" Kilroy gasped. "Behold!" said the monk. "The flames are being drawn inwards. This means that you may enter the passageway. When you are ready, you may step beyond the candles and you will be pulled into another world. But beware: you will not be able to return until the passageway switches directions once again. It could take minutes . . . or it could take months. There was one stretch of time when the passage did not reverse for three years. Are you truly prepared for what you may find?" "Thank you for the warning, mate--err, lama. It's a serious undertaking, that's for sure. But there's adventure to be had and discoveries to be made on the other side of that passage, and it's calling our names!" "So be it, Johnny Thunder. I hope to see you again soon, when you are ready to return." And with that, the three friends stepped out of their world and into a new one. Here's one more shot of the temple for good measure (in case the outdoor shots were too distracting): Thanks for looking!