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Found 5 results

  1. Just passing time with LDD and I somehow created a Blacktron III shadow speeder. (I think it was inspired by the Snow and Sand Speeder sets, such as 75204) The wings on the rear were exchanged for more menacing Batman ones, and the colors of the fold-opening windscreens changed to trans-yellow. The ship is 100% build-able, and would feature a printed 2 x 2 curved slope with the "B" from this online store called Brick Builder's Pro The rear of the ship features the engines and invisibility device cooling fins. Both canopies open up to place figures inside. The needed figures would be the Rench alien figure's suit from SP3, with the new Nexo Knights heads from this year's energy Vampire baddies and the helmet from Series 10 Paintball player CMF. Any thoughts on this idea?
  2. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] Infection Part 3 - Meltdown

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Civil, Building Note: If you haven't already please read Part 1 and Part 2 before this one... Thanks. Ugghhh... What happened?! To be frank... I shot you. Luckily it was on stun. I thought you were one of them. One of who? Who are you? What's going on?!? My name is Nate. Nate Goldwoski. I work as an engineer at this facility. I was servicing one of the power cores when an explosion shook the facility. The warning lights came on and I must have been knocked out cold. When I awoke... They were there. I'm not sure what they are. A mix between the living and the dead... but they're not human. Stanton, or whatever is left of him, seems to be their leader. I managed a daring escape! I was able to lock the monsters in the reactor room. It was close, but I made it. That's when I came to the lab and found you. I was trying to figure out what happened... I thought you were one of them. Sorry about that by the way. When I figured out you weren't, for a lack of a better term, a zombie, I brought you back here. I've been trying to send a distress signal but the system locked me out. Let's see if I can fix that... *whirr* *beep* *Manual override successful. Welcome Mr. O'Reilly.* There. I sent an SOS signal. Corporate should be sending a dropship very soon. Wait, what's that noise...? I hear it too. *crash* *bang* Uh oh. Where did he get a wrench?!? It doesn't matter. Run! TO BE CONTINUED!
  3. Only two axles through a Lego turntable (the 48452cx1) has always irritated the more experienced Technic builders, stimulating them to work out many different solutions. Actually, some really clever solutions have been found, but most of them cause too much friction or require too much space. I have succesfully tried to do an attempt too, thanks to 3D printing and a good friend, he designed the CAD model of my solution. I can say that my solution has low friction and consumes much less space in comparison to the existing solutions. More of the story and some more pictures can be found at I have made an elaborate video about the problem and the process, but I think it will be 6 well-spent minutes. At the end of the video, there is another big surprise... Something that never was possible, is possible with the new parts! To get a better idea of the part, you can find some photos here: All photo's can be found on: in a higher resolution. The CAD drawing assembly: This design is extenable to bigger versions, I think that up to 5 or 6 axles would fit through the turntable. The only problem is connecting all gears in a robust way: to 'get to the gears', the outer gears have to get a bigger diameter and the problem of space-consumivity is back. I found that the three axle design really was a good optimization between robustness, way of accessing the gears and maximum transported torque through them. It is my hope that the Lego group takes over this idea and starts producing it, because especially the three-axle option ore the two-axles through the small turntable could be very useful in an upcoming Lego flagship. So, if you happen know someone at the Lego Technic department, please give him/her a good impression of the idea!
  4. This idea is spun off from another thread, as there was the seed that got me started on this: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=112920 I think Blacktron 3's color scheme could be something like this: black, trans-black cockpits, bluish grays and lime, with yellow and black bumblebee stripes. Blacktron split off from Classic Space, so why couldn't they take some parts of classic space technology / ideas with them? Anyway, here are my Benny's ssS! version in Blacktron III colors. I figured this would be the easiest color change for Benny's SSS. When built in real life, this part should be where the classic space logo used to go on the nose: http://alpha.brickli...858p01#T=C&C=11 With the crew areas visible. I took the liberty of removing the SpaceKitty seat and both of the repair bots. Rear view, and the ldd file for the cruiser: http://www.mocpages....1438719213m.lxf and here is a fighter, one of millions in the BT3 fleet. This fighter was made from the LEGO Universe Classic Space rocket. it does not separate into sections anymore, and features this print on the nose: rear view. LDD file for the fighter: http://www.mocpages....1438719540m.lxf The figures are as follows: Leader / commander:{"ii":1} Robot helper:{"ii":1} soldier (suit only):{"ii":1} (all figure pictures from Bricklink)
  5. Hi everyone, today I am going to present to you my most recent MOC, it's an inverted trike with an old design, and motorized with RC and servo-motor. I built it to improve the way how a small RC takes curves at high speed and accelerates. So it has two wheels on the front, with drive and steering and a single wheel on the back. It also has full independant suspension. I'll make a video soon, just need to find the time :)