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Found 3 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 17 XP* While I and my squad are still on our way to Kuat with our cargo container full of medical supplies, some of our units already arrived from Fedalle to securing the planet. The planer are ounder our blockade, we have to deal with the epidemic quietly, can't let the information to spread out to other factions. On planet Kuat... PT-3001 - This is the Commenor Remnant! Open Up! Durora - What? What are they want? Klevur - What gona we do now, Duro? Durora - First, put that down. I'll get some time. You, Klevur, save the informations to a datacard and Jerdar will bring taht to our friends at CorSec. Jerdar - Alright, come on Klev, we need to hurry. Durora - What can I help you Sir? PT-3001 - Open the doors! We have the right to search all docks and spaceports. Durora - What do you want here, we are just a small repair station. PT-3001 - The planet is under the blockade of the Commenor Remnant. We have to check your place. Klevur - Look, here it is. The fueling is almost done. It's enough to reach CorSec territory. I'll detach the pipe and you can leave immediately. Jerdar - Thanks everything! I'll do my best. PT-3001 - What is this? Stop Them! Our troops reported to the HQ on Kuat that, at least one starfighter will try to leave the sector. Our ships in the blockade should be ready to deal with them. Also they capured some suspects, we need to find out whom they want to send the message to. Z-95 Headhunter: The Build:
  2. *Your entry has earned 23XP* After the battle of Jakku and the destruction of the Empire, we alongside the remaining troops, traveled from planet to planet on board of cruisers and corvettes. We lived onbroad of the ships for months, but on most of that, we only got a couple beds in crowded rooms. As we joined to the Commenor Remnant, we continued to serve as a Special Forces Squad. We found an old Imperial AT-Hauler in an abandoned depot. These kind of ships were used to move cargo and Walkers around the battles, and it's perfect for our missions. I've got powerful engines, hyperdrive, armoured cockpit and even a shower for longer trips. However, we've made some modifications to the vehicle, we added a couple more seats to it and a bed too, that makes the interior a bit more crowded, but now we all can sit down in the cockpit and someone from the team could always rest onboard. The other big change, we made, is that we needed to update the navigation computer, to allow us to travel wherever we need. The main place of our Faction is Commenor, which was an Imperial planet like many others surrounding ones. Uquine was a modern Imperialized world with great agricultural past. After the fall of the Empire, a these planets becomed independent, but some place remained loyal to the legacy of the Empire. Usually when we need to go back to Commenor, we are accommodated in a hotel at one of Uquine's main city, Urqanis. This building was formerly used by imperial officers and special guests, and now it's offered to the Remnant. It's funny, how I got the Room No. 2 on the 22nd floor, since my codename as a Stormtrooper was TG-0222. Now this place is the closest thing to be called "home", here we can relax a bit between the missions.
  3. Previously in SoNE: I'm Captain Gubi Totho a former Stormtrooper know as TG-0222. After the successfully evacuation from the moon of Endor, we returned to our home base on Takodana and we served there for a little time as patrols and security units. As we was promised, we were promoted and send to trainings to a still working academy. All of us have gotten different specialized trainings and pilot trainings too. We have learned to control a good variety of different vehicles, such as Fighters, Shuttles, Speeders and Walkers as well. I was named as the leader of our squad, so I learned commanding and got tactical training. Boghi (BG-0329) has become the technical expert of the team so she can use all kind of different control panels to open all doors, locks and craits. Andrysh (BN-0303) is our sharpshooter and he is a scout too. After completing our trainings, we've become a Special Forces Squad of the Galactic Empire. In the following times we were send to a couple secret missions, where we gained practice. Suddenly most of the available imperial units were ordered to the planet Jakku, where the remaining rebels attacked the Empire. Our mission from the High Command was to rescue out as many Officers, as we can. We need a lot of them to keep the System working, so or mission was a top priority one. That was one of the biggest battle of our era, fighters flew everywhere, capital ships crashed to the surface, the whole place was chaotic. Unfortunately there was not much to us to do, but we must try everything we can.