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Found 11 results

  1. Anduin1710

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Barad-dûr was held together by dark magic and was the greatest fortress in all of Middle-earth. It was originally built in the Second Age and razed after Sauron's defeat in the War of the Last Alliance. Sauron had Barad-dûr rebuilt during the Third Age as he rose back into power, but the tower was forever destroyed immediately following the destruction of the One Ring, as it was constructed and held together using the Ring's dark magic. This project includes 5.364 pieces! In comparison, the 10189 Taj Mahal had 5.922 pieces! Here you can see the size compared to the Lego "The Tower of Orthanc". I think that's the perfect height for the tower, not too small and not too big. Please click on the images, to see them in HD. You can find all images on my Flickr album. It has 9 floors and they are: (ranging from below) : A basement with an old skeleton The Throne room A blacksmith with a door A Palantir Room A prison A kitchen A room with the helmets of the Nazgûl A library with ancient books about witchcraft and dark magic And a chamber with the 9 rings of the Nazgûl The minifigures are: King Elendil with his sword Narsil Isildur with a sword 2 soldiers, one with sword & shield and one with spear & shield 2 elven warriors with spears and shields Gil-galad with his spear Aiglos and blue shield Elrond with his sword Hadhafang 1 orc archer with a shield 1 orc with spear and shield Sauron with the One Ring and his mace A banner carrier with a lash 1 orc with sword and shield @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project on lego ideas and make the dream come true. Please also look at my other projects and consider supporting and sharing them with your friends! :D Thank you for your attention.
  2. Hi everyone, now I want to show you my Minas Morgul project. I hope you enjoy. ;-) (click on the main image to get to my project on Please click on the images to see the lager version. You can see more images of this project (and my other projects) on my flickr page. Functions: This mighty fortress includes 2.603 bricks. The inner part of the fortress, the bridge with the 2 staues and the ramp can be removed. You can connect the ramp with the fortress. There are 4 catapults on wall and they have many ammunition. My thought is that the green transparent bricks on the wall, will glow in the dark. The bricks could look like white bricks at daylight. (like the spiders of mirkwood does) There is the throne of the Witch king inside the tower. Weapons, armor and some magic potion are placed in the tower. Figures: Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee Gollum the Witch-king of Angmar 1 Fell-beast Gothmog the lieutenant of Minas Morgul 5 Morgul-orcs @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project and make the dream come true. Please look at my other projects, sare these with your friends and support these. James Cook and the HMS Endeavour Presentation platform The Hobbit - Halls of Thranduil The Hobbit - Dale (more than 1.000 supports*) The Hobbit - Dale expansion set The Hobbit - The Side-door of Erebor The Hobbit Ravenhill Hobbit Showdown at Ravenhill LOTR - Barad-dûr Ultimate Collector's Set (more than 2.700 supports*) LOTR - Rivendell Part 1 LOTR - Rivendell Part 2 (more than 1.000 supports*) LOTR - Rivendell Part 3 LOTR - Rivendell Part 4 LOTR - Rivendell Part 5 (more than 1.500 supports*) LOTR - Rivendell (more than 1.000 supports*) LOTR - Doors of Durin * on May 22, 2015 Thank you for your attention.
  3. Bugbot2008

    MOC: Fell Beast

    Hi everyone Continuing on with my hobbit/lord of the rings creations I would like to reveal my take on the fell beast rode by the ringwraiths from the lord of the rings movies! This took a long time to design to get the scale, articulation, proportions and lego-set aesthetic just rignt for my own taste, but I can finally say I am happy with the result. (Sorry about the poor photo-quality, my room has atrocious lighting ) As you can see the wings use the new mixels joints and have three points of articulation each, enabling this folded/walking posture. they are also used on the neck and hips. The wings were especially tricky as I wanted to keep the part count down and the size reasonably comparable to the great eagle, so I was dead-set on using the bat-man wings. The eureka moment for attaching them came with putting part 6628 into the round hole and using a mixel socket-plate to attach it to the rest of the wing. Thanks for viewing!
  4. Hello all! I'm looking for various minifigures from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I have various Castle (Fantasy Era), Star Wars (celebration Luke, etcetera), CMF (incl. Spartans & Hazmat) and miscellaneous figures that I would be willing to trade. Just ask about a theme or certain figures and I'll check if I've got them. Below is an image followed by a list of the figures that I'm looking for, but you can offer any LOTR and castle parts and I'll see if I would like to have them, if you don't feel like browsing through this entire thing. The picture should cover most things, though. (AMAP = 'as many as possible') (! = priority) Some of my haves (you can ask what else I've got - and my wants are under this pic): Wants: LOTR - Gandalf the White ! - Mouth of Sauron (Preferably with horse) ! - Pirate of Umbar ! - Ghost soldiers (AMAP) ! - Uruk-hai (Preferably fully armoured with weapon and shield, White Hand Uruks are welcome too) (AMAP) ! - Uruk-hai Berserker (AMAP) ! - Moria orcs (AMAP) ! - Mordor orcs (a few - loose heads are welcome too) - Ringwraith (Preferably with horse) (x7) ! - Saruman (Orthanc robe version) - Grima Wormtongue - Rohan soldier (Several) ! - Éomer (A few - helmet, legs and shield alone are welcome too) - New mold horses ! - Grey Warg (AMAP) ! - Brown Warg (AMAP) ! The Hobbit - "Good Morning" Bilbo (Polybag) - Oin ! - Gloin ! - Elf Guard (Barrel Escape) - Elf Butler (Barrel Escape) - Mirkwood Elf (Hair, Mirkwood Attack) - Mirkwood Elf (Hood, Mirkwood Attack) - Mirkwood Elf (Polybag) - Thranduil - Goblins (Goblin Town set, all 3 are wanted) (AMAP) ! - Hunter Orcs (Warg Attack) - Gollum ! - Elrond (Armoured, Witch-king Battle - Legs & torso only would be preferred) (AMAP) !! - Witch-king (Witch-king Battle) (x8) ! - Galadriel - Azog (Dol Guldur Battle) - Azog (Battle of Five Armies) - Necromancer - Radagast - Bard the Bowman (Laketown Escape variant, regular) - Bard the Bowman (Attack on Laketown variant, battle damage) - Bard the Bowman (Battle of Five Armies variant, dark blue clothing) - Bain - Beorn (x2) - Tauriel (Attack on Laketown variant) - Hunter Orc (Attack on Laketown variant) ! - Gundabad Orc (Dol Guldur Ambush variant, preferred with hair, armour version wanted too) ! - Gundabad Orc (Battle of Five Armies variant) ! - Thorin Oakenshield (Laketown Escape variant, blue robes) - Thorin Oakenshield (Battle of Five Armies variant, crown) - Master of Laketown - Laketown Guard (AMAP) - Dain Ironfoot - Bilbo Baggins (Lonely Mountain variant, blue fur coat) - Balin (Lonely Mountain variant, armoured) - Dwalin (Lonely Mountain variant, armoured) - Kili (Lonely Mountain variant, armoured) - Fili (Lonely Mountain variant, armoured) - White Warg - Grey Warg (AMAP) - Brown Warg (AMAP) - Eagle (Possibly) - Smaug (Possibly) CITY - Bear (Dark Brown) Shoot me an FM if interested! I would like to finish trades as soon as possible, and we must both have a clear list of what we're sending each other in the end. This is to avoid problems I've encountered and learned fom before. By trading with me, you agree to be willing to ship first, which can be negotiated in some cases. Location: The Netherlands Thanks!
  5. So a long time ago I decided that the official set of Rivendell although nice in itself was too small and needed an expansion/upgradeto properly capture the look of the location. I used an additional copy of the set along with a few extra parts, hope you enjoy! Like in the film the Council now takes place behind the location of the statue which holds the shards of the sward Narsil on a stone dish. The new council circle is now oval shaped, exactly twice the width of the original, the mechanism for knocking back Gimli has been retained, only it has been repositioned by 90 degrees. See my page for a few extra images: Thanks for viewing!
  6. Bugbot2008

    MOC: The prancing pony

    Hi Everyone ​I finally got round to photographing one of my favorite MOCs, this is the Inn The prancing pony from the Lord of the Rings the Felowship of the Ring! Like all my other models I aimed for the style of an official set, please enjoy these pictures or check out my MOC page for some more details: Using robot arms as hinges and a small turn-table the stairs folds into the available space so that the building can close in half. The eye of Sauron appears by turning a small knob pocking out the side of the building. The hobbits can escape by pulling out one of the beds revealing a chute which drops them down to the front door. Thanks for viewing!
  7. Hi New project - building the kingdom of Mithlond (Gray Havens) Hope you like it and please support it at [/ Thanks!
  8. Hello, guys! I want to introduce my debut work on LEGO Ideas – "The Mirror of Galadriel". The project is dedicated to the iconic episode from Lord of the Rings - The Mirror of Galadriel. In this episode the Lorien queen Galadriel shows Frodo his future with help of magic elven mirror. The set consists of approximately 100 pieces and 2 minifigures. It has a playing feature with hidden container in elven wellspring. LINK:
  9. Anduin1710

    Modular Rivendell

    I made a modular Rivendell in currently 5 Parts. You can change and combine every part with another. It has more than 13,000 pieces. There are 24 minifigures (11 she-elves), 4 statues and 2 light gray horses. Plaese take a look on my projects and support them. I have also made some more from Middle-earth: The Hobbit - The house of the Master of Laketown (updated!) The Hobbit - Halls of Thranduil The Hobbit - Dale LOTR - The Prancing Pony LOTR - Barad-dûr Ultimate Collector's Set LOTR - Minas Morgul (updated!) LOTR - The Tower of Cirith Ungol LOTR - Doors of Durin You can also visit me on flickr.
  10. Hello,I made this forum to everyone can promote LEGO The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings stop-motions.I hope we will have so much fun.We can put some parodies,real battle,or any stop-motion You would like to promote.Stay well,and enjoy :) Let's start with one my preview of upcoming stop-motion :)
  11. Hey, after a long time I can present you a new small scene from the lord of the rings. Although the vignette is based on the film, it follows the book. So Sam looks into the mirror too. The mirror shows Sam the desolation of the Shire. And Frodo sees the Eye of Sauron. And a bonus pic: the Storm Queen