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Found 7 results

  1. Built for the SJ fantasy heights-category. Crossposting continues! "A nameless primeval seer have made her dwelling in a large ornamented stone tower.Wearing a hooded brown cloak she is seen walking around with her mysterious staff. A long time ago she left her order in the mystic isles and headed for the parts of Historica today known as Avalonia. As no others followed her, she established and built the great tower. The sheer hight of it makes it distinguishable all the way from the outskirts of Dandelume on a cloud-free day. The seer hold great magical power, guarding the four seasons. As a nameless being she is only known as she appears in respective season: ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Spring’. Atop the tower she planted a magical seasonal tree that grew stronger and taller over the years. All types of creatures; from agricultural humans, wild forest beings to elves and fauns cherished the wisdom of the seer. Her magic controlled nature, animals and weather in the area. Many came to visit her, highborn and common folk, for an audience to maybe learn more from all the knowledge she had. The inhabitants can look to the sky to see the official changing of the seasons as the tree had a close connection to, and ruled all other nature in the area. The seer’s two peculiar birds residing in the tree will fly around but have their nest beneath the roots of the tree." Some closeup photos:
  2. I continue with my quest to do builds and cross-posting my Dandelume-story and the Summer Joust. This is a build centered around the heroine Dand El Alume in the lore of my settlement. "Members of the elven company used to stay at the sanctuary of light during recovery periods depending on how injured they were. Spending time in this revered location was filled with light, kinship and union. The sanctuary bestowed every visitor with a possibility to heal; in heart, body and soul. For an entire year after defeating the spirit of the druids Dand El Alume lived in the sanctum. She saw light reentering her loyal elven comrades. They prayed to the gods, sat and watched the waves slowly moving against the small cliffs. But Dand couldn’t, even after a year, bring herself to forget…or to dispel the dark haze that lingered inside her. She still needed a cane to walk, her leg had not yet healed. A cane that had been lathed out of a branch from the very tree towering over her. The light from the house with the green dome shimmered and the ancient stone podiums were warm even in night time. As Dand remained enlaced by her inner shadow under the ancestral tree she saw Valedor embraced with light, he was smiling once more…"
  3. I built this vignette for the Summer Joust and thought I would incorporate my GoH-city Dandelume and the story surrounding it. More to come if I find the time during the summer… ”In the feudal keep of Dandelume there are plenty of small courtyards and gardens. Alannais, the daughter of duke Wifgrir had always enjoyed them. She would visit the oldest courtyard close to her wing of the keep for privacy matters, servants and others from the feudal court seldom went here. Alhough always followed by one of the duke’s soldiers, she would spend time near the old fountain, under the tree. She would read, think and dream. It was a pleasant solitude place, away from all the regular commotion going on in the keep and the busy city.” Flickr-album:
  4. T-86(swe)

    Dandelumian crest

    This is a build for the summer joust silhouette-category. (I used the opportunity to also add it to my GoH-story). Thought I would use it as an excuse to make my first post here in the historic themes-forum as well! In the great hall of duke Wifgrir the feudal city crest hangs on the eastern wall. A historic memento of the past but also a potential foreshadowing of future actions. The sword ‘The red dawn’ is depicted twined in the herb with the identical name. An homage to the first settlers finding the herb and therefore settling in the area. The sword portrayed in the city crest belonged to the legendary heroine Dand El Alume. Her name was gifted to the city. Dand El Alume’s tale dates back to ancient times and is a living part of folklore in Avalonia in general, but in Dandelume in particular. Dand lived during one of the centuries of the first druids and mighty wizards. A time long before Avalonia formed as a realm under the first king Artorious Rex. In a turbulent era of mystic and great dangers. Her many heroic acts are written down in the chronicles ’Bringer of the red dawn’ but are also recited in poems and traditional storytelling. In the ‘horn-squadron’, the knights are taught the chronicles of Dand by feudal scholars. They all aspire to one day be able to become the new ‘bringer of red dawn’…..
  5. My entry to the "Gradient" category of the 2022 Summer Joust. And also an Historican urban legend... Noone really knows if Galder survived the encounter, to which Guild he belonged, or even if he actually existed. But anyways. This, kids, is why you shall not forget to deactivate your planar portal once you're done with today's experiment.
  6. Fleshing out Embervale Castle...and taking part in this year's Summer Joust, in the "Subterranean" category. --- Guard Captain's log, arcane date-time 140630B SUM 1322 Intruders broke into the basement. Two killed, two captured. One vanished. No own casualty. Minor material damage. Prisoners interrogated: they’re from the Adventurers' Guild, tasked to retrieve some magic gizmo (see attached drawing). Contracting party unknown. They had a map marking the hidden room in Lord Dresghar's cheese cellar. I'm off to the city to have a word with the representative of said Adventurers' Guild. Side note: the trap in the goblins’ crypt was triggered. No need to feed the plant-thing below before next week. --- Level 0: from the scullery, access to the well and to the storage room below (with a handy goods elevator - carrying barrels while using a ladder is quite a delicate task). Level -1: just a regular storage room, with food and jumble. Level -2: the goblin guards' crypt. The idol's pedestal is held together only due to the friction of its side plates. Messing with it - e.g. removing the idol - triggers a trapdoor that leads direcly to the lower level. Concealed behind a sturdy, regular stone wall without any secret door, this level also includes a treasure room shielded by a shadowguard... Level -3: let me introduce you to Eriaxis Monstrosa, a subterranean carnivorous plant from the Kolgari realm, that definitely appreciates the snacks the trapdoor above keeps sending it! Level -4: the cheese cellar and the well. And a secret door hidden in the wall, that leads to a (rather disappointing) secret room...
  7. Sirius91

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    My newest MOC built for Summer Joust 2018. It all started with the scene on the top but then I realise I want to build whole temple. So, here it is. Soundtrack: [youtube][/youtube]