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Found 2 results

  1. Please remember - sugar is bad for your health. Sugar kills, so beware of the gingerbread houses. This is also my small tribute to Coen brothers' Fargo, the spooky girl minifigure and Grimm brothers: And I built this as a counterpoint to my Baba Yaga's garden (sisters keep the businesses side by side): More: my flickr
  2. The search for land capable of growing sugar cane was one of the main drivers behind the nations of the Madrice peninsular exploring the eastern seas. The demand for sugar remains huge, and while Corrington's national drink may well be rum, the nation has until now mostly relied on importing sugar from Oleon or Eslandola. While some attempts at growing sugar had been made on Tiberia, these were not very successful, Tiberia falling outside the tropical zone - indeed rumours were that these attempts were nothing but a cover for smuggling activity. When Corrington made claims in the Sea of Theives, sugar growing was first attempted in earnest in Stormhaven. When the settlement of Jameston was established on Celestia, the main motivation was access to the vanilla bean the island was famed for - indeed the ETTC has recently established the first vanilla plantation outside Jameston. However, Royal Society botanists commissioned by the Crown determined the environs of Jameston, especially the flood plains to the south, to also be idea for sugar cultivation. A government owned company was established - the Celestia Sugar Company (CSC) with the remit of founding a sugar industry on Celestia. After many months hard work, the first plantation is operational. Now when travelling on the rough roads heading into the southern hinterland, the fields of sugar cane dominate the landscape. Footprint = 10,240 studs Of course a plantation on such a scale requires major manpower and the company has offered generous incentives to attract workers to the project. Workers are offered a revolutionary arrangement where they are required to work two weeks in the fields then receive one week off in the settlement. While in the fields they are accommodated in specially designed blocks. These accommodation blocks can hold 20 workers and while pretty basic, they are designed with features like extra ventilation to help them cool down at night. Footprint: 5,120 studs Interior picture (especially for you @Mesabi ) The first sections of cane are ready for harvesting, which means the fields are carefully set on fire. This idea, while sounding crazy at first, makes much sense. Up to 25 percent of the sugar cane plant can be leaves and other parts that need to be removed before processing. By setting the fields on fire, these parts are burnt away, along with the undergrowth, making harvesting much easier. Here workers are preparing to harvest a pre-burnt field. Footprint = 3,840 studs Lastly, such an ambitious project needs the right oversight and leadership - and such talent requires an adequate residence from which to oversee the operation. Edward Barrett was identified the man for the job, and a grand residence has been constructed for his use. Footprint = 10, 752 studs Additional Pics: Now, with huge tracts of land under sugar cultivation, and the first harvest due, the Celestia Sugar Company is planning mills to process their raw product. Long Live the Queen! ----------------------------------- I've been wanting to kick start the sugar industry for Corrington for some time now, being that it is indeed stated as one of the main drives for us initially expanding beyond Tiberia. Although I had a stack of builds on my to do list, for some reason I started playing with sugar cane plants in LDD. I then did some pricing on Bricklink... and then promptly went back to LDD!! If I was going to attempt to make a major sugar industry, I decided I needed to go big. I will be licensing as a Royal sized plantation in the EGS. The total of the plantation parts of the builds (The fields, workers block and post-burning field) exceed the required foot print (19,200/16,384). The workers block and cane fields were supposed to be part of the same build, but LDD kept crashing so I separated them out to remain sane! Also I'd like to assure you all that each cane plant was hand placed. Believe it or not I sat here and placed each one individually over several long and tedious sessions! No bulk cut and past here! The plantation house was to also be part of the Royal plantation, but as the builds so far exceeded the size requirement, and the plantation house itself has a footprint of 10,752 I will be licensing it separately as another royal property, this time a residence. Both properties will be donated to the faction. It was great fun to build grand again, but back to the real bricks shortly. I did cave in towards the end and ordered a couple of hundred tan telescope pieces so I can replicate the cane fields (on a smaller scale) in real bricks for the sugar mill which will be the next in the series (although not next in my build list!)