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Found 9 results

  1. (due to lack of time, I post this as a freebuild instead of Categorie C of our last challanges) Is this the end of this Era? Hemresa, Narbilu and his men was preparing for the final battle with the Spire. The Tower of Doom was set to travel to the north east corner of their controlled land to wipe away their border post to give access to the army to finish the job. One last good night of sleep before the journey. In the midst of the night a large explosion woke everybody up. A mushroom cloud lit up the square where the Tower of Doom used to be standing. Everyone, not caught by the explosion, rushed towards the burning structure. The fire and destruction was massive. everyone was there except their leader, Narbilu. An observant officer noticed that and send two guards to his tents, when the church bells started to sound. Odd for this time of night and even stranger, because everyone was watching the blazing tower. The officer send two other guards to check it out. When the two entered the church, a gruesome scene wrote a nightmare in their memories. The Lord of Hemresa was nailed to the main cross behind the altar. The Spire was one step ahead of them, was this their victory? Was this the end of Historica as we know it? - to be continued -
  2. The Hand of Corruption Catapult Wheel A build for the Spire in Book II, Challenge V, Category B At a Hand of Corruption camp near the edge of the Moruth Swamplands, where the Spire forces were congregating for an attack on the Resistance capital of Abyssian, work was underway on a new type of siege weapon, a multiple-shot catapult wheel, capable of firing six shots per minute with an experienced crew manning her. The uruks of the Hand were just now putting the finishing touches on the masterpiece of destructive engineering. The blacksmiths get no rest, beating out nails and pieces of the frame with skillful blows of their hammers. Guards keep anyone unwanted away. The machine itself: ________________________________________________________________ ................................................................................................................................ Wow, barely got this together... of course I did not start until after supper on the 19th, though my main focus was on my Alliance build. C&C welcome. I did not realize until editing that a pile of wheels had fallen into the swamp, but oh well. The Spire needed some love.
  3. Location: Somewere in Nocturnus Since Lord Jürgen was tending to more important matters at the moment, he sent his Second in command to personally oversee the the building of the weapon that would help to secure the spire's place as the rightful rulers of Nocturnus. Jürgen had called it the Spire's spire, and had said that it's purpose was as a sort of portal or planar gate to allow the soldiers of the spire to quickly arrive at various strategic positions across Nocturnus. Perhaps, if all went well, they would begin to build more outside of Nocturnus.... Sorry for the poor quality of light, I'm currently photographing this stuff on an IPad.
  4. Dankyee

    Strategy session

    In Lord Jürgen's remote mountainside fortress, a strategy session is being held with two other supporters of the spire. Of course, refreshments are included! This started out as a figbarf, but I turned it into a vignette that I am actually pretty proud of! My favorite part is actually probably the bottle.
  5. Evening Falls Like a Vulture's Wing A build for the Spire in Book II, Challenge V, Category A As the sun set below the horizon, Ellardin the elf messenger slumped back against the rock. His body was afire with pain every time he moved, as the spear points and arrows lodged in him dug a little deeper into his vitals, and it would not be long now. A rustling behind his ear caused him to look up. A black vulture was perched on the rock inches from his face, its eyes looking hungrily from its red bald head. Ellardin looked away and sighed. His bloody fingers clutched the letter to King Fingolë the Golden, knowing that it would never make it to its destination; those drow huntsmen had made sure of that. More vultures circled and landed around Harafel, his horse, as the light dimmed. The sound of beaks tearing at the soft innards caused the elf to shudder, which in turn caused him to cry out softly in pain as the points worked inwards. The evening was falling quickly now, and the vultures were coming in thickly. Darkness had come. More pictures: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .............................................................................................................................. Thanks for looking, and C&C welcome. Gideon's vulture design was the inspiration for this build, so a big shout out to him for being inspirational.
  6. Somewhere in the Mitgardian mountains. Travelling alone can get lonely, but sometimes unwanted company can be worse... Messengers have been sent out all over Historica announcing the return of the heir, and an important meeting of free-Historica's leaders to plan the next move against Raavage and his advancing forces. But naturally The Spire could not sit back and let this happen, as many messengers as possible must be stopped. Walking across a rocky path through Mitgardian mountains, the lone messenger never expected to see much more than a bear or two. But arriving at a small bridge in the path, all of a sudden an icy wind starts to pick up, most peculiar, ice storms are usually reserved for the depths of winter, not the beginning of spring, the snow had even started to melt and the streams flow again... But it did not take long for the messenger to realize this was no ordinary snow storm as the frozen wind started to swirl around him, the beast he used to carry supplies quickly bucked, running off into the storm. He was alone, on the small wooden bridge, with the raging storm swirling around him, leaving a clearing in what seemed to be the eye of a tornado. Although this was only the beginning, when out of he storm came two men, charging at him. It began to make sense, the men were Spire soldiers, and for the storm? An unlikely alliance, it must have been conjured using magic to stop the messenger, the Algus had joined the Spire. With the surrounding storm he had nowhere to run, knowing the importance of the message he was carrying in his satchel, the only option was to fight. It was a valiant effort, but eventually he was outnumbered. Knowing he had lost, seconds before the final blow was dealt, he cast the leather satchel into the flowing stream below, down the waterfalls, in the hopes that someone, somewhere would find it... The surviving Spire men walked away from the scene, as the swirling storm died down, leaving behind them only bloodied bodies, and a lost message... So that was my first entry for Category A of Challenge V, this one for The Spire, stopping Historica from uniting against Raavage at all cost. This was fun to build, and I was happy yo use the Tauntaun in a Mitgardia build again -Thanks for looking!
  7. Let this be a warning to one and all - there will be no running from us, even the darkness will not hide you. We will find you, and your every secret will be laid bare.
  8. Rolf Magnar was on his way home from one of the plots he worked when he heard hooves coming down the path. Stepping aside onto a verge he turned and saw a dark rider slowly come down the road towards him. It stopped and the rider leaned forward in the saddle with a pained expression. The rider seemed to have difficulty speaking. It slumped awkwardly and red blood and gore flowed from its back. With and effort it spoke two words before toppling from the saddle. "Spire...Beginsss..." So this is what you get if you get a stupid phrase and scene from a movie stuck in your head. Even my loving girlfriend who regularly laughs at may bad puns told me this one wasn't as clever as I thought it was but I had to make it.
  9. Sadly, not every courier made it. One of them was captured by the soldiers of the Black Spire in Midgardia: -Spit it out! -the orc slaped the face of the courier. -tell me wat was yur destination? Where is da letter, Answer me! -Boss! I found da letter in his backpack! -the other red orc raised a letter in the air. -But i can't read it! -It dosen't matter anymore. Back to da camp! One of da pointy ears surely can read it. -And whats wit da prisoner Boss? -the orc looked to the courier, while he stacked the letter in his pants. -Spill his guts! And leave him for da crows. Serve as a warning toall who wish to fight againts da Black Spire!