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Found 5 results

  1. Brick Car

    [MOC] Microscale Offshore Powerboat

    A tiny microscale Offshore Powerboat!!! It contains 33 pieces without the base.Fast,tiny and yellow,the king of the sea. Offshore powerboat new_4 by Antonis Papastergiou Offshore powerboat new_3 by Antonis Papastergiou Offshore powerboat new by Antonis Papastergiou Offshore powerboat new_4 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_6 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_7 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_8 by Antonis Papastergiou Ofshore powerboat_9 by Antonis Papastergiou, on Flickr
  2. Brick Car

    [MOC] Microscale Speedboat

    Racing Speedboat microscale vignette.The "sea" part is made in a way that the hull of the speedboat seems submerged as in reality.It contains 235 pieces and throws a lot of water...I also made an alternative front end in parts designer that can be made if you chop the ball of a 4131 party hat and glue it to the cone and one with a 24482 spear that you can easily make if you dont like the front part to be only the 2x2x2 cone.Enjoy and comment if you like it.
  3. Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: civil, vehicle, water vehicle, exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 28 Junali 3815-- After all the hard work last month, we explorers deserve a vacation! Thankfully, the new 1st Branch Executive is now John Hannibal and he sent us to Jurin II in the E02 sector. This planet is amazing! It’s got the best fishing I’ve seen since I arrived in this galaxy through the Gates and the Awesomnium is really easy to pick up. So easy that I filled the boat’s holds with samples so fast that MERC (Mediocre Exploration and Recovery Companion) and I decided to break out the rum, catch some fish and have an old fashioned beach cookout! We found a small island so MERC set up the comms dish and the grill while I took care of the fishing and rum. It’s so nice here that if the comms unit starts making noise, we might just ignore it…. --End-- Another angle on Flickr, C&C appreciated!
  4. mrcp6d

    [O - H09] Mapping Wastyria

    Location: H09 - Wastyria Tags: exploration, water vehicle, civil --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- -- 21 Junali 3815-- Exploration of sector H09 and the local planet Wastyria has been rather uneventful. Unlike the insane predators of Arium Major, the chill of this cold water ball seems to have stifled the size of most native creatures—though there apparently are the Rockback Whales discovered by pilot Hannibal, I haven’t yet seen any yet. Perhaps they are both rare and reclusive? Anyway, with the lack of animal encounters on this planet so far, I’ve been mapping out as many of the tiny islands that dot Wastyria’s watery surface. The cold of the planet is just enough in most regions to freeze the ocean spray on the local plant life, but not enough to solidify the ocean water itself; so I bought down my Barracuda Special from orbit and have been skimming around the ocean at speed for a few days. The pilots and drivers sure think they’ve got a , but exploring is where the real fun’s at. We get all the fun toys from the engineers before those guys do, and since we’re the ones with the alien close encounters, we hang on to the good stuff! This little speedboat is amazing. It’s blindingly fast and incredibly maneuverable making it perfect for Wastyria with all its random rock piles sticking out of the ocean. Bombing around in this little baby for a few days has been a fun vacation from the crazy monsters I usually have to take out or run from. We’ll see where Lord Business sends me next week, maybe there’ll be more action.--End-- This one was a quick but fun MOC. C&C appreciated!
  5. When I started this project, I plan to recreate an obscure diaclone triple changer* that was abandoned last minute by Hasbro as a official character in their G1 Transformers cartoon series back in the 80s. I used yellow parts to prototype it because it's been a while since I build something using this color. *try google "diaclone triple changer" to see which toy I am referring to =) After a while, I came to a realisation that difficult compromises must be made to ensure both vehicle modes (jet plane and helicopter) looks good. But the good thing is, my prototyping yielded something else.... instead of a jet, it looks potentially viable as a decent speedboat. So , there! TRIVIA: - I actually contemplating changing the color scheme to blue or white when this project almost reaches 90% completion, but changed my mind coz I had been building alot of blue LEGO creations lately (and I'm reserving white parts for another upcoming triple changer project) - One of the most trivial thing I spent many,many hours on was making a weapon for this guy that can be integrated in both the vehicle modes. - The retractable tyres on the back of the helicopter are quite weak. If I don't position them at the right angle (85 - 95 degrees), they fall down flat ,unable to hold the weight of the helicopter. - 5 mini balljoints (introduced in LEGO LEGO Mixels) were used in this built... including one applied to the robot neck making it more articulated that ever. - I initially used a pair of dark gray rudders for the speedboat mode, but I snapped broken the c-clip of one of the part and I don't have a replacement part. Ended up using black rudders instead. :| ^ the rifle is meant for the robot mode, now integrated into the vehicle as a non-weapon component ^ The cockpit can fit one minifig snugly. TRANSFORMATION HIGHLITES (to speedboat) ^ tailfin split into half to become pontoons. ^ the dark gray stud on the side of the tailfin are connected to secure the poontoons formation. TRANSFORMATION HIGHLITES (to robot) ^ As the nosecone unfolded, you can see how the minifig pilot is connected , via his feet to the light gray bracket part. ^ The yellow c-clip helps to secure the folded-up tailfin halves with a gap/hole to accomodate such c-clip. Without such mechanism.. they will be left dangling and disrupt the poseability of the legs. ^ Pilot ended up at the back of the robot mode after transformation complete, but his presence there prevents the waist from being rotated. ^ Thanks to the mini balljoints implemented on the shoulder, this guy can perform some serious kung fu stance. :) ... and not to mention, ability to hold the weapons with both hands. My favorite photo of all from the whole lot. To view more photos including detailed transformation sequence, do visit my blog entries below : helicopter and speedboat mode: Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO Triple Changer Stormracer Part 1 of 2: Vehicle Modes robot mode: Alanyuppie's LEGO Transformers: LEGO Triple Changer Stormracer Part 2 of 2: Robot Mode Hope you enjoy my works. thanks guys! This year will be my "year of the (LEGO) Transformers Combiner" as well, so I'll focus on that more.