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Found 2 results

  1. pombe

    [O - G08] What lies beneath

    Location: G08 - Xerillian Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Pombe, personal log, start recording++ I return from Yetornius with sad news. Isabel is dead. The rest of the crew on board the O.C.S. Axle are saddened, of course; but poor Big Z...he took it especially hard. They had just started dating when this happened. We mourn in our own way. Space Terrapin, ever the loyal comrade, joins us. It ends as it always does: with Dr. Long filing a complaint with Octan Corporate HR. Another great Octan explorer, Jacques LaRose, sees me in this forlorn state and tries to get me back in the game by offering me a spot in his latest expedition to planet G08. Jacques, like Wick Nole, is another one of my heroes. While I will need time to get over the loss of Isabel, I take him up on his offer. If I'm going to mope, I might as well be useful while I'm moping. Xerillian...sand dunes...desert planet. Our probes show no signs of awesomnium on this planet. Nor is it a good place to harvest water. However, it does have subterranean life that can be harvested for biomass. I will prepare for this mission. I will have to continue on. That is what Isabel would have wanted. ++Pombe, personal log, stop recording++ ++Start data transmission++ Jacques and I have just entered Xerillian's atmosphere in our dropships. He loads his trusty buggy onto his, I load my hovercraft onto mine. We head together towards the coordinates that Dr. Long has predicted will have a large biomass presence. Jacques is skeptical. He's not confident that we'll find any thing there, but we have our orders. Are those...ruins...I see off in the distance? I'll make a note of it in my report and let Big Z know about it. He loves this sort of stuff. I hope it will help cheer him up. Huh? What's this? Hey, Jacques. My sensors are picking up a faint energy signature. Could be awesomnium. Hmm? You want me to check it out while you continue towards the original coordinates? Copy that. It's probably nothing, but I'll confirm and catch up with you in a bit. Pombe out. I'm approaching the energy signature...what is that? It''s a crashed M.A.N.T.I.S. ship! What's that doing all the way out here? I have to check it out. I'm just going to land the dropship need to unload the hovercraft. Shutting systems down...there. Alright, I'm setting out on foot. [audible footsteps in the sand] I'm approaching the M.A.N.T.I.S. ship. It looks like it crashed here relatively's still smoking. The canopy is open. I guess the pilot made it out helmet sensors aren't picking up any live minifigures in the immediate vicinity. He must have found shelter elsewhere. Either that or there's a dead body around here somewhere. Oh, look. There's a scorpion looking arthropod thing. It seems to be minding its own business. I bet Dr. Long would want it for a specimen. I'll come back for it with the proper equipment once I get back to the dropship. Let's look inside the cockpit. It looks like the pilot was recording something before the crash. Let's play it back. [audible clicks] [female voice] ++Start personal log: M.A.N.T.I.S. agent Sammy Nelly Typhi++ I'm free! I'm finally free of that idiot! Two years of my life wasted by that fool of a moron! But I don't care. I'm done with this stupid mission and I'm heading home. Oh, I can't even believe how wrong this mission became so quickly. My original goal was to infiltrate Octan and get close to the legendary explorer, Wick Nole, and steal Octan corporate secrets from him. Somehow, though, it didn't go as planned...maybe he had a feeling something wasn't right with my credentials. But he stuck me with this idiot of an explorer who goes by the call sign Pombe. Like really? He couldn't just use his real name like the other explorers? Wick Nole and Jacques LaRose don't use call signs. Does he think he's special? And what's with "Pombe"? That's like "beer" in Swahili? If he was trying to be clever, he failed like the imbecile he is. It's a good thing I stashed this ship on I06 with plenty of awesomnium. Octan provides just enough awesomnium to get the mission done. I would never make it back with the Octan ship. I just needed a good excuse to get here without Mr. Pombe the Moron "supervising" me. Good thing I got this solo mission approved. If I had to do another mission with him as "Isabel Novak" I would have likely murdered him and exposed my cover in the process. Ugh...I can't even stand the thought of him. I have no idea how I spent two years "apprenticing" for the no-brain stupid-face and totally not learn a single thing. Not one Octan secret. Not one useful technique or method. Nothing. The idiot even thought I was an outstanding student, not even realizing that I "learned" things that he never taught: like all the best practices I learned from being a M.A.N.T.I.S. corporate operative. I tried to get secrets from Dr. Danielle Long and agent Jebediah O'Reilly, and while both of them were courteous, but they were astute enough to not go into too much depth with me. I also tried getting secrets from that genius engineer, Zaael, but in the end, I didn't succeed. Maybe I wasn't trying very hard with him. He is pretty cute. In any case, that's water under the bridge, which is too bad. I just had to get away from that clueless dolt Pombe stupid face. And how is he even still alive? EVERY mission...EVERY ONE...we encounter some crazy dangerous life threatening creature. And yet...while Mr. stupid face is completely oblivious to the danger, these creatures somehow...miss him. He never even realizes that they are there and he is under attack! Time and time again, I witness this. I'm not religious...I don't believe in the Man Upstairs...but something is protecting him. I even faked my death to throw that idiot fool imbecile for a loop. I stole a cadaver from Dr. Long's laboratory...speaking of which...why does she have cadavers? Anyhoo, I stole a cadaver and put that stupid wig I've been wearing for two years on it and threw it near a dangerous creature in a cave for Mr. Moron to find. He'll probably just see my wig and report that he found my remains without running any further verification. I can totally see that happening. Hopefully this time the dangerous creature won't miss and the idiot face will finally just die. Alright...finally...I'm breaking free from the atmosphere of I06. Let's punch in the coordinates into the nav computer to head to M.A.N.T.I.S. space, but take the long route through Kawashita space...just in case someone is following me. Thank the Council of Five, I'm finally heading home. Initiate interplanetary jump. [warning klaxons sound] WHAT? Engine malfunction? [pause] Who in the blue blazes is stupid enough to build a space ship and attach the engines with just a single stud?!?!?! Crap in a hat. Looks like I'll have to make an emergency landing on G08. looks like it's going to be a rough landing. [inaudible noise] @$%%^$@$%%$&^$@#$%^^#@%%#^%#^% Kssshhhh...zzzzzzz...crap...skskkakazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....kshhshshhhshhzzzzzzzzzzzz... ksklsszzzzzzzzzzz...kszhhshshshhzh... ++End recording++ Wait. Does this mean that Isabel... Is alive?!?! Oh, I can't believe how relieved I am! Big Z is going to be sooooooooo HAPPY!!! I'm not sure what all this M.A.N.T.I.S. stuff has to do with anything. Maybe Isabel got confused? I'm sure we'll sort it out. I have to hurry back to the dropship and tell the others! Oh, I'm so happy! I'll let them hear this recording so they'll know that Isabel is alive and here somewhere and that we need to send a rescue operation as soon as possible. [loud audible footsteps in the sand] ++End data transmission++ Next: More pics under the spoiler tag.
  2. Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration, AG, Octan ++Start data transmission++ Pombe to John Hannibal: package received. Thanks again, John, for delivering my hover chair. Getting around Yetornius will be that much easier with it. By the way, that's an impressive barge you've got there. When are you going to let me take a ride on it? Alright, alright, see you later. Hmm...time to open the crate and assemble my ride according to Big Z's instructions.... To tell you the truth, I'm anxious about this mission. I'm scared of what I may find. I guess I can chat a bit while I put this thing together. About two years ago, the legendary Octan explorer, Wick Nole, asked me to mentor a promising young explorer named Isabel Novak. Wow...I mean, THE Wick Nole actually knew who I was and asked me to train an Octan employee. I was honored beyond belief. How could I refuse? In any case, Isabel turned out to be quick study...faster than I was at her stage. We performed exploration missions together for the corporation and before long she had proved beyond capable of conducting these missions by herself. I was proud to be her mentor, but I can't kid myself here. It's easy to be a good teacher when you've got a good student. Then came the day I knew would come: she asked to undertake a solo mission. Based on her records, she'd earned it. But I was scared, not because I thought she was incapable, but because until that point, she had never known failure. I was afraid she was over-confident. And in this line of work, some serious self-doubt can save your life. I had just come back from my solo mission on H06, when I found out that she wanted to take on an ambitious mission. The protocols state that Octan employees may not go beyond one planetary system outside our region of dominance as part of our mission here in Andromeda. However, Isabel was confident she could jump two systems away and explore. I didn't like it, but she put in the request and the mission was approved. I still remember the final mission briefing with Jebediah O'Reilly and Dr. Danielle Long in a meeting room aboard the O.C.S. Axle. We went over the particulars of what was expected: I06, otherwise known as Yetornius, was a truly inhospitable planet. Based on Octan probes, it had severe volcanic and seismic activity coupled with extremely hostile predatory lifeforms, which could be harvested for biomass. I still remember that meeting. Jebediah went over combat and safety protocols with Isabel. Dr. Long went over scientific precautions, all while sipping that drink I owed her from my last mission. Everything, at first, seemed to have gone well. She reported in regularly, stating that she had made it to Yetornius and that she had located potential lifeforms that could serve as biomass. Then, she missed a check in. And another one. And another one. I was nervous. Then my nervousness became fear. Once we officially dominated H06, I immediately put in a request to search for Isabel. Request granted. I asked Big Z and Jon Horsleben about the most nimble vehicle that would allow me to quickly locate Isabel on a planet like Yetornius, and they agreed that the hover chair that I'm now almost done assembling was the most ideally suited. I had tested it back in the engineering bay of the O.C.S. Axle, and I had no issues with it. One last panel...there we go. Finished. Powering up. All systems nominal. Everything checks out. Now...let's look for Isabel. Her last transmission was from coordinates not too far from here. ... ... Just over this ridge. ... Oh my...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo...Isabel... ... ... ... Hold on...(sob) Give me a moment...(sob) ... Explorer Pombe checking (sob) in. Isabel Novak's remains (sob) identified. ... Transmitting coordinates. ... ... H-her vehicle is not present (sob). Probably engulfed by the lava.... These creatures...near her remains...they d-don't look hostile nor predatory. Something's not right. Isabel faced much scarier lifeforms than these during her training. She would not have fallen prey here. Maybe she was careless? Poor Isabel... ++End data transmission++ Next: