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Found 4 results

  1. Henchmen4Hire

    Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    This is an upgrade to the bike we get in "Squidman's Escape." I probably went overboard but I don't think the Space Police will mind. •Lots of fiddly bits! •Multi-function scanner conveniently located within arm's reach •Remove the nose cap to reveal a cannon As a new habit, I tagged this on Flickr with "52035", which is the part number for the motorcycle body used here. Hopefully anyone else who is looking for ideas on what to make with this part will find this topic and get inspired. I hope you tag your own posts as well! Space Police 3 Hoverbike by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  2. Henchmen4Hire

    Space Police III Commando Ship

    Crime spreads at breakneck speeds and law enforcement can't afford to be left behind. Beat cops get things like bikes and scooters, but Commandos get things like this! SP3 Commando Ship by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr FEATURES •Rear hatch flips down and serves as a ramp •Interior has a cockpit and a prisoner compartment, separated by a glass partition. •Rear side vents flip out to reveal ports that connect to the prisoner compartment. •Technically the 4 nacelles are adjustable (shifting the inverted wedges outward by 1 stud makes it easier to move them). ---------------------------------- This is another model that I overhauled with sturdier connections and new elements. •I did a quick search for ways to invert plates, and while there were lots of useful ideas, the connections weren't strong enough to hold the front sections. I could have gone with technic bricks or old hinge plates and flipped one side, but I wanted to try something new. Ended up using a [1x1 clip light plate with thin ring] with some plates and a tile. This lets the two big wedges clamp everything together. It also has the bonus of letting me add those 1x1 red/blue trans tiles on the sides. I improvised with all the modified bricks sandwiched between the wedges and managed to create a little flip-out section to expose a circuitry tile. •There are vents in the prisoner compartment, they connect to the outside grill with those Technic half pins. The idea is that if the prisoner gets too rowdy, the officer can just vent all the oxygen and knock them out lol. Alternately, they can avoid a lawsuit by using the ports to introduce a knockout gas to safely extract a prisoner. •For weapons, the binoculars on the sides are, uh, laser turrets! I was envisioning mass drivers sandwiched between the big wedges. The skates and vents are there to disperse heat, and for, uh, sci-fi reasons lol. The trans orange tiles represent sections that are glowing from the heat, or maybe I just like trans orange shut up! SP3 Commando Ship by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr SP3 Commando Ship by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  3. Henchmen4Hire

    Space Police III Interceptor

    After doing some reading on building techniques, I dug up this old model and gave it an update. Mostly I reworked the front half so it's a lot more stable and the ship's silhouette flows better. Also smoothed out the cockpit and made sure the ship was entirely buildable. Features •Retractable landing gear •Adjustable steering wheel •Pivoting cannons (nose area) •Ramp lowers in back and big white panel comes off to expose cargo space. I imagine criminals get hogtied and tossed in there too. The only thing I don't like is how the cannons on the wings look, any suggestions? Space Police 3 Interceptor 1 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Space Police 3 Interceptor 2 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Here's the file if anyone wants to judge this ship harshly lol [UPDATED: New wing cannons]
  4. Henchmen4Hire

    Blacktron Army Rising

    I have enough SP3 officers, now it's time to build up the other guys. Ordered some parts, going to have to paint a few bits black, easy stuff. I'm annoyed that the one guy who has a bunch of Rench (New Blacktron) torsos wants over 2 dollars for them. I'm not too keen on spending 20 bucks for a few torsos, but I may not have a choice since Rench figures sell for even more -_- Anyway, here are some made up Blacktron troops. Just imagine them with Blacktron torsos: From left to right: Sniper, Infantry with pistols, Infantry with fancier goggles and rifle. Laser Armor-cutter (to wreck tank treads, walker-legs, break into fortresses, etc), Commando, Armored Artillery Guy lol Robot Drone Demolitions Guy (he ran out of hi-tech explosives!) Space Assault Troop (capable of fighting in space, zooming around sabotaging enemy craft and being a general nuisance) Experimental Weapons Guy (they test fancy new weapons in the battlefield)