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Found 1 result

  1. Never before had so many vessels of all sizes plied the Brick Seas this side of Terraversa. However, these sea zones are still largely uncharted, unknown and ridden by storms, and many crews still struggle to make it to their safely destinations.Additionally, losing your bearings is a surefire way to end up in enemy ports or at the mercy of pirates. Just recently, Grand Duke Alexander Prio felt the heat himself, with Prio vessels involved in an incident with the Sea Rats that almost lead to war, which could have proven catastrophic for the future of the newly founded state. In order to avoid future issues and ensure safer navigation, the Archduke has decided to establish the Pilot's Association, an international organisation dedicated to ensuring safe navigation of the Brick Seas by making pilots available throughout Terra Nova. However, to make this a success, commitment and the proper tools must be in place. Cat A: The Pilots' Association The Pilot's Association is a prestigious project, and it is Archduke Alexander's hope that many will take an interest in its success. In order to show his support, he has decided to award a knighthood to the three most active contributors and has instituted the order of Navigation to that effect. Show a scene from Alexport, which must show your involvement in the Pilots' Association or the Racing Cup. Perhaps your team is there to meet with the Pilot's Association or the Archduke's court to offer support, funding, involvement etc. to the P.A. and/or the Cup? Perhaps your crew are smugglers or pirates looking for new ways to avoid customs cutters and navy patrols? Or perhaps a military attaché looking for new patrol boats? Or perhaps simply to participate in the race and win? NB: Rules: Your build must show a scene in Alexport or eslewhere in Prio It may be licensable, but it is not required Your story must explain "your" involvement in the P.A. or the Cup Max 32x32 or equivalent per player (collabs encouraged) Stay true to the feel of Alexport and Prio (Historical Puerto Rico or similar Spanish colonies) Prizes: The three best (individual) entries will be awarded microbuild licenses for properties in Prio. (Sizes will be determined based on participation) The three best (individual) stories will be awarded knighthoods in the order of Navigation. (Creativity is encouraged - and you do not need to IC support the initiative to win) The best collab (if applicable) will be awarded with a large microbuild license of their own choice in Prio. Cat B: The P.A. Racing Cup Any pilot will need a vessel to carry him to his duty, and the requirements for successful pilot cutters are speed, maneuverability, and seaworthiness. To identify the proper designs for these cutters, the Pilot's Association is hosting the first P.A. Racing Cup, a prestigious boat race for smaller vessels. An added purpose of the race is to drive development and experimentation in smaller vessel types in order to, over time, develop better designs. Hence, three grand racing tournaments will be held, each with several races in which contestants will earn points towards overall victory. One for class 1, one for class 2 and one for class 3 vessels. Rules: Each player can enter one vessel per class. Entries must include desired stats of the vessel. (Although this will have no impact on race performance, as that will be randomised!) We encourage you to build some sort of scene (shooting through the waves, crossing the finish line, etc.). Please make sure to stay within the class sizes. Prizes: Glory and Prestige! All vessels entered into the challenge will be awarded with a free license (minimum quality requirements will be enforced) The best three in each class will be awarded with BoBs cards. The Cup winner for each class will be awarded a free ship activated by microbuild. Class 1 winner: Class 3 Class 2 winner: Class 4 Class 3 winner: Class 5 There are rumours that people from many different walks of life have shown an interest in the race. Both for the prestige and for the prize, but also for the boat designs... Coincidentally, these are the exact same designs a pirate, smuggler, customs officer, or perhaps navy patrol will benefit from... So get on your race-hat and participate in the first P.A. Racing Cup for a chance to win Glory and Prestige, and show that YOUR boat and crew is the best of the best. Deadline: May 6th everywhere in the world