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Found 10 results

  1. It's about a time, since I've been ended my dark ages and now it looks like my way will be rather smaller attempts and "projects", then bigger and more sophisticated ones. My older builds had their own topics here and here, but I don't think that all of my next builds will be suitable for separate topics, so I decided to make this one, where I have intention to add all of my publishable builds. And for the beginning, here is my wip small manual buggy. Buggies are favourite Technic builds, there are many of them in all sizes, shapes and qualities. This one is intended to be small and simple, all manualy working. Now it has front and rear suspesion, openable cabin, steering and rear wheels conected to fake engine. I'd like to improve rear axle suspension, add HOG and steering wheel and some details here and there. And finaly adjust color scheme, although I'm not very disturbed with this clor vomit in this type of vehicle.
  2. Hi! I've added additional videos - winter test-drive and mechanisms review: Hello! After my Feller-Buncher I've decided to create one more forest tractor – it's John Deere Skidder 648L. Skidder is a type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest. Unfortunately the scale of my skidder differs from the scale of the Feller-Buncher because there are no such a big wheels in Lego. Maximum dimensions: 50x18x22 cm, clearance – 2.5 cm, the weight – 1660 g, the scale 1:19. There are nine PF motors, four IR receivers and one LiPo in my model. We have eight RC functions here: 1. All-Wheel Drive, two L-motors; 2. Steering, articulated chassis, M-motor; 3,4. Two-stage crane, two M-motors; 5. The claw, M-motor; 6. Claw rotation, M-motor. Also we can rotate the claw manually; 7. The blade in the front, M-motor; 8. The winch for trees pulling. Also my model has pendular front suspension like the original machine. Video demonstration: And more photos of course: Flickr: Thanks for watching! Leave your comments if you like it :)
  3. Let me introduce you my latest alternative model built out of set 42081 - wheel skidder. I planned to build skidder for a long time and set 42081 looked like ideal resource of parts for it. I took most inspiration from CAT 525C and log loader built by M_longer. I used M_longer's grapple design and his statement: worked like challenge for me. My skidder features: articulated HoG steering lifting of decking blade dual-function arch working grapple All functions are operated by orange axle joiners. BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS are available at With few logs... Any comments are welcome.
  4. Hi, another Mini-MOC for you: here comes the Mini-Skidder This little thing is very powerful as it uses 2 L-Motors for drive and a third L-Motor for steering. Watch the video: On my brick safe page you can find the pics in higher resolution and of course an LDD-File: Let me know what you think Regards Leonard Goldstein
  5. As a kid growing up in Transylvania, TAF skidders built at the IRUM plant in Reghin were a mainstream sight. I was always impressed by the power of these monsters, and how they defied anything Mother Nature could throw at them: snow, ice, mud, step gradients, big logs. My machine is not a scale replica, but rather a representation of the concept, drawing inspiration from the ol' reliable TAF 690 OP, the upgraded 690 PE (with Perkins engine and electronics) and the brand new TAF 2012 (especially the G version). For all intents and purposes it's a trial truck, built for the february contest held by RoLUG, so extra-functions are rather lacking. Stats: 4x4 drive provided by 2 XL motors, geared 8.4:1 (12/20, 12/20 bevel, 8/24 portal), steering provided by 2 linear actuators powered by a geared L motor Working winch, only pulls the cable when the tractor is moving forward (hard coupled to the drivetrain of the front axle). The sole purpose of this winch is to help the skidder over obstacles or deep snow pendular front axle (realistic) blade turning with front axle (realistic) manual grabber (rather esthetic detail, easily motorisable by adding a pneumatic pump and a switch) snowchains (realistic) LEGO Custom RC forest skidder - inspired by and modelled after IRUM/MAVIPROD TAF 690 PE and TAF 2012G. Living close to mountains, I grew up seeing these monster machines pulling heavy logs through mud, snow and ice, with no regard to freezing temperatures by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr LEGO Custom RC forest skidder - inspired by and modelled after IRUM/MAVIPROD TAF 690 PE and TAF 2012G. Living close to mountains, I grew up seeing these monster machines pulling heavy logs through mud, snow and ice, with no regard to freezing temperatures by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr LEGO Custom RC forest skidder - inspired by and modelled after IRUM/MAVIPROD TAF 690 PE and TAF 2012G. Living close to mountains, I grew up seeing these monster machines pulling heavy logs through mud, snow and ice, with no regard to freezing temperatures by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr LEGO Custom RC forest skidder - inspired by and modelled after IRUM/MAVIPROD TAF 690 PE and TAF 2012G. Living close to mountains, I grew up seeing these monster machines pulling heavy logs through mud, snow and ice, with no regard to freezing temperatures by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr After some maintenance and improvements 20180205_221537 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr 20180205_221904 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr 20180205_222033 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr The 5 year old kid in me screamed of pleasure when i saw the wonderful tracks left in the snow. 20180205_221554 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr Aaaand a short video. The batteries are extremely low, so the performance is lacking, especially when it's steering, but with fresh batteries i'm sure it'll perform admirably. First video before the upgrade. Second video after the upgrade
  6. Hi All, I know, I have unfinished projects enough (published here too), but time for another long-term build. I was lucky enough to find great deal on pneumatic cylinders, and finally I own Claas tires too, these caused to raise the Skidder-particle ppm in my haemodinamics. This is a very old plan of me, basically since I got back from my dark-age with the 8265 in 2009. So this is the plan: I will not build a specific model, but a generous one (610/620/630/632 mixed style), because I am not that much interested in specific models - simply: I love them all (and beside that I am afraid of @M_longer's justifiable criticism ). Finally I found a working design for the grapple with nice range of movement. It has virtual pivot points, and floating cylinder (this is already differs from real-life counterparts), but I wanted to use 1 cylinder only due to tubing - which should be nicely hidden in the boom panels. Some might be not a fan of the Bionicle parts, but I find them right here, and they tend to close properly due the lucky combination of build slack and their pointy-thin design (I might figure out an offset for them, but wasn't successful yet). I made a pure Technic version too, in case. This is how it looks so far (partly built in bricks too - waiting for parts), with Power Puller tires in the model for the scale: Still a very long trip ahead, and I am not fast on building, but I feel passionate, which is a promising sign I guess. Special thanks to: @Lipko for inspiration and for the pneumatic parts in LDD from his majestic Backhoe, @nikolyakov for the beautifully purpose designed and inspiring TC10 entry, @BrickbyBrickTechnic for his 42054 C-model as final motivation, and for Bricklink to make it feasible to emptying my wallet... Every suggestion, criticism for improvement is welcome.
  7. 4 big crushing tires! When I saw the 42054, the first thing I thought was "FOREST SKIDDER!". When I got the set, I built a crop sprayer ;) But now, a month later, I actually did build a forest skidder. And here it is! The MOC features 6 functions, including 3 power functions: Crane stage 1, crane stage 2, and lifting of the front ripper blade. The manual functions are a pendular axle, HoG steering, and operating the grabber. The model suffered from awkward proportions throughout the build due to the complexity of the gearbox and placement of the Battery Box. The hood suffered from the brunt of it; it awkwardly hides the battery box and is too high. Video here: Pictures: So That's all- next MOC of mine should be interesting ;) Thank you! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  8. Anyone remember this B model? I personally think it sucks. So I decided to rebuild it, but as a C model of set 42054. These are the functions the finished model will have: -Crane stage 1 (motorized) -Crane stage 2 (motorized) -Front ripper blade (motorized) -Grabber (manual) -Articulated steering (manual) -Simulated suspension Here's what I have so far: This is the rear with the basis for the crane. This is the 2 axis articulated joint. This gives a simulated suspension. So that's it for now! Stay tuned for updates, as they will be coming soon! BrickbyBrickTechnic
  9. Hi folks, today I'd like to present you my newest MOC. This time it's not really a Unimog. But the WF trac is based on the MB trac, so I stay in the family ;) The WF trac is the same scale as all my Unimogs and cars, so nearly 1/12.5. The original can be seen here: All in all I used seven motors in this MOC for all the different functions. The main functions are: 2 L-motors for the drive train 1 servo for the steering of the front axle 1 M-motor for the articulated steering 1 M-motor for turning the crane 1 M-motor for the double drum winch - each drum is separately controlled 1 M-motor for the compressor For the crane I used the new pneumatic cylinders. The grabber uses four small cylinders for gripping an turning. The cab can be rotated, but only manually - no room for another motor. ;) I used 3rd party wheels since I wanted to stay in scale... The rear wheels are a little too narrow, but I don't really care :) There are only some small details missing... If the weather allows I'll do a video the next days... Have fun with the photos... So far Pat
  10. Hi to all, It was a lot of time to share something here, so TC10 contest is good opportunity. My entry is a log skidder with 4 pneumatic and 3 manual functions; - In-cabin steering via steering wheel - 4wd drive and fake 4 cylinder engine - Pendular front suspension - Front blade up/down with 1x5 piston - Boom section 1 up/down with 2 old pistons - Boom section 2 up/down with 2x11 piston -Claw open/close with 1x5 piston (also rotates with small turntable) I dont have a video yet but i will add later because i will not have time in workdays. I hope I can do next week. Comments and critics are welcome and good luck to all contestants :) 01e by nik 03e by nikolyakov, on Flickrolyakov, on Flickr 02e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 00e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 04e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 05e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 06e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 08e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 10e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 11e by nikolyakov, on Flickr