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Found 4 results

  1. Barnaby's Escapade

    It was a beautiful day in Mitgardia. Sir Uridius Dratiphe was standing one of the towers flanking the gatehouse - the taller one; he always made a point of only standing on the taller one - he liked feeling the wind and sniffing in the healthy, bracing, northern air. Plus, he liked keeping a look out for Algus and other brigands and suchlike. Suddenly a cart turned up the road and came into view. A couple of fellows - one of them pertly waving up at them - walked up with it to the drawbridge, where, curiously enough, the cart stopped, and the two chaps started unloading and rolling in their wares. "Most intriguing!" remarked Sir Uridius to the guard besides him, "I do believe I've never seen a merchant stop right outside instead of actually coming in the town before." "You think it's suspicious, sir?" inquired the guard, "shall I go down and check what's up?" "Exactly," returned Sir Uridius, "and if that Barnaby fellow we've heard of recently has any of his dreadful schemes up again, make sure you stop them in good time." The guard headed down accordingly, putting on a most important air. Suddenly there was a bit of a scuffle in the court, and Barnaby himself (who had rode up under the cart, and who had managed to sneak in to do the dealing when no one happened to be looking) came flying out toward the gate. "Raise the drawbridge, shut the portcullis!" exclaimed Sir Uridius excitedly. The order was too slow, however (and the other fellow on guard had spent too long waving his sword at the outlaw...) And Barnaby rushed up the rising drawbridge and leapt out to freedom - and as the portcullis had slammed shut just in front of the other guard who was pursuing them, the outlaws made good their escape, much to Sir Uridius and his guards' chagrin. "What was he up to?" the former asked as the rather crestfallen guard came up. "Oh, nothing much - only selling smuggled Kaliphlin oil to the cook and housekeeper." "What!?" exclaimed Sir Uridius, utterly put out - "selling untaxed oil in this castle? That's enough to put a man in the sulks all day long!" "Yes, and he charged double for it," the guard ventured hesitantly. "This must be taken care of!" exclaimed the knight again, ignoring the guard. "A smuggler in this castle?! Bah! We have a time-honored tradition here of paying taxes, and it won't go be messed up with impunity! Come along, sirrah, we must concoct a plan..." Figless, and with the portcullis down: Another build from me! Just a freebuild for GoH as it happens - it is also the exterior of a different scene I uploaded a few days ago on Flickr, though, and a slightly changed version of my functional castle for the LCBTC. The portcullis and drawbrige both actually work, though unfortunately I had to scrap the collapsing wall and moving road functions when removing the base and finalizing this smaller build. Credit for the cart design (slightly altered) to the tutorial over on brickbuilt! Here's a shot of all the figs together: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. The bright winter sun rose - well, late enough, in all truth, but that didn't bother most of the hardy northerners of Historica. Least of all did it bother Sir Uridius Dratiphe, who leapt out of bed with a bound worthy of a the hardiest of his ancestors, and who proceeded to get rapidly dressed in his usual attire, and then glance out of his large window into the Keep's courtyard beneath. There was the squire, bending his bow to a truly impressive degree, aiming, apparently, at a squirrel perched in the tree which overhung one of the walls. Sir Uridius looked on bemusedly, as the fellow let loose - and transfixed the deer far below and to the left of his mark, which the cook had hung out to dry. Sir Uridius shook his head in deprecation. Time for some Mitgardian archery practice! The target: And a last overview: A quick little build for the AoM and CCC - although, after seeing LJ's epic entry, I may just have to build a Phase III build soon if I want to stand a chance! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Weyworth Keep

    One of Sir Uridius Dratiphe's Mitgardian seats, Weyworth Keep is situated at the head of one of the many sources of the great Adeler River, and, like Uridius' Keep, was built into the snow-clad mountain itself! Within the huge wooden doors, standing to protect the Keep from any assault, life goes on as usual - one of the younger castle-dwellers feeds the horses in the stables, and the others go on with their normal activity as well. A young fisherman looks for a catch out by the waterfall to help out with their suppers... And a couple of forestmen sneak around the corner of the tower (just because there's always someone or another who likes sneaking around, you know! ) Dressed in the colours of Weyworth Keep, the guards keep a sharp lookout for any stray Algus, or any visitors coming to see Sir Uridius. There is more to Weyworth Keep, though, than meets the eye! I had a lot of fun building the snow-covered mountain with a large removable section behind the castle to give access to the full interior behind: A few Interior Shots: Sir Uridius Dratiphe himself, who has been staying at Weyworth for some time recently: And a squire wanders about leisurely above: While the castle smith works away trying to get a straight sword out of this piece of iron! Poor guy... Down the other corridor: And a couple more pictures of the interior: A last overview: My largest, and quite possibly my favorite, build yet, this took about two months to completely build, but it was destroyed remarkably shortly after photography (and about 24 hours later no two pieces of the build were still attached, except Sir Uridius himself) for all that! If the peacefulness of it isn't enough for you, there are some pictures of it under siege for the Colossal Battle Contest (but most certainly not built for GoH!) on my photostream. Glad to finally be posting something here again, and I'm very happy to finally have a proper castle in Mitgardia as well! Thanks a lot for viewing, C&C are most certainly welcome!
  4. Homeward Bound!

    After receiving a notice from Sir Uridius Dratiphe to return to Mitgardia, I started thence with a light and joyful heart. Upon reaching the border I reined in for a moment to gaze at the awe-inspiring sight. Who that has seen those rough plateau and snow-clad hills can but sense a thrill of joy on returning? Then, breaking into a gallop, I started for the mountains - homeward bound. Mitgardia! - Sir Douglass Winzer Figless: Just a quick little build to get Sir Douglass back from Avalonia. I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Landscape Design: (trees 2) General Building: (forced perspective) Geography: (mountains or cliffs) C&C are welcome!