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Found 7 results

  1. Presenting Odense Kommandopost (signal box) from my hometown, Odense in Denmark. (or at least my interpretation) My model: Scale: ~1:60 Lenght: 32 bricks Width: 34 bricks Bricks: 2.394 Model built: 2012 & 2018 (finished inside and re-designed for Moduverse, our Scandinavian variant of MILS) Very high setting rendering using but built irl. Front Rear Inside As built (not the greatest photo, sorry)
  2. I would like to present my latest railway station with signal box and level crossing: It does not have the interior (only the signal box does) although I did plan to do it at the beginning, hence all the double walls with different colours on the inside. The station is based on the station in Siedlisko Czarnkowskie located in the west of Poland. It is of course modified and was just the inspiration, but still - was recognized by the locals, so I guess it is similar enough :) The main objective that I had when building this was to have some comfortable place for 8-wide trains to stop by. I hope I this was achieved :) Some of you may know that I focus mainly on modulars and I try to mix them with a little bit of technic. So far I was able to incorporate 9V and PF lights into my builds, some PF motors and pneumatics. Now, it was time for an SBrick and technic flex system :) It was one of my favorite systems back then. And now that I had this opportunity to control boom barriers with it, I couldn't help myself :) So, we've got and SBrick, which controls M-motor, which in turn operates small linear actuator which pulls or pushes out the technic flex system cables. Those are connected to the boom barriers. Here you can see how it looked like during construction: The whole system was not so easy to calibrate at the beginning, but once done it worked seamlessly during exhibitions. It is also easy to dismantle for transportation. However it did took me two months to figure this system out. Maybe the easiest solutions are the hardest to invent... The track layout is a little bit different to the usual one. This was forced by the planned commodity station of my friend from the LUG, but that was never built... Here you can see it in more detail as well as how the station was placed in the town I made with my LUG: And last but not least, interior of the signal box and a video of operating the boom barriers: LINK to the video (I don't know how to embed...) Here's the link to the gallery on BrickSafe.
  3. Hello! Since these are train-related MOCs, I think this is the rigth place to show some of my latest creations. I'm planning, not in the immediate future, a small train layout, since it's been a while (7 or 8 years) from the last time I had a working train circuit. In the meanwhile I did some of the stuff: I alrready have a station, now there are: A signal box: and a bridge crane Hope you like :)
  4. For the last couple of days, I been designing a module for my planned Lego Southern Preserved Railway Layout, the module contains a level crossing which can close and open (manual), a single track, and a signal box, below are three images of the Level Crossing & Signal Box Module. level crossing gate closed. level crossing gates open. closer view of the signal box. This is the signal box which I based my signal box on, I made a few changes to the model. A image of the Level Crossing with the gates moved a stud in width away from the track. A image showing the clearance between the train and the gates Signal box in Sandwich, Kent UK Signal Box in the UK Signal Box near Attenborough railway station signal box on the Nene Valley Railway (Wansford)
  5. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    MOC: Signal Box

    Hi everyone, this time I post my third signal box This summer, after being at the LEGO exhibition in Ballabio I wanted to reproduce this huge structure that will expand my trains stuff Enjoy the few pictures:
  6. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    MOC: Signal BOX

    Hi everyone, waiting to post my next topic about a new BR (already completed ) I want to share some pictures about my MOD of the original singal box made by "eurotrash". My version has a stone basement and an architecture with arches ...enjoy the few pics ...coming soon a new BR...
  7. Indexed by Moderator Here's a MOC for you to enjoy. It's loosely modelled on a northern England Signal Box that is now disused - the only difference was that on the original the stairs were wooden and open and here I made them out of bricks and semi-enclosed them with a retaining wall. As a concession to 2012 I upgraded the communication systems to include a Wireless dish. And the northern England Railway system runs completely on steaming cups of hot tea served in a yellow mug. And here's some MOC rolling stock passing in front of it. I hope you enjoy it and would appreciate any suggestions for improvement.