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  1. Ahoy land lovers! Today I would like to present to you, The Evil Baron Raymondo’s Spanish War Galleon from the hit 2004 video game, “Sid Meier’s Pirates!”. For those who aren’t aware, Sid Meier’s Pirates is a role-playing, action-adventure, strategy video game from the year 2004. The game itself has a very simple plot, as a kid, your family was taken away from you by the evil Montalban. When you grow up your character, “protagonist” (the character doesn’t actually have an official name. In the game you could just name him whatever you wanted) seeks revenge and is set on finding his lost family. To do so, Protagonist must become a pirate to hunt down the evil Montalban and his partner The Evil Baron Raymondo. Even though the Evil Montalban sails a Spanish Flag Galleon compared to The Evil Baron Raymondo’s Spanish War Galleon, they both use the same in game model along with the same flags, which allows this MOC to be either of the 2 ships. At the most, you would need to hunt down The Evil Baron Raymondo a total of 16 times and the Evil Montalban 4 times. Because of this, the Spanish Galleon (in my opinion) is the most iconic type of ship from the game and this being the reason why I have created this beautiful MOC that sails in front of you. Before we get started, here is some basic facts to get out of the way: 1. The ship uses 6 reddish brown hull pieces. 2. The ship has roughly 3,312 total pieces. 3. All sails and flags are custom and made by: Tim Begovic or @custombrickstim on Instagram. 4. Other than sails and flags (also the 2 custom rapiers) the ship uses 100% official Lego pieces! Port Side Profile: From this port side image, you can really take in the majesty of this ship and its sheer size. With four tall standing mast, 11 sails, and bright yellow color scheme with a sprinkle of gold, this ship truly shows the wealth and power of the Spanish Empire during it’s prime. The Stern Profile: Main Top Deck: Now looking at the top deck, we can see 4 small brick-built cannons, designed by @MOCYOURBRICKs. Along with the cannons, there is also a ton of cargo and stair access to the upper levels of this ship. You can also see a windowed wall design that takes inspiration from the fighting cutscenes seen in this image: Tour Guide: Wow, there are a lot of details packed into this thing! To help all of us on this tour, I will assign one of Raymondo’s crew members to finish this task. I’m sure he won’t mind…hopefully. Bow Detailing: Alright, the first stop on this tour is the bow of the ship! I took a lot of inspiration from the Black Seas Barracuda remake in 2020 from set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Not only was that set well designed but the Barracuda always had some Spanish influence in my opinion. I designed it similarly so it would blend in more into my Lego pirate’s lore. The figurehead chosen for this MOC is a gold Atlantean, however the in-game model actually used a lion. I chose to change the figurehead not only because I’ve always loved the Atlantis stories and the Lego Atlantis theme, but because one of the many names The Evil Baron Raymondo’s War Galleon possessed in game was the ‘Atlante’. Forward Top Deck: Now taking a look at the forward top deck, we can see a bell design that was inspired by the bell on 71042 The Silent Mary. Looking into the cabin: “The entrance into The Evil Baron Raymond’s cabin! But let’s come back to that later”. Similar to how the front windowed wall design was inspired by the sword combat cutscenes, this back wall is based on the actual in-game model for the Spanish War Galleon as seen here: Stern 3rd Deck: Taking a look at the 3rd deck, we can see a suspicious yellow box, 2 more custom cannons, and the entrance to the secondary cabin. What’s in this box? Treasure of course! The Evil Baron Raymondo is a very wealthy man, of course he has treasure hidden all across his ship! 4th and 5th deck: Now, the final decks! Nothing too crazy going on up here, just a steering wheel and some goods! Back detailing: “Yup…The Evil Baron Raymondo definitely likes to show off his wealth!”. This was my favorite part of the ship to design. Not only is there so many different types of gold pieces used, but I especially love the back lantern designs I came up with! Those translucent yellow pieces and the metallic gold tops really stand out! Also, take a look at the rare yellow window frame pieces only seen on 6289 Red Beard Runner. Secondary Cabin: Now looking in the interior we can see the design of the secondary cabin. The cabin is well furnished with a nice desk, bed, nightstand, and shelf design. On the shelf we see more gold, rum, a gold chalice, a ship model, and a wedding ring? Based on the nightstand, I believe it’s safe to say whoever resides in this cabin has big plans for whenever they get back to Havana. Speaking of Havana, you can see on the top shelf is a mini representation of a Spanish port in-game design seen in the image below. Clearly this guy is a land lover just trying to pay the bills. Now looking at the Forward interior, we can see not too much detail, which sadly is common for the gun deck as well. Stern Interior: The Evil Baron Raymondo’s Cabin: Sadly, this area was the hardest to photograph, but there are still plenty of details to cover. Entering The Evil Baron Raymondo’s cabin you would be introduced to a grey and black floor rug, some drawers with his trusty pistol laying on top, a bed, a big desk to layout maps of the Caribbean, a shelf with teacups and gold chalices, a black bicorn hat, a sword holder, and a shelf to hold all your missing family’s maps on. (In the near future, I want to custom print some maps on 2x2 tiles). Wait…is that our tour guide running away with a gold bar? Forward Below Gun Deck: Now entering the below decks, you can see some goods, chain shot, grape shot, fine-grain powder, and a simple anchor winch. I might try to improve the anchor winch at some point, but this will do for now. Main Gun Deck: Like I hinted at before, my main gun deck is…slightly empty. I plan to fill this out more in the future, but I just got distracted with other MOCs. However, I do love the black grate design I implemented on the floor, suggesting another deck below this one. Kitchen: In the Stern below gun deck, we finally visit the kitchen, the last stop on our tour. This kitchen is well equipped and is ready to feed a hungry crew. Ever since 10210 Imperial Flagship, I’ve always loved implementing kitchens in my MOCs just because of the detail you can include. We not only see salt and pepper shakers but, pots and pans, knives, fish, a variety of seasonings, and a jar of strawberry preserve. In the Sid Meier’s Pirates handbook under the luxuries section, we can see a segment saying that strawberry preserves are a luxury item aboard a ship. In Game Cutscenes Recreated In Lego: Rocky Mountain Train Show display: The timing of me building this ship aligned perfectly for me to display this at the Rocky Mountain Train Show in Loveland Colorado this past November as part of my LUG group, COWLUG. Take the time to enjoy some of these images as this display was quite beautiful. \ Wow that was a lot! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! This MOC has been a passion project for me for the past 3 years. Not only was I introduced to Sid Meier’s Pirates at the age of 7, but I will forever have fond memories of playing and messing around in this game with my dad and my older sister. This design for me isn’t just an adaptation of The Evil Baron Raymondo’s Spanish War Galleon in Lego, nor is it just a beautiful ship, this MOC is physical model of my childhood and some amazing memories. I can’t help but smile every time I look at it!