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Found 12 results

  1. de-marco

    [MOC] Emergency Services Truck

    Emergency Services Truck building instructions Parts list
  2. de-marco

    [MOC] Utility & Service Truck

    Utility & Service Truck building instructions Parts list
  3. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO Airport Service Car

    Hello! Today I decided to build custom LEGO airport service car. And this is what I've built. I used only 50 bricks. It took near 1 hour to make it, but I like the result. I will put this MOC to the my custom LEGO City airport. To build it I used yellow, gray and black LEGO pieces. I think, I can make not only one service car, but two or three. Do you like my new MOC?
  4. Service Status: Still looking for somebody to perform this task. Hello, as the title states; I am for looking for somebody who can digitally design me a imperial base with a budget of $300 in total as well as create a list of bricks to purchase from bricklink so I can build it myself. I expect the model to be detailed, high quality, and look good. I never made any builds digitally so I'm not sure how I would be able to rebuild it from a online model but I'm sure you can help with that. Total build budget is $300. You get paid the remaining amount after cost of bricks. So for example, if the build costs $200 from the bricks, then you get $100 as payment. You may use any software as long as it can be easily reproduced physically. I think would be a good software to use as it links with bricklink to buy parts easily. Here are the specifications and features of the build. Also includes picture examples from similar MOCs and feedback on them. This document has been recently revised with more detail on 7/24, Post here or PM me if you are interested in doing this service.
  5. toorayay

    Winter Village: Filling Station

    Welcome to the Winter Village Filling Station, where you can fill your gas tank and fill your belly at the same time! This creation features the main building, a pair of vintage-style gas pumps, and a retro gas truck. Here's the main building, with tire rack and vintage road sign. It's been decorated quite nicely for the winter holiday. Inside, you can stock up on supplies and chat with the friendly staff. The pumps are shielded by a canopy. And here's the truck, which I had the most fun designing to give it a mid-century diesel look. More images available on Flickr. Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions welcome!
  6. Hi, Here's my modification of 42008 Service Truck set, fully motorized and remote controlled. I decided to keep the original functions (including pneumatics) exactly as they are while adding some extra features as well. The additional functions are driving, tilting of the driver's cabin, headlights, steering and working-tilting steering wheel. I tried my best to keep the original looks (with some visual improvements though) and made the structure as rigid as possible. The PF elements used are: - 1 L-motor for 8x4 driving (with single, shared differential) - 1 M-motor for steering - 1 M-motor for tilting the cabin - 1 M-motor for functions (included in the original set) - 4 M-motors for switches - 2 for pneumatic switches and 2 for mechanical switches - 4 IR receivers - 1 Rechargeable battery box - 1 Led light set, - 2 x 20 cm extension cables, one for the large motor and one for the battery box. Rebrickable: Bricksafe: (*.lxf file can be downloaded here) Any suggestions on improvements are very welcome. Cheers and happy building!
  7. So, I went to a LEGO store today, and I was surprised how bad the service was. First of all, the cashier didn't wrap my PAB cup like he was supposed to. He also didn't check my BAM box to make sure I only got 15 pieces. So, what kind of service have you all got at LEGO stores? (By the way, I went to the one in Nashville, TN)
  8. Hello everybody! This is my first try to make a review, I hope you will like how I did it. Series: Technic Year: 2013 2H No: 42008 Pcs: 1276 PPP: 0,08€ Model B: Crane Truck with Semi-Trailer Model Weight:1100g Set weight: 1961g Instructions: 3 booklets , 100 steps Price: 114€ Parts list: -Bricklink -Rebrickable Packaging: It comes in a large box (47.5 x 37.5 x 9 cm)with dark background typical for technic sets. Inside you will find 17 unnumbered bags: 16 with pieces 1 with instructions and stickers Instructions: On back of the first and third booklets there is publicity, the second one ends with building step . On the last page there are some of the 2013 sets Parts: No exclusive parts in this one, athough it has exclusive and rare colors.Also includes new parts for 2013 Technic Beam 1 x 7 Thick - exclusive Technic Beam 1 x 9 Thick - rare(2 sets) Technic Beam 1 x 13 Thick - rare (3 sets) Technic Beam 3 x 5 L-Shape Thick - rare (3 sets) Technic Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side A - rare (2 sets) Technic Fairing # 2 Small Smooth Short, Side B - rare (2 sets) Technic, Panel Fairing #21 Very Small Smooth, Side B - rare (2 sets) Technic, Panel Fairing #22 Very Small Smooth, Side A - rare (2 sets) Pneumatic Pump 1 x 6 - rare (2 sets) Technic Gear 8 Tooth [Reinforced] - New for 2013 Technic Beam 1 x 5 Thin with Axle Holes on Ends - New for 2013 Model It is large model with a lot of green and a tow crane at the back. Because of the color this model hits your sight instantly. Has a detailed interior and a lot of stickers. Functions: Steering - front two axles with different steering angles Opening doors - because the rear view mirrors are fixed to the roof , the drive should down the window before opening the door. Motorized functions: M-motor power a distribuition gearbox which has two levers o either side of the truck. Here is a page from instructions which shows what every lever does: First function : Rear stabilizers Works very smooth, and at decent speed .Powered by two mLAs Second function: Winch Has a lever that prevents it from unrolling and also has a clutch gear that keeps the motor from struggling. Pay attention to which way you switch the battery box to turn on the motor, as it should be powered in only one direction: unwinding the winch is done manually Third function: Rear boom lift Works at decent speed and probably lifts more than you will ever need to tow a vehicle. Power by a single LA. The next function is a single 6l compressor which powers two pneumatic switches. A: Wheel lift It uses one small cylinder and works good. B: Telescopic crane arm Nice add-on to the boom and uses a clever lever mechanism with another small cylinder. Ratings: Looks - 9/10 Nicely done set, the crane looks crude.The stickers are for looks ,the model can live without them. Functions - 8/10 Almost perfect - non-controllable pneumatics (you can't stop it half-way for example); one way winch Parts - 9/10 Main color is rare in the Technic line Value - 10/10 At PPP standing at 0,08€ you can't complain Total- 9/10 Very nice set , great parts pack I hope you enjoyed my first review ,feel free to post your thoughs about the model and the review
  9. Hello, fellow Eurobrickers! Warning: This is a picture heavy post - and there's a lot of text as well :) I've been much less active over the past months here on the forums than I used to be. The main reason for that is that I've been very, very active in the real world of LEGO fans, having visited nine LEGO events in the last thirteen months. Part of the time, I've also been busy building - mainly for the LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2. I was very honoured to be asked to participate in Megan Rothrock's first book, which turned out great - I'm very proud of having been a part of that, although my chapter is a little, tiny one with only six pages. It has taken me to events in Germany, Portugal, the UK and the Netherlands that I probably wouldn't have been to - at least not this early in my MOCing days - if it hadn't been for the book, and I have met so many great people (many of whom are active Eurobricks members) as a result of that. So when Megan asked me if I wanted to build something for the second book, I knew I would be stupid not to say yes. But I had to approach the challenge differently than with the first book, because the stuff that ended up in Volume 1 was all stuff that had already been published on my Flickr (apart for the Ace of Spades building instructions, which I made specifically for the book). For Volume 2, Megan wanted me to build something new. And obviously, if you're building something that goes into a book, you want to do your best. I couldn't just repeat what I did for the first book and build some cars. I needed to do something bigger, and that's why I decided to pursue an idea I'd had for a while, but didn't expect to actually be able to turn into reality for a while yet. I had toyed with the idea of building a gas station that would fit into a modular street, but I also wanted it to feature a (removable) parking deck on top and a ramp leading up to it. So I started out in MLCad with a 32x64 stud footprint. Not a good idea. After having built the entire ground floor and the ramp, it looked like this: I was quite happy with it - but then I thought it might be clever to check how it would look with some cars on it. And they didn't fit - they wouldn't be able to make the turn on the ramp, and they wouldn't really be able to get to the pumps. So it was back to the drawing board... This was so much better. I had another idea all along as well - a pet project of mine is, as some of you might know, updating the classic Town sets from the eighties and nineties, and a favourite set of mine from that era (that I didn't have as a kid, but bought right after coming out of my Dark Ages) is 6561, Hot Rod Club. My contribution to book 1 had a strong flavour of hot rods, so it made sense to just let that evolve into book 2 - and therefore I wanted to make an updated Hot Rod Clubhouse to go on top of the parking deck. I also wanted it to be removable so it could stand alone as a separate building, like the old one. And this is what I ended up with. Note that all stickers are official LEGO stickers. Here's a demonstration of the removable floors. The roof of the clubhouse also comes off (not visible in this picture): Some of my favourite details of the gas station: And the clubhouse: That last one is a respectful nod to the old set - the idea is that the hot rod club grew out of their old clubhouse... So, a gas station and a hot rod clubhouse. That's all good and well, but there needs to be some cars to go with it. First, the Gas Guzzler, a hot rod tanker truck. The idea came from those dark blue curved double slopes. I was able to pick up four of them from some building bins at an event in November, and I thought this would be a good way to use them. You can find complete instructions for the Guzzler in book 2. Add to this the hot rods that go with the updated clubhouse - two from set 6561 and, for good measure, set 6538, from the same year. Sweet Yello: Hot Howler: Rebel Roadster: And, for good measure, throw in a vintage car that I did earlier, the Blue Eagle, to be the gas station owner's daily driver (his name is Gus Gazzler, by the way): Complete instructions for this car can also be found in book 2. So there you have it: A modular gas station with a removable parking deck and a hot rod clubhouse, with three hot rods, a vintage car and a hot rod tanker truck - Chapter 3 of the LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 2, coming out in late November. Hope you like it - I'm certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the book to have a closer look at what the other contributors have built. There are some fantastic builders in there that I'm - again - honoured to be allowed to share space with in a book. And, personally, I feel this is my best build ever. Which is of course a very gratifying feeling when that was what I set out to do - and I was rewarded with a lot more pages in the second book :) More pictures of these MOCs can be found in my Service with a Smile photoset on Flickr. Thanks for stopping by! Are / L@go
  10. Criga88

    MOC - Octan servo

    Hi all, for a while I had a baseplate with a few tiles slapped on it sitting next to my row of modulars with the intention of it one day becoming a service station. Over the weekend I sat down one arvo to make a bit of progress on it and in no time the basic building and walls were made. While I was on a roll I kept going and threw in whatever I felt was necessary for a typical servo and this is what I've come up with so far: The two pumps are quick mods of the one from the 3180 tank truck set, and it's nice to have a more permanent home for them now. The attendant's all smiles since he's nice and safe behind the top notch security bars For the late night customers there's a night pay window, there's also the usual junk chucked around the side. "Can you grab some ice on your way, oh, and some firewood, we're running pretty low." A basic interior does the trick since I leave the roof on the majority of the time anyway. Each lane allows for a 7-wide, but realistically, anything more than 4-wide is going to take up a lot of the available real estate. I'll be periodically updating this when I get more ideas but for now I'm happy with it (it sure beats the empty lot that it started out as ). Let me know what you think and feel free to leave any questions or constructive criticisms.
  11. Henchmen4Hire

    Ultra Duty Truck

    Not many people like 8-wide, but I'll keep making them anyway lol Here's not just a Super Duty, but Ultra Duty truck! I wanted to make more big 6x6 vehicles (like wreckers) but didn't want to keep buying bricks for all of them. So, the next best thing was to make this base truck and only build different modules for the bed. I kept the construction simple to maximize customizability. Notes -Going to add fender flares, I just need some 1x2 cheese slopes to stick on there -Can easily add extra axles, extend cab or bed, etc. -Can easily swap out modules to put on the bed -Can easily attach other things to front bumper by removing a few pieces -Roomy engine compartment This is a 6x6 version Here's the underside, very simple. Just use technic beams of a suitable size and reinforce them where needed. Use long 3L technic pins (I think they're only made in blue) to connect the wheels/chassis/axle together. Here's a shot with my Vactor 2100 and Wildland Ultra XT 6x6
  12. Hi all, Please see my Servo Showdown Entry! Decided to MOC a Corner Modular Service Station - but want it to be a Neutral Brand... hence calling it a Brandless Servo Station! This is my Entry into the Servo Showdown Competition and do let me have your feedbacks! Did up using my remaining bricks and no bricklink. NIght Shot followed by Day shot. Some other views and close up shots! As most of the entries are Non Corner modular in nature, decided to do a modular Service station. It comes complete with a auto carwash, store and a mechanic garage for car repair! Trying to squeeze all in the 32x32 stud wide baseplate. Used the car from the city transport corner set and the mechanic figure from the CMF series. Hope you like this entry! Bigger photos at this link: