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Found 7 results

  1. narbilu

    [KG - B09] Deeper Grounds

    Maian 3815 Serium B09 - deeper grounds After a thorough search of the shallow waters of Serium, myself and Fey swapped our landing vehicle for a more suitable vessel to travel the greater oceans. We searched the coastline of the small sandbanks, before taking our ship to deeper grounds. We were no three minutes out, when our scanners went beserk. I suited up and went overboard, when no live was spotted in a miles radious. The bottom was still not far from the waves, so I could explore the surface with the ship within handsrange. I swam south, Fey following my lead on the water, until I froze. I was face to face what seemed to be a statue. Serium once had, or still has, some form of civilazed species. Hopefully not the size and jaws the statue shows. They also valued awesomnium, because this statue was placed right before a large vain, scaring off anyone trying to get near the crater. Fey reported still no living creatures near, so we extracted some of the awesomnium to test its purity. After confirmation, I placed a beacon so the miners could track the vain. Another successful mission. Serium proves very resourceful for Kawashita Group.
  2. narbilu

    [K - B09] Shallow Waters

    Serium B09 - Shallow Water Maian 3815 Everything seems to develop in a proper speed on Orinshi, our help is necessary elsewhere. So the Collition sets to the adjacent system of Serium. Inside the flagship figs run around preparing for the first official scout mission. Brazer sits in the operation room with Narbilu, discussing the first target. When they reach the orbit of the oceaan covered planet, the Collition halts. Narbilu and Fey readied the Renegade and left the Collition to orbit Serium. The craft hovered over large oceans for hours before the scanner showed some sort of surfaced land. When Fey spotted a small sandbank she decended to a height where both would be able to see what was beneath them. Narbilu opened the bar to exit the Renegade after checking the surface for hardness. The ground feels like regular sand and a first glymps doesn't show any from of life. Narbilu took out his scanner to check the content of the surroundings. It revealed a small amount of awesomnium in some craters in the shallow waters. A closer look revealed the veins were visible and easy to mine. When Narbilu wanted to enter the water, a large black snake-like creature surfaced from burrows between the awesomnium. Fey jumped out to pull back Narbilu. Both watched the animals for an hour and study them. Fortunately the creatures seem harmless. They appear more visious than they are. This will be a great planet for our miners. Although they need own supplies to survive.
  3. Dragonfire

    [K - B09] First Steps

    Mission Log: Entry 1 ~ We landed successfully on one of Serium's many islands this morning. Leaving the crew with our pod, I set off to find the location of the beacon that we had dropped onto the planet's surface two days ago. Its analysis showed us that the atmosphere was non-toxic and we could land on solid ground. It's an extraordinary place- the islands are slanted, gradually sloping into the sea. The sandy beaches give way to grassy land, covered in strangely shaped plants and weeds. There is evidence of an alien civilisation milennia ago from the remnants of walls now sunken into the sand. Only one animal seen so far - a Slyri, a species of sea snake unique to Serium. The beacon is just in sight - I should reach it within the hour...
  4. Commander Turtle, Operative Q here. When you are done delivering those tanks, there are more ready for you. (This is my first LDD MOC, so please be gentle. :) EDIT: I've now uploaded the complete rendered picture. More pics below.)
  5. Location: B09 - Serium Tags: Spaceship / Airplane / Submarine, Exploration. Log #001 – 20 Maian 3815 I have been sent with a group of scuba hunters from Kawashita Group HQ to inspect Serium's seabed upon closer. The scuba hunters are experienced divers and they'll escort me. You'll never know what kind of vicious deepsea predators show up. However, there's nothing but planes of sand, varied with seaweed and rocks. The rocks vary in size and texture, but they all have a stub end. I haven't find any creature unlike Narbilu, one of our explorers yet. The strange seaweed Mister S. spoke of is rather plane from the looks of It. However, It seems they're moving on their own when I approach them from only a few meters. No idea If they're hostile, they haven't grabbed nor harmed any of my scuba hunters yet. Now the good part: The ocean floor has to offer us a lot of Awesomnium. Only problem is, It's rather deep to mine out. I guess we'll have to dig deep in the deep waters... But I'm sure the Kawashita Group will have no problem with that. In the end, we can do everything, thanks to our advanced technology. More information and pictures under the 'spoiler' tag:
  6. Kawashita Engineer's Log - AC - B09 Serium I've arrived on Serium with my construction team shortly after Mister S' and Narbilu's teams arrived. Both teams took differing areas of the planets to scout round to begin with to maximise the amount of the data that can be gathered in the first few hours of arrival. We've landed our construction crew near to where Mister S first landed for now and have begun construction here. This particular small desert island has a decent amount of space for initial construction and is nice and level which will make creating foundations for structures easier. A good choice for centering land based construction, although a number of floating platforms will be required. First things first though, with the large bodies of water and few islands, there's a distinct lack of landmarks to navigate by, so we've begun by assembling a Navigation and Comms Beacon on the sand. The mast is a little bulky looking for what antennas and sensor arrays are currently mounted on the top, but it should be more stable on this surface and will save complete replacement when more arrays are added later. Not sure how well the relay cabinet will cope in this heat. May need more ventilation, but we don't want too much sand getting into the works. It should be okay for a while though.
  7. Voice Log of Mister S: "Serium - B09. Kawashita command finally issued orders for my team to ship out to Serium. The planet seems to be a paradox of extremes. Hot, dry and parched islands or cold, deep oceans are the only terrains we have scanned on this planet. We and our supplies were dropped off on the coast of one of the islands and the assembly bots began putting together a floating platform for us to begin mining operations. Initial scans detected Awesomnium only in areas covered by water, so I took one of our scout boats to map out the sea bed to find the best spot to set up our operations. I have yet to encounter a living organism other than the strange seaweed that grows on the seabed. Strange."