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Found 9 results

  1. The Stygian Caldera Society Faction: The Stygian Caldera Society Faction Leader: Darth Bjorn Members: @TheRiddlersMind, @Brickwolf, @Macropus, @Bucketheadbricks, @Southern Creator Faction pseudonyms: SCS, The Stygian Society, The Stygian Syndicate, and The Stygian Remnant. Affiliation: Neutral Headquarters/Capital: Galidraan (R6) Systems: Centares (R7), Columex (R6), The Wheel (R7), Trogan (R7), Vinsoth (N5), Ciutric (N5), Abafar (N5), Toprawa (P5) Sectors: Vorzyd sector, Maldrood sector Grid: N5, R7 Description The Stygian Caldera Society (SCS) was a shadowy syndicate led by the former Imperial Advisor, Lord Eniro Hassat. Publicly, the organisation dealt in corporate manufacturing, technology, research and engineering, and was involved in business across the galaxy. In reality, however, the faction was an occultist crime syndicate run by a group of powerful bureaucrats, building on a substantial portion of the remnants of the Imperial Department of Military Research. Buried in secrecy, layers of bureaucracy, and corporate masquerades, the Stygian Caldera Society was devoted to studying the dark side, and experimenting with the occult. Most of the society’s directive was initiated by Emperor Palpatine himself, but with the increase of high ranking imperial officers dabbling in the occult, the society’s focus shifted towards weaponising dark powers, gaining influence and wealth across the galaxy. History The Stygian Society is a fairly young organization, but it’s dark ideology and sinister agenda is as old as the Sith Order. Organization The Stygian Caldera Society is a collective of departments and subsidiaries, ruled by the ‘Inner Circle’ of the Stygian Caldera Society. Some departments are closely woven into the Society, working directly towards the Society’s agenda. Others have representatives in the inner circle, but act independently, following occasional orders and directives. THE INNER CIRCLE The Inner Circle is the governing entity of the Stygian Caldera Society. This cabal is shrouded in secrecy, and is exclusively for initiated members. The inner circle has its own internal ranks, but is ruled through an iron fist by the four lords, and the overlord. IMPERIAL DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY RESEARCH The Stygian Caldera society naturally formed around a large portion of Imperial Department of Military Research operations overseen by Lord Eniro Hassat, and consolidated under Dr. Obulon’s leadership. The operations of the department included the Maw Installation, The Acolyte Program, Project Harvester, Project Starscream, some projects from the Tarkin Initiative, and the Dark Trooper Program. Other projects were even more secretive, dabbling in dark sciences, the unnatural, and occult. The department also held volumes of information on other Imperial research projects across the galaxy. With the increasing interest in the occult, the department was often referred to as the Imperial Cabinet of Madness. You might find yourself as a lead scientist or engineer working on a highly classified project, trying to unearth the secrets of wicked artifacts, or collect subjects for your experiments. Or, you might be travelling the galaxy, as an archeologist, searching for lost relics in ancient ruins. STYGIAN SOCIETY DEVOTEES With so many operations conflicting with the Galactic Concordance, the society had grown a substantial network of specialized agents, and devotees, to lead highly secretive operations. Navigating the shadows of the occult and criminal underworld required a special breed of operative. You may find yourself as a former Special Forces agent, carrying out covert missions for the society. Or you could be a Relic Hunter scouring the galaxy for powerful Sith artifacts, vital for some cult ritual. ARMED FORCES, INTELLIGENCE, AND SECURITY The consolidation of research operations incorporated several ISB departments, and armed forces, under the society’s leadership. These forces were responsible for safeguarding imperial interests, and would continue to do so for the SCS. In addition to safeguarding activities and assets, the SCS was also joined by various local law-enforcement agencies, on worlds loyal to the SCS. You might find yourself as a special forces operative, agent or an intelligence officer reporting to Lord Amus, leader of the SCS Intelligence, and CrimSec. You could also be reporting to one of the Imperial Officers, among the ranks of the more classically trained armed or naval forces. Or, you could be an elite member of one of the many local law-enforcement units, loyal to the SCS. OTHER AFFILIATIONS, DEPARTMENTS, AND SUBSIDIARIES Territory The heart of the Stygian Caldera Society stretches from Centares in the Maldrood sector, northwards past Columex to the Thanium sector. However, this region is not controlled by occupation, but rather through influence and political loyalty. In general the Stygian Caldera does not conquer worlds, as much as it infects, and manipulates systems into submission. Outside the Stygian society’s heartlands, locations are scattered all across the galaxy, and include research outposts, archeological sites. occult enclaves, and other sinister facilities. Assets Frequently Asked Questions HOW DO I JOIN? Send an application in PM to faction leader @Darth Bjorn, building your case for, why you are a perfect fit for the Stygian Caldera Society. WHAT SHOULD MY BUILDS LOOK LIKE?As a faction rising from the ashes of the Imperial Department of Military Research, your builds could be inspired by imperial aesthetics. The Stygian Caldera Society is a villainous faction, meaning that a sinister, and dark undertone in your builds are highly encouraged. WHERE CAN I BUILD? The Stygian Caldera Society is more about small secretive enclaves and outposts, than a massive territory. That means that the SCS is scattered across the galaxy, with a few permanent strongholds. Above you will find a map of sectors, systems and hyperlanes accessible to the faction. You are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn Influence Points (IP = System Control) for the faction. Members of the Stygian Caldera Society can build in any system, where the faction has control or a presence (red regions, grids, and systems). Members can also build on any system along the red hyperlanes.
  2. TheRiddlersMind


    securing sith artifacts on mustafar by Tom, on Flickr
  3. In order to secure the society’s activities in the Kessel sector, the alliance with the pykes was invaluable. The pykes had worked with the empire before, and they seemed open to this partnership as long as it was profitable. Deep in the workers district of Oba Diah, the slick manager of the Maw Installation is meeting with the head of Benru Logistics… Tol Sivron: I’m certain my master will be pleased. This new deal, doubling the amount of freighters. It should bring us back on schedule. And, as promised I bring you a sample of compound S-zero. I assure you, the compound is more effective than we hoped. Sy Benru: Tell your master, we are pleased with this deal. With this compound our spice will be untraceable. The New Republic will not be able to stop our shipments to the inner rim. DATA ENTRY /// I wish I had more time to expand on this. I really wanted it to be a 32x32 moc, but time-vs-reward made me stick with a limited cut-section build. Let me know what you think - there's a lot of smaller details in here that I hope you notice - will add more photos I think. See below.
  4. *Your entry has scored 21XP* Some time later on Ossus… Agent Amus: Colonel. You should set up camp here, while the reapers recon the library. The remaining reapers and I will secure the library perimeter, and let you know when you can join us. Col. Augis: Very well sir. I may as well examine the surrounding shrines, and the subterranean anomaly we detected three clicks west of here. Captain! Let’s set up camp here, and secure the area. I’ll be in the lab. A closer look at the heavy combat assault tank TX-250 GAVw "Conqueror" (or "Guardian") Excerpt from Agent Amus log: During a Triumvirate mission to Rothana, Reaper Squad uncovered a forgotten imperial storage complex, with several Conqueror tanks. Such a beautiful machine should not be forgotten nor wasted. I will see to it, that these will be put to better use under my watch. A closer look at the TX-250 GAVw "Conqueror" carrying a trooper carrier module, retrofitted as a field laboratory unit. The lab is equipped with advanced scanners and sensors able to detect otherwise hidden parts of ancient ruins. The lab also contains state-of-the-art analysis equipment for relics and artifacts. /// This was a really fun vehicle to build - and imagine how this bigger model wasn't as popular as the smaller TX-225 seen in Rogue One. The snot frame turned out to be a little tricky, but I managed to make it robust enough to click in the interchangeable modules. Below are a lot more shots - I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  5. *Your entry has scored 17XP* Onboard the Talistar, an old restored Vakbeor-class cargo frigate, on the edge of the Maw system, en route to the top secret Maw Installation… Dr. F'hobo Gil: Doctor! We are down to twenty-three zztable, thirty viable, and we have lozzt more than 70 perzzent of this generazzion. By my calculazzionzz we'll have lezzzz than ten perzzent of the zzubjectzz left! Dr. Cydric: Colonel! We need to dock immediately! We’ve already lost too many embryos! This ship is not made for transporting our sensitive equipment! Col. Varas: Stand down! This is Maw space! We need to follow maximum security protocols, before we can dock… Our transport has gotten us this far without unwanted attention - sit tight and await my orders! Dr. Cysdric: DO YOU EVEN FATHOM WHAT’S AT STAKE HERE!! Col. Varas: EASY DOCTOR! I have my orders from the top. You better see to your science experiment, and I’ll let you know when we can unload your… tube-things… Dr. Cysdric sighed, and turned away… Dr. Cysdric: …you will regret this… Col. Varas: I already am! /// My first scene to show the more sciency side of the Stygian Society activities. I love how the embryo chambers turned out. Labs definitely offer a great opportunity for lots of fun little SW props. Below are a few more shots. Let me know what you think.
  6. *Your entry has scored 5XP* Rhen var... a inhospitable planet. The frozen barren dunes the high cliffs the bone chilling wind who would want to live here. taskforce leviathan was ordered to secure valuable sith and jedi artefacts for lord hassat. we sent down a initial research party to make are way into the temple we stumbled on a meditation chamber that the jedi used you could feel the earyness in here . We was ordered to track down any holocrons and wayfinders or valuable artefacts that were in hiding within the temple. mission on Rhen var by Tom, on Flickr Detailed shot. without minifigs by Tom, on Flickr Fallen troopers of the past. more photos of the mission to Rhen var moc by Tom, on Flickr
  7. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Months had passed since Lord Hassat had returned, and claimed his family estate on Galidraan. Ever since the collapse of the Empire, the remaining noble houses of Galidraan had been fighting each other for the right to rule. A fight Lord Hassat had no intention of taking part in. His attention was elsewhere, offworld. He would deal with Galidraan later. Agent Ira: Lord Hassat. We've accessed the third imperial vaults, and found lots of mandalorian armor. Enough for an entire army. I'm guessing it's been stored there since the Battle of Galidraan? Lord Hassat: Make sure this doesn't get out. And get the armor offworld. Somewhere secure! Agent Ira: Understood. TC-4: My L-l-lord. The g-g-guests*ttzzz* have arrived and are wait*...*ing in the Foyer Hall. Lord Hassat: Let them wait. Sometime later... Lord Hassat: We're ready to begin the next phase. Each of you have received a code cylinder with information instrumental to the society's plans. Do not let us down. /// A little peek into one of Lord Eniro Hassat's many office chaimbers. I was going for a medieval old german castle feeling, like wolfenstein etc. Below are a few more shots. Let me know what you think.
  8. *Your entry has earned 20 XP* From left to right: A male Kyuzo crimelord, with ties to several occult dealings of the Stygian Caldera Society A former imperial officer (now SCS devotee), consumed by his obsession with the dark side. He is not force sensitive himself, but the prolonged exposure to Sith relics has deformed and possessed his bodily remains. A female Mirialan countess and high standing member of the Stygian Caldera Society A devoted SCS member, and imperial officer kept alive by his cybernetics A former imperial science commander, that suffered a terrible accident during an experiment. Now he has become a living SCS experiment himself. A notorious doctor working for the SCS on the Maw Installation A Stygian Caldera Society commander and emissary ' From left to right: A female Miralan scientist, working for the Imperial Department of Military Research, now taken over by the Stygian Caldera Society. Two scientist working on top secret dark-science projects for the Stygian Caldera Society. A Major General of the Imperial Department of Military Research, now serving the Imperial Consortium and the SCS, that has put body to his own experiments. A high ranking officer of the Imperial Consortium, overseeing science projects in collaboration with the SCS. Imperial Consortium colonel (science officer, same rank as Galen Erso from R1) Another Imperial Consortium officer devoted to dark science From left to right: A Dark Covenant devotee, and pledgeling of eternal bondage Former Jedi, and Follower of the Force, now hiding in the outer rim A red witch of Dathomir, and servant of the Dark Covenant A cultists of the Dark Covenant A force-sensitive Tolothian female, and Follower of the Force. She has devoted herself to rid her lush homeworld of all Imperials. A handmaiden of the Crimson Dutchess - a leading member of the Stygian Caldera Society From left to right: A Follower of the Force eternal wanderer, and collector Three Imperial Knights of the Pentastar Alignment Another Dathomirian witch, and servant of the Dark Covenant A legendary Mando'ade battle mage (may be extinct) /// Alright, this was a bigger one - also going to be the last one for me. I may flesh out the back stories a little better. Now I need to pick 16, to go on my CMF poster! 😅 Let me know what you think?
  9. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* From left to right: Mando'ade Lore Guardian: These lone wolves among the Mandalorians devote themselves to hunting and preserving the lore of their ancestors. Mando'ade Relic Hunter: A Mandalorian bounty hunter specialised in tracking down ancient artefacts and relics. Bounty Hunter and Archaeologist hired by the Stygian Caldera Society: Think old Indiana Jones working for the bad guys. Relic Hunter Ronin hired by the Stygian Caldera Society: Inspired by the protagonist from Star Wars Visions Ep. 1, The Duel. A ruthless lightsaber-wielding bounty/relic hunter employed by a mysterious sponsor in the leadership of the Stygian Caldera Society. Imperial Consortium miner: Inspired by the mine workers seen in the Imperial Facility on Morak in the Mandalorian S1E7. These miners was put to work on hundreds of mining worlds and colonies in the Imperial dominion. My take on another faction in the Star Wars galaxy. Members of the Scrappers Guild, operating on Bracca, seen in the Bad Batch, and Jedi: Fallen Order. Fron left to right: Rodian crew supervisor, Rodian welder, Hazard Zone welder, Pantoran foreman, Neimoidian cutter, Scrap runner, Gran welder, Sullustan engineer. /// I'm a fan of the smaller gritty factions of the Star Wars universe. The scrappers guild on Bracca, is brilliant world-building, and I'd love to do more with these sometime. Let me know what you think.