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Found 11 results

  1. You might have seen the new shop@home promotion in the newest store calendar of this month. Although you would think that this will mean the whole world can get this promotion, it seems only Canada and the States can get it... Is this a part of the store errors maybe? Even the UK cant get this promotion. Instead, there is a weird small set with a piece of cardboard And if this is the intention, when will Europe get the promotion?
  2. May The 4th S&H Offers This arrived in the post today, full details below. Main terms and conditions 'LEGO Star Wars Poster 2015 (5004591) offer is valid for orders online at, in LEGO Stores and LEGO Catalogue telephone orders from 2nd May to 9th May 2015, or while stocks last. Qualifying purchase must be Star Wars merchandise only. One LEGO Star Wars Poster per household. LEGO Star Wars Admiral Yularen (5002947) offer is valid for orders online at LEGO com/shop, in LEGO Stores and LEGO Catalogue telephone orders from 2nd May to 9th May 2015, or while stocks last. Qualifying purchase must be equal to or greater than £50 in Star Wars merchandise only. One LEGO Star Wars Admiral Yularen (5002947) per household....' Cheers, Robin
  3. I was wondering how many of you fans go to the trouble of posting a product review on the S@H site? I have only done a few personally, but am getting more interested in doing it. I think the more feedback Lego gets, assuming they read it, is a good thing. I also used to not really read any of the reviews, but again, am becoming more interested in what everyone thinks of something they wanted and then bought. A lot of them are not worth much, the one line type reviews. I find it useful to see the ages and country the reviewers are from, puts attitudes into context a little more. Something its hard to judge on Eurobricks where you can hide all that information. Reviews can be voted upon as well there, thumbs up or down if you agree or disagree with the review. I personally only vote on a few here and there. I was wondering too if you posted a review on there and then added a photo. I have tried doing that twice, and as far as I know, followed the guidelines and have yet to have a photo actually be added to the reviews... Strange that there are a few customer photos here and there, but they all seem pretty much identical to the official photos used for a set. Maybe there is just a huge time lag for things being posted...I don't know.
  4. talos

    Swamp Police or else

    Well, I was looking around on the USA S@H site the last few days, and something suddenly occurred to me. There were no 'Police' sets at all. Only the new 'Swamp Police' sets, and the small accessory blister pack. The regular police set was not to be found. The only way it appears, far as I have found, is if I do a set number search for it, then it appears, and is available to buy. Is this some sort of manipulation to steer customers to only the newest sets? Strange. Also, there are 4 pages of sets to look at by just clicking through the City Theme, but the last 2 and a half pages are all 'Sold Out' sets!
  5. I am curious how everyone uses their VIP Points when they collect enough to use them on new purchases. For me, I have been saving them up, not using them on every purchase. Lately, I use enough at one time to pay for the tax on what I am ordering. I want to save some for later, in case there is something else I want to buy. For me, I have to pay tax of 9%, and that can be a big chunk of change if I get something pricey. Do most people blow all of the points at once, or do you just use part of them at one time? Curious!
  6. Ok, I cannot help notice that again, tons of sets that have sold out and are no longer available have sprouted sale prices that I know were never actually offered (USA S@H). Take for example the set 'Town Hall' (10224) which sold out this past fall. I know it never was sold at a discount price, yet now, in just the last few days shows on the S@H site as being discounted from the regular price of $199.99 to a 'sale price' of $179.98. I look nearly every day for sales and the availability of sets, and know it never went for a discount. I find this very deceptive. Or perhaps I am missing something, is there some hidden way of getting things for a discount not known to the general population? Is it some marketing ploy? Enquiring mind wants to know...haha!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of this: the various images for LEGO sets on the official LEGO shopping site (S@H) - are they photographs of actual builds done in a studio, or renders, or some combination? How much photoshopping or modifications are done? What type of illumination is used - tungsten, halogen, or other. These are likely to be some of the best images obtainable for LEGO sets, with excellent details, good control of highlights and shadow areas. Would be nice to know some of the process that went into making these official images, as this would help the rest of us get better images also.
  8. Hi i just wondering if anyone else has ordered from the Lego S@h (Shop at home) website and how long your order took to arrive in Australia. I ordered a set on the 03rd of June (qualified for standard free shipping) and it still hasn't arrived. Is it normal for packages from S@H to take over 20 days to arrive? The tracking i number i have says Fri 06 Jun 2014 15:35 Shipping information received by Australia Post. If i knew it would take this long i would have bought it from gumtree or Ebay for an extra $30 and got it two weeks ago. Just another Nail in the coffin for my hatred of all things Lego in Australia.
  9. I know this is maybe a bit late, but when looking at the Technic sets, I noticed something weird in the description of 42008: When a vehicle is stranded, make the rescue with the heavy-duty LEGO® Technic Service Truck with tons of realistic powered functions. Activate the included LEGO Power Functions features to extend the rear outriggers or extend and raise the fully adjustable crane arm into position. Then lower the hook with the working winch, unfold the rear wheel lift and load a vehicle to tow. This awesome 2-in-1 Service Truck also features 8 wheels, all-wheel drive and hydraulic lifting element. It’s just like the real thing! Rebuilds into a truck with a crane that can raise and lower, grabber, outriggers and detachable trailer. As we all know, this is very true to what you actually get in real life, just like the 42005: Features extreme 4-wheel suspension, all-wheel drive, flame detailing and monster-size wheels! This 2-in-1 model features 4-wheel suspension, all-wheel drive steering, flame detailing and monster-size rubber tires! What the megablucking hell is all-wheel drive steering? Whatever it is, I think 42009 has it too: Also includes a rotating superstructure, 8-wheel drive, 5 axles, 10 wheels and a detailed V8 motor with moving pistons. Really, LEGO, what the heck? Hydraulics? All-wheel drive? I'm a bit disappointed. TLH
  10. I start this thread not to mess 41999 review or 2h2013 threads anymore. What we know so far*: 1. Placing a first order ever in S@H triggers extended procedure of payment verification - and in effect it delays shipping 2. "Backtracked" order status means that you will (almost for sure - but I do not know every case) receive your set after 22nd of August - then the second batch will be ready for shipping 3. If you have placed an order in the morning or later - when the "Out of stock" information was already there - there is a high possibility that you will not get your set - you need to verify this by calling Customer Support and giving them your order number 4. Lego employees are manually verifying every order - and they started at 7am (1st of August) - so number of sets left for potential "daylight"/"next day" buyers is not yet known. *Based on few emails to Customer Support, one call and experience of other buyers - might not be an objective and unquestionable truth Please feel free to spam this thread with your questions, case descriptions - share your knowledge to help and comfort your fellow 41999 fans :)
  11. I just wanted to compare the price in for different regions. Poland: 799 PLN ~= 250 USD ~= 188.45 EUR