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Found 3 results

  1. Concerning volcanoes and hot water springs Log of Fernando de la Izquierda : May the 10th 618 : Arlinsport, Tiberia. "We arrived in The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy of Corrington just a month after we received their kind invitation. The commitee asked me to present our first conclusions concerning the discovery of a volcano mouth and hot water springs along a river near Jameston. Of course, it is a privilege to be welcomed here and the pressure upon my shoulder is high. I hope this presentation will be a success..." Log of Fernando de la Izquierda, after the presentation : "I was very well welcomed by the chairman Don Isaac Montoya himself, and I saw Dirk Allcock sitting at the first rank. It was impressive to see the best scientists of our time listening my topographic survey and they seemed interested in my final conclusion speaking about a possible thermal spot we could exploit near Jameston... I was very pleased to see that those gentlemen were very open minded and ready to help me develop on this point. I will probably finally find a good way to finance my project here !"
  2. Esteemed colleagues of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, It has been my privilege to spend the last few months in the majestic city of Myzectlan on the Isle of Cascadia. There is much here to interest the society, and indeed I have been able to devote some of my time to a study of the large feline species for which the island is known. I have attached some sketches with some preliminary notes for your review. I have identified what I believe are three unique species of cat, although I suspect that two are probably the same species, or at least a sub-species. Further study will be required on this point. I will begin with the two cats that I believe are endemic to the region. Firstly, there is the jaguar. This species is similar to the leopard of the old world, although the examples I have sighted appear larger and heavier and their behavioural and habitat characteristics more closely resemble those of the tigers found in the Mokolei Empire. Next is the panther, which like the panthers of the old world I suspect to actually be jaguars born without the distinctive spotted patterns and to have a uniform black coat. Lastly is the rarest but perhaps most interesting of the big cats, the tiger. Larger and more aggressive than the native jaguars and panthers, Myzec legend says this cat is not endemic to the island, but was introduced by traders from the west at the height of the feline cult that was perhaps ultimately responsible for the decline of their civilisation. I strongly suspect the examples I have seen are indeed introduced species, probably introduced from the Mokolei Empire hundreds of years ago. This theory if proven would indicate the Myzec parent civilisation were strong sailors and traders, and that contact between the New World and old pre-dated recent discoveries. ------------------------------------ Full MOCs: I had a heap of BoBS stuff I was meant to build on the weekend, but instead got distracted with something a bit different. I've been wanting to show off my cats, and as Dirk is about to leave Cascadia, decided that if he was ever going to produce a scientific paper, now should probably be the time! Enjoy!
  3. P1040038 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr Above: Queen Annetta reads her proclamation to an invited audience in the Great Audience Chamber of the Palace of Belson. Admiral Woodbrose, Minister for the Colonies, gives support. A Royal Proclamation for the Re-establishment of Certain Learned Societies Whereas in the time of our late grandfather, King Arlin the First, of blessed memory, certain societies were founded for the discovery and propagation of all kinds of knowledge and learning, and whereas in late years these societies have fallen into abeyance and decay, and whereas in recent months divers of our worthy subjects have petitioned for the restoration of these societies, therefore we have resolved this day to re-charter, re-launch and re-establish these said societies. P1040060 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr As our great Empire of Corrington is even now expanding into previously unknown seas, with new islands being added to our realm almost daily, it is our desire that the noble arts of discovery and exploration receive due recognition and encouragement. Therefore we declare that the body previously known as the Fraternity of Nautical Science shall henceforth carry the title 'The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery' as a mark of our favour and approval. And moreover, we do hereby decree that any subject of the Crown of Corrington who makes a worthy expedition of discovery by land or sea shall be acknowledged by the striking of a medal of commemoration, the firing of a 21 cannon salute at our palace, the declaration of a public half holiday, and the granting of a reward of 5 doubloons from our Royal treasury. P1040056 by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr And moreover, we have long and fully resolved with ourself to extend not only the boundaries of the Empire, but also the very arts and sciences. Therefore we look with favour upon all forms of learning, but with particular grace we encourage philosophical studies, especially those which by actual experiments attempt either to shape out a new philosophy or to perfect the old. In order, therefore, that such studies, which have not hitherto been sufficiently brilliant in any part of the world, may shine conspicuously amongst our people, we declare that the body previously known as the Society of Natural Philosophy henceforth carry the title 'Royal Society of Natural Philosophy' as a mark of our favour and approval. In due course we intend to favour further learned societies, some long established and some new, and we await with interest the petitions of those amongst our subjects who wish to contribute to this endeavour. Given under our sign and seal this 29th day of April in the 616th year After Empire at our Royal palace of Belson, Annetta Regina [This is my first proper architectural MOC for BoBS, and ironically Hawksbrugh can't claim any credit for it! I know its not quite up to Gideon's standard, but why should Oleon have all the best palaces? The build was inspired by The Hall of St George at the Winter Palace, St Petersburg; the basic scheme is unchanged, but I have altered the dimensions to suit the Lego columns...and I didn't have enough gold bits, or a bas-relief statue of St George! I visited it when I was 14, but don't remember much]