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Found 11 results

  1. zeronthegreat

    Roller Coaster Diorama

    I did a thing --- well, doin'
  2. Hey everyone, additionally to my illuminated Lego city "Bricksonville", I started to build an amusement park this year, also completely illuminated and motorized. Here I would like to present you the first part in a video. In the near future there will be a lot going on. :)
  3. Hey, I was working on a roller coaster last year and finished most of the ride. Since I somehow lost interest in it, I decided to show you the progress so far before I dismantle everything. I'd like to point out that I cut some coaster track pieces for this MOC, see here! Poor LEGO pieces, I hope you can enjoy the coaster nevertheless. The whole coaster is built on two 48x48 baseplates. The coaster is 76 bricks high. To cramp everything onto two baseplates, I used a very steep ramp using customised pieces. Click for a VIDEO For the dive, I used two curved pieces as proposed by others. The big looping consists of unmodified lower ramp pieces, while the steep curve was built of modified ramp pieces (see above): The white platform was decorated with some shiny pieces by my 5-year-old daughter. ^^ For the two smaller loops, I used standard curves, a technique similar to the dive section depicted previously. The chains used for the ramp had to be diverted to work. Still, the chains do not run as smoothly as desirable but most of the time they are doing their job. For the upper part of the ramp, I again used modified parts. Obviously, I did not achieve optimum results but it works. Also, I'd like to share a 100% legal version of the double looping which was not depicted in the previous pictures. It reminds me of the large hadron collider: You can find more photos in the flickr album. I hope you enjoyed it.
  4. I have just came up with the idea of building a stage lighting gantry out of straight/curved roller coaster track (as seen on 70922 Joker Manor for example) I wonder if anything with a 'clip holder' (e.g. 4085 can attach to the central cross-members between the rails?
  5. After some days of "try and error", I finally have a first motorized working version of the Joker Manor's Roller Coaster Here you are a picture of the modification: Of course there is room for improvement, but actually it works quite well. Now I have to do some make-up
  6. wingyew29

    [MOC] Heartlake Park

    This moc is part of the FRIENDS Display (Theme Park) on the upcoming Build Your LEGO Christmas Event at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (at Malaysia) from 9th to 20th November 2016. It consists of 24pcs of 32x32 baseplate, which is my biggest solo moc up to now. This is definitely a very challenging task for myself, which I only have about 5weeks of time to complete this. (average 2-3hrs a day). One of the major attractions on this moc is this Friends Roller Coaster ride, which took up more than half of the size on this work. The most challenging part on this ride is the limited type of the blue track which is available. It only have 2 types of track, ramp up/down and a single size of curve track. In order to design a roller coaster ride which is looks “fun” and realistic, I’ve spent more than 3nights just to complete the draft structure of this track’s design out. Hopefully the outcome is not too awful. Besides on that, there is also an extended version of Ferris Wheel from the existing Friends set, Space shot, and also the Spinner ride which built by the great builder, Denil Oh. Below is the details photos. Comment and suggestion are welcome. Regards, WingYew (Malaysia) FULL ALBUM -> IMG_6751_edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6763_edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6779_Edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6780_Edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6781_Edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6799_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6805_edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6813_edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr IMG_6834_Edited_Watermark by WingYew, on Flickr
  7. Hello there! We just finished filming our new roller coaster. We're very happy with the result! I'll post some 'how we did it' videos or images in the near future. What do you think?? Cheers!
  8. Hello everybody, I'd like to show you my new big MOC, presented at the Italian ITlug fest last weekend, in Lecco. It is a working roller coaster, build up using the "roller coaster factory" system. The roller coaster is called "Space Oddity" as a tribute to the great song, and it represent a bad-ending space travel, with initial ramp up to the faraway planets and the fast crash with two space shuttles crashed on foreing planets. The entrance building represent the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, the front wall can be easily take out to llok inside. Hope you like: Bye Teazza
  9. Hello, I have recently come across Coaster Dynamix's Roller Coaster Factory system which is compatible with LEGO. I would really like to get my hands on at least one of these products. They are sold out, but I was wondering if anyone knew where resellers were selling these still. If not, I was wondering if anyone had any alternative ideas for a roller coaster system that was similar. I would be wiling to use non Lego elements however I want to keep it the same size as the coaster dynamix track, which is roughly 3-4 studs wide I believe
  10. Teazza

    MOC: Roller coaster

    Hi everybody! At the moment I'm working at a new big MOC: a roller coaster. Now I've completed the "technical" part, the track is ok and it's working. The MOC is based on the "unofficial" set Roller Coaster Factory, when it will be completed it will have complete decoration (the theme will be a bad ending space journey) and other elements typical from amusement parks like restaurants, shop and so on. Here are two videos showing the system working: Hope you like the idea! Any suggestion is welcome! Bye