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Found 8 results

  1. I build fully functional Battlebots replicas. This is an overview of my latest robot, a replica of Son of Whyachi.
  2. BrickCan 2019 ran a series of robot combat matches over the convention weekend. I present a 25 minute highlight reel of the fighting. It features 12 robots, many of which drew direct inspiration from the competitors from the Battlebots TV show. I've also included pictures of the competitors which competed. A basic summary of the rules: -Two pound weight limit -must fit in a 45x45x45 Lego stud box -Power controllers, receivers, batteries may be third party. Motors and all other parts must be must be Lego and unmodified. -Battlebox is 8' x 8', match time limit is 1:30. BrickCan Bots 2019: The Greatest Hits Axe to Grind Friend Zone
  3. So first off, thanks to everyone who voted for my entry in TC11! There were some amazing entries, so I'm very satisfied with 8th place. ^_^ As promised in my original topic, here's an upgraded version of THUMPER for you (complete with a much better video):
  4. When I heard Eurobricks was holding a contest to build combat robots, I knew I had to join and give it a shot. This is my attempt, THUMPER - a completely Power Functions-driven bot with a spinning disc capable of approximately 1500 revolutions per minute. I was originally going to build a version of the BattleBots competitor HyperShock and call it HyperSuck, but eventually I decided on two wheels rather than four, and the rest of the build grew from there. Unfortunately I have a serious lack of Technic panels, so the armour mostly comprises of Bionicle parts. Thanks for taking a look!
  5. Hi everyone, First off, I'll do a little introduction. Even though I've been a member for many years I've mainly just lurked in the shadows, probably because I've felt I don't have the time to build or the expertise to make a contribution. But there was something about this competition that has me really excited, and so far I've followed all of the participants closely. Then at the weekend when the first entries started being posted, I thought "what the heck, why not". So (if I manage to complete within the VERY short time frame I've allowed myself) this will be my first MOC in nearly six years and my first ever posted to this forum! I've been building for just four days now, but nevertheless, meet Mr Cuddles. The drive is already working, except I haven't worked out where the IR receivers are going yet. It is very dense and compact; a total of 15 box frames so far! The ground clearance is less that 0.5 studs to protect it from flipper bots. I eventually hope for it to have two large pincers/claws on the front, powered by the LAs, to grip the opponent. This is where the name Mr Cuddles comes from. Then when they are caught and can't escape, a hammer mounted on the top will smash them from above. Wish me luck!
  6. darkwomble

    Lego Robot Wars

    I know that Lego Robot Wars has been enacted in the past, by one or two people from what I have seen, but is there enough interest in the UK for me or someone else to organise a small competition? There is enough local interest (Gloucester area) to build an arena and get some competitors together and I just wondered if anyone else would fancy joining in? We've drafted some rules, mostly to do with weight, size and obeying the ref, and so I'm just putting the idea out there for others.
  7. I had been trying to build Hypnodisc of Robot wars fame when I realized that I could build it on a scale reasonably close to minifigure size by just using the Time Cruisers decoration for part 3960. However, I've noticed that LDD does not possess this in its list of decorations. I've heard that decorations can be downloaded and added to a part. If this is true, could someone please direct me to such a download (and a guide on how to apply it)? If this is not true, has anyone made such a decoration so that it can be applied according to this method?
  8. Hi to all! waiting to the sun to film the RC Dawnbreaker I've edited and posted an old video that I've made to test my battle bots: crab and scorpion. During the video me and my cousin were talking in italian but don't worry: i've added some subtitles just to translate our wisecracks ;) Some stats about the robots: GRANCHIO (crab) weight: 900g weapons: claws motors: 2 XL(wheels) 2L(claws) strengths: 4x4, can keep the ball weaknesses: (hardly) flippable SCORPIONE(scorpion) weight: 900g weapons: flipping arm motors: 2 M (wheels) 1 L (reloading winch) 1 old 9V (gearbox) strenghts: atomic-like powerful weapon, defensive/offensive weapon weaknesses: hard to control (really), low traction enjoy the video (likes and comments are welcome if you like it ;) )