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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everybody, I'd like to recolor some Bionicle pieces to make some 2003 style Matorans (Kongu, Tamaru, Onepu, Damek). However, because there are socket balls articulations involved, I thought it might be better to dye the parts instead of painting them. I've seen some videos about dyeing LEGO using Rit dye (this video was most helpful). I was wondering, though, if anybody ever made a guide on how to obtain results as close to the actual LEGO colors as possible (brands, ratio dye/water, timing etc). I'm mostly interested in Teal, Purple (the old one, prior to 2004) and Lime, but I think any information would be interesting for the community. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Does anyone happen to have a mirror of ED-209's decals? They were uploaded to photobucket and I can't seem to access them anymore? Does anyone have the decals saved? or access to an Imgur mirror or equivalent?
  3. This is a general topic for everyone to ask for help making a certain assembly in LDD. We have a topic like this for finding parts in LDD, so a topic for this would be useful too. [Hopefully, I can fill this first post with tips and tricks I can find in the forum in the next days/weeks.] Anyway, if you need to assemble something, you can ask here for help!
  4. I would like to request Mocs and instructions on here, because my god are there some amazing people on here, but is that allowed?
  5. Does anyone know where I can pay to have my face, torso, and leg designs printed? I know there are a couple sites who do it for an outrageous laughable price. I would be putting in a medium sized order, and repeating the orders too. Let me know if you are willing to do this, or know of someone! I would provide all of the parts and designs!
  6. ChrisPhilpot

    Request for help with Ford KA MOC

    The main reason I joined this forum was to ask for some advice with a MOC I have struggled with for months, on and off. Earlier this year, I picked up my first ever car: a blue Ford KA. I would like (well, love!) to build a minifig-scale version of my car, but my limited experience with MOCs means I don't know where to begin. I have tried many different approaches in LDD, from laying out the basic chassis and trying to build it up from there, to trying to get the look of a particular area of the car right, and then build around it. But it's been a no-go. Can you help? Ideally, I would love to have an LDD file of something similar in scale to this model; that's how I put together the modified VW camper I posted earlier today. Something like this would be an ideal starting point: Any useful files, or just tips and advice? I hope you can help this relative newbie!
  7. Hi all, My friend recently designed a model on LDD and asked me, with my not-so-vast technological knowledge to render the images for him. Sadly, I am currently using a shared computer and the admin has disabled any downloads. Thus, it is impossible for me to install POV-Ray and render the file. I was wondering if there's anyone online who could help me; I only need three simple POV-Ray renders (front, side, and back), nothing too fancy. This is my first post in this forum; Mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete this post! Thanks so much for your help! -AwesomeBantha Camera LDD.lxf
  8. Dear people of Eurobricks! I want to take part in the Eurobricks Heroica RPG and I am in need of a minifigure representing my Hero. I do not have the neccessary parts to create it on my own. As many people offered me to create it for me, I came up with the idea to make a public request. I ask you kindly to create my hero, based on the information I will give below. The background story is not done yet, but I will reveal as much as you'd need. To avoid people being angry about me, I want to make some points beforehead: I would like to see different versions of my Hero of different users. I will choose the minifigure I like the most. Please do not bother when I do not chose yours. I plan on making it on my own as soon as I have the required parts (which could be early 2013). Please do not bother when your version is vanished then. If you feel ok with the statements above, then please feel free to contribute your version(s) of my Hero! So here are her stats: Stigveladi ("Amma") Kötturin 247 years old female dwarven Cleric / Mage Level 1 Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 / 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 0 Equipment: hammer/mace/broomstick/staff / wand/staff/broomstick/dagger WP: 3 Inventory: Potion, Remedy, ?? Element As you can see, I am was not quite sure which Job Class to choose. Her outfit should fit to her Job class though, so you are free to think of one Job Class you would choose (I prefer Cleric and Mage at the moment). For the reference see this topic. So if you think another class would fit better, try it out -> Now chosen: Mage Some background info: Stigveladi Kötturin is a very old dwarf (dwarfs don't get much older than 250 years in general). Stigveladi is a female dwarf which is not quite common (only 1 in 3 dwarfs are female). Most people do not notice that a female dwarf is standing in front of them, as they appear almost like a male dwarf. Word has it that sometimes even male dwarfs do not recognize a female dwarf. Also, the dwarven community tries to protect their females, so that female dwarves do not appear in public very often. Stigveladi once was the well-known matriarch of the village she originally comes from. With raising age she became a very important person in her village and their leader. As nearly everyone was somehow related to her and as she was a very kind but still severe leader, everyone called her "Amma", which is like "grannie" in their language. But one day something happened and the whole village turned against her. She was banned from the village because of these events. After she had lived for long time on her own in the forests, learning more about the spirit of nature, she heard the news about Eubric and the gathering of heros up there. She decided to pack her back and join the mysterious forces of Heroica and see what adventures she will go through. If you have any questions about the character, feel free to ask. Otherwise get started and let me see what your tremendous minifigure collection can produce.