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Found 2 results

  1. paupadros

    [MOC] Erling Records

    Go crate-digging in the most famous record store in town! Hello everyone! This is not actually my MOC but my brother's. I'm so glad I finally managed to turn him (at least temporarily) to the dark side !! Anyway, I helped him around so it also counts. He was super hyped when he saw the "Music to our ears!" contest in Lego Ideas especially by the chance of a proposal becoming a set without the required 10.000 votes. He managed to create two entries in the given timeframe for it: a Jazz Club and this record store. The first entry was more of a warm-up to this second entry which is more refined and better. The main idea was to build a record store in a similar scale to this beautiful build by César Soares, somewhere in the miniland scale. He initially wanted to build it in minifigure scale, but I insisted in this larger, more unique scale to be able to add more details and to have an overall more impressive model. One of my inputs was building the main façade at an angle (for those who know me... who would've thought, right? ). We used the same technique used in the Ideas Friends Central Perk to angle the wedge plates. It works fabulously. Using such a back wall also enabled him to have a full exterior. I think this was such a good idea. The entry is reminiscent of the London Underground entrances by Leslie Green with the nice dark red tiling and blue signage. One of the aspects of the build I personally had most fun was doing the decorations for the posters on the walls. I came up with some of the ideas and puns. Billund Road, City of Brickminster... Erling Records itself... They're super fun. We also put a version of a 1980s Lego advert on the wall outside. Help us turn this idea into an official Lego set! Pau ___ PD: You can also view a full album here:
  2. Hey there it's finally time for me to present my second modular MOC, the Record Store: If this building seems oddly familiar, it' no surprise - it takes a lot of inspiration from cimddwc's outstanding Chima Trikes Store. Back when I started designing this building in LDD I asked him wether it would be ok to use his creation as inspiration, and he gave his consent. Thanks again, cimddwc! Some facts about this building: ~ 3550 pieces ~ 47cm height Designed in LDD between December 16th and December 31st, 2014 Piece aquisition and building during January 2015, one final BL order for some minor changes arrived last week. This is the second modular building I created. The first was my Hat Shop that I presented here roughly a year ago. During the last year, I built some more of the official modulars, including a bricklinked Blue Grocer and a customised Cafe Corner, both of which I enjoyed very much. Towards the end of the year, I got itchy to build something again. First I thought I'd get two copies of Detective's Office and mod them into something bigger, but in the end, I wanted to be more creative. I still don't have much of a collection of modern parts, so I gave LDD a try. Never having used LDD before, I decided to use an existing MOC as inspiration/starting point. Cimddwc's Chima Trikes Store was an obvious choice there, as for me it is one of the most memorable and iconic designs that were posted here in recent months. I also really liked the color scheme based around cool yellow, so I used that as well. You can find lots of buildings in similar colors in german cities. I quickly got the hang of LDD, the only thing that was frustrating at first was getting the rounded tower to work. I designed the principal building in roughly two weeks. I took care to check parts availability on those parts I wasn't sure existed in my wanted color, but still had to do some minor changes when I ordered the parts from bricklink. I aquired about 2700parts in 8 BL orders, the rest came from my existing collection. Some of the cool yellow parts I had to order from France, the rest I managed to get from sellers in Germany. But enough babble, let's take a closer look at the builing! There are a few additional pictures at flickr, also you can view higher resolution versions there: (That won't improve my mediocre photographing skills, though ) A back view. The building uses up almost the entire baseplate. The windows of the upper floors were one of two points where LDD fooled me. The original design that held up the 2x1 cheese slopes to either side of the windows was impossible to do in real life. Originally I had planned a different design for the door, but though it worked in LDD, it didn't work in real life. I changed it around a few times, and I'm quite satisfied with the final result. The ground floor features an old fashioned record store where you can buy vinyl LPs. You also can pre-listen to the albums in the store, something that was very common before the advent of the internet (there's still some shops that allow this, but there are much fewer record stores in general...). The walls are decorated with some musical instruments. I really wanted to get one or two of the black Flying V guitars, but they were imposiible to find at reasonable prices . Looking at the patron's and owner's haircuts makes me wonder if Al from Al's barber shop is a one trick pony... There's a small back office behind the door. As the whole desk area is covered by the stairs, I took a picture of it during building. The two upper floors contain an apartment each. Both feature an open floor design with a separate bathroom. First floor: The bathroom is pretty small, and in true Lego modular fashion, it misses a toilet: Second floor: The guy living on this floor propably is a customer of Al's aswell... Again, only a very small bathroom. But, thank god, he has a toilet! I guess he can visit the couple downstairs if he needs a shower, while in return they don't have to venture to the brown townhouse next to the Pet Shop or the Detective's Office when nature calls... The roof has a skylight above the kitchen/dining area. Finally, some comparison shots with other modulars. The roof of my Record Store is just about the same height as the righthand part of Green Grocer. I hope you enjoyed looking at my MOC! I sure had a lot of fun designing and building it!