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Found 4 results

  1. Bricky Dee Williams

    LEGO Harry Potter lot of 8 sets (2001-2004)

    This lot encompasses my collection of LEGO Harry Potter sets from 2001-2004. Included are 100% complete inventory -Hogwarts Castle (2nd Edition) -Slytherin -Quidditch Practice -Aragog in the Dark Forest -Hagrid’s Hut (2nd Edition) -Dobby’s Release and a 99% complete -Knockturn Alley (missing 3 pieces) -Harry and the Marauder’s Map (missing 1 piece). The minifgures included are in generally good condition, with some minifgures unfortunately missing. What you see is what you get; the 2 rarest minifgures, Professors Dumbledore and Trelawney, are both included and in great condition. Looking to sell as a lot, not individually. This lot is priced to sell (Hogwarts Castle, Knockturn Alley, and Hagrid’s Hut alone go for $170, $50, and $60, respectively), so I am asking $250 for the entire lot. Feel free to comment and PM me! Photos available upon request, because I cannot post quality pictures on this thread.
  2. My 9 year old son started reading Harry potter when school got out in May, and knowing that we were heading to Brickfair Virginia in August, wanted to build a Quidditch scene based on the second movie together. Many Bricklink orders later and countless hours studying screenshots from the movie and our finished product was displayed this past weekend. Below are some pics that I currently have, I took most before I left, I will probably set up again and photograph more detail, once I am unpacked. The Quidditch arena is almost 7.5 feet long, has 16 accurate towers as seen in the second movie with seating at the top, a passage way to move between stands and a stairwell to climb up to the stands and towers. I tried to capture the feeling from the movie in the stands, that are made with wood and have the House colours draped over the front, with you being able to see through to the bottom of the stands. The Quidditch rings are identical to the movies as much as I could achieve. I could not source a white flexible hose in the right length for the wrings, so I purchased black ones and then spray painted with regular primer and then scratched at them to give an attempt at a worn look. There are probably over 200 school children in authentic Gryffindor and Slytherin Lego minifigures (Capes are being added as I type for the next round of photographs). Most of the school teachers are present in the stands. There is a full compliment of 7 Gryffindor and 7 Slytherin Lego Quiddich players and an additional 7 custom Hufflepuff and 7 Custom Ravenclaw Quidditch Players. The field is striped with both regular green and bright green plates and tiles (bright green is pretty scarce). We have many other activities going on in the stands and outside too, with Cheerleaders, an appearance from Willy Wonker and Hermonie dropping all of her books. I hope you enjoy, thanks for taking the time to look. Cheers. Harry Potter Quidditch arena. Based mainly on the 2nd H.P movie we have accurately recreated one of the most iconic pop culture sporting arenas of all time. This was such a fun father/son project to complete and measures almost 7.5 feet long. by Martin Harris, on Flickr Harry Potters Quidditch by Martin Harris, on Flickr snitch chase by Martin Harris, on Flickr Harry Potters Quidditch by Martin Harris, on Flickr Harry Potters Quidditch by Martin Harris, on Flickr Harry Potters Quidditch by Martin Harris, on Flickr Harry Potters Quidditch by Martin Harris, on Flickr Harry Potters Quidditch by Martin Harris, on Flickr snitch chase by Martin Harris, on Flickr Any Harry Potter fans out there? :) by Martin Harris, on Flickr
  3. I'm selling next sets from Harry Potter line. All sets are in sealed boxes in great condition 2x 4737 Quidditch Match - 33 EUR/each 1x 4738 Hagrid's Hut - 71 EUR 1x 4841 Hogwarts Express, 3rd Edition - 151 EUR I prefer European customers, but will ship worldwide. If you buy all of them, the price is 280 EUR.
  4. Hello Eurobricks! It's finally Here! Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince PART 9! the stop motion phenomenon is back! Harry discovers his newfound popularity, learns that Stan Shunpike has been arrested, and holds a frustratingly massive Quidditch tryout that includes a run-in with Cormac McLaggen and ends with Katie, Ginny, and Ron making the team. They visit Hagrid and learn that Aragog is dying, Harry confronts Hermione about having confunded McLaggen during the tryout. Malfoy has somehow introduced a possible dangerous object into Hogwarts, the question is why, and how? Geertos13 as Harry Potter & Ronald Weasley Sumkid101 as Cormac McLaggen Mustardmanzz as Rubeus Hagrid GMYuna as Hermione Granger CoundessaScarlotti as Romilda Vane & Lavender Brown MrLegoGuy77 as Jack Sloper Special thanks to DT98Films for the logo and co-Producing. Follow us on Facebook