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Found 2 results


    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Horror quarry

    *Your entry has earned 7 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* D-3ATH was a common protocol droid. It enjoyed boasting its vast knowledge to other droids and being polite to its owners. He was a simple droid, in a simple world. Tracking cargo, reading manifests, translating for offworld visitors. Essentially living the good life. At least the good life a droid was capable of living. One night, in the deepest depths of the Quarzite quarry, a new republic cell sneaks through the triumvirates quarters. Unbenounced to the presence of the triumvirate, and a certain protocol droid, the rebel scum navigate the crystal caves until they enter the quarry. A vast area covered with ore. A dark pit in darkness. A single light to prevail it. The droid makes his nightly routine in the darkness. Its eyes illuminate the path towards a single light post, standing alone. The supplies placed here shouldn’t be here. In fact, they should already be shipped. D-3ATH sends a notification to the sector commander. Around a corner a reflection catches the droids sensors. It is unlike the normal reflection of the crystals. It is a new reflection. The droid approaches, curiously. The lonely light shining on his back, as the darkness takes it into its cold embrace. A life form, no… multiple lifeforms are interacting with each other. They are armed with A280 blasters. The droid sends a silent distress call. D-3ATH walks closer, it can sense their quiet speech in the darkness. “supplies”.... “Republic”.... “mission”....”extraction”.... Circuits flare as the droid computes his next move. It’s defense protocol activates… It’s eyes turn red… It’s joints reinforce, and it walks in a controlled manner towards the new republic group. A rebel trooper jumps on its backside as D-3ATH makes itself apparent to the infiltrators. The trooper shoves a computing device into the droid's head, trying to overcharge and short circuit the droid's electrical system. The droid turns its head 180 degrees towards its back, trying to locate the threat on its backside. STZZZZ! D-3ATH falls to its knees as a charge of electricity paralyses it. “ No problem boys. lets get these supplies and get the hell outta here before these imps come a lookin’ for it. “ says the trooper… The new republic troopers look at him horrified. A confused look covers the trooper’s face as he turns around to see two red eyes in a dark silhouette against a single light. D-3ATH swipes his arm towards the trooper sending him flying towards the other republic troopers, knocking them down as one. One of them raises his blaster as D_3ATH marches towards him. Before he can fire, the droid yanks his blaster from him, ripping off the barrel with the axe head, and plunges it into him… the imperial reinforcemens arrive, but D-3ATH has fried parts of his CPU, and is incapable of deducing foe from friend. The new republic troopers in this sector never stood a chance, nor did the triumvirate’s stormtroopers...
  2. Darth Bjorn

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Swoop Prospector

    *Your entry has earned 16 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Our next mission has brought us to Quarzite. For some reason one of our research departments has been involved in a high priority project, and they are in need of crystals for some kind of weapon. Our mission was to find a viable location for a base of operation, where our scientists could validate the purple Quarzite crystal. Cdr. Bannon: Lord Kadus. Come in. Transmitting my current coordinates. This area has a high density of crystals, and is accessible enough for the crew. Lord Kadus: Roger that Commander! We will proceed to the location immediately. Cdr. Bannon: What do you think Lord Kadus? Lord Kadus: Commander. This site will be perfect for a mining operation. Let’s hope these crystals are receptive for our synthesis process. Cdr. Voluth! How’s the test coming along? Cdr. Voluth: Just a few moments Lord. My men are working on it. Lt. Scientist Ralvand: Commander Volut, Sir. These crystals are crude, but the test puts them well within the viability spectrum! These crystals will work! Lord Kadus: Excellent!!! Begin setting up the mining site immediately! Commander Bannon, good work. You should return to High Command. They’ve requested you personally. Cdr. Bannon: Yes Lord. /// Here's a closer look at the two speeders: