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Found 2 results

  1. Greeting. Metropolitan Police, Public Order Van. Mercedes Sprinter. by PUCI2, 於 Flickr This is a model of public order van of the Territorial Support Group of the Metropolitan Police Service in UK, it is a Mercedes-Benz Sprtiner. I see most police forces used standard van (i.e. constant width), but this tailored made box caught my attention, as this type of design is usually used on ambulance, not police vehicle. I still see this van in service in August 2016 when I was visiting London briefly. The van is a 6-wide cab with a 7-wide box. It can carry up to 6 persons comfortably,and is fitted with a sliding door that is made purely on plate, tile and bricks, I did not use Technic parts for the sliding door as they tend to break easily. 20161119_164921 by PUCI2, 於 Flickr20161119_164150 by PUCI2, 於 Flickr 20161119_164222 by PUCI2, 於 Flickr 20161119_164645 by PUCI2, 於 Flickr British livery 2016-11-19_10-48-52 by PUCI2, 於 Flickr 20161119_165935 by PUCI2, 於 Flickr The white van is based on the Bath Police (Avon and Somerset Constabulary) which was posted on EB 2 years ago. It had gone several major changes. I have not used any sticker in most of my projects, as I am not good at designing or applying stickers. Recapturing the livery using lego bricks therefore makes it more challenging and fun. I am pleased with these 2 MOC. For more, please visit my flickr.
  2. PUCI

    UK Police Van, City of Bath

    Greeting!! It gives me great pleasure to present my MOC in EB today. Background This MOC is largely based on the Police Van in Bath, UK. The reason I am choosing Bath was because I spent 4 of my wonderful years in University of Bath as a student, and I really wanted to make something that remind me about the city (I am currently living in the Far East). I used to catch the bus (Bright Orange!) every morning and I saw this van parked outside the Police Station; and the outlook of this van really caught my attention, the black riot shield, blue-yellow battenburg marking, massive headlight.... etc. I wanted to make a post-2008 Mercedes Sprinter but I found it really difficult to re-create the streamline look with Lego, so the idea was dropped. Recently, I saw a lot of combi vans (half of the vehicle is carrying passengers, half of the van is carrying cargo) rolling around in the streets, and the whole idea was re-ignited again. This time, I did some research on Google about "Lego Sprinter" and it revealed great models from other MOCers, one of those MOC strike me the most was a MOC made by Joel Buchholz on It really caught the outline of a Sprinter, and the idea and my Police Van was developed from there. Credits must go to Mr. Joel Buchholz for his design. The Police Van Although the model resembles the Mr. Joel Buchholz's own van, I added in a few details to make it differ, which are as follows:- Extended Body to resemble the real Bath Police Van High-vis Back Outward opening doors at the rear All grey bumper with foglight Front grille with blue light next to the indicator Easy fitting roof Here are more photos. The side door open upward easily. The whole van carrying 3 policemen and can fit 2 crooks at the back (tight fit!!) Of course, a UK Police Van would not be a UK Police Van if it is missing the riot shield, here is my attempt. I would like to conclude my post by comparing the 4431 Ambulance, my 1st generation of Sprinter and the UK Police Van. I am still fine tuning on the police accessories. Whats better than 1 Sprinter Van ?? 2 Sprinter Vans of course!! (I am still working on the 2nd van) Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy it.