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Found 2 results

  1. *Your entry has scored 5XP* Bounty_part one In coming message to all of the republic, a bounty has been set for Captain Byron, Last seen on the rings of Kafrene, and know that this si home turf for Captain Byron, he has lots of friends and allies on that planet. Wanted Dead or Alive, but alive would be best to retrieve information out of him.
  2. Long, long ago, when nomads and robbers ran rampant in the land of Kaliphlin, when, it was said, jewels lay in the caves for the taking, but there was no one there to take them - when Dextrus Flagg was just rising to power, and the nobility of the land took sides - then, in that far off time, a noble by the name of Al Kalaphar was commissioned to seek a suitable spot, a place where, it was hoped, a new city could be founded, a city that would inaugurate a time of peace. With him traveled his nephew, a promising young soldier, who's father had disappeared in the Westersands when he was barely a child. With him, too, traveled a small band of soldiers, for in those rough times, there was no saying what - or who - they might not have to face. After many days of travel, they encamped along the Lick of Salt, a large river whose water sparked in the sunlight. "What a beautiful spot this is, Uncle!" exclaimed Kalaphlar's nephew. "Look, the water runs clear as crystal, and the sandy dunes seem flatter here. Would it not be an excellent spot?" "It is indeed a pretty location," said one of the soldiers, but it is said that this river is full of salt. I doubt it would do to found a city by!" "Nonsense! Most like that is just a tale of the robbers, to keep honest men away from a such an ideal spot." He stooped as he spoke, and, taking a handful of water, put it to his lips. "See? It is quite good, not salt at all. Further on. perhaps. it may be - I know not. But I am hot after such a longish tramp - would you object to me taking a dip, Uncle?" "No, you are welcome to, while we get the camp set up. But do stay close to this bank of the river; one never knows what might happen." With a joyful look the lad sprang recklessly into the stream, without so much as troubling himself to take off his clothes, and his uncle turned away with a smile. Already his followers had cut down several trees, and were now setting up a small enclosure on the bank of the river. Kalaphlar presently unfurled the Kaliphlinian flag, and hoisted it up amid the cheering of the men and the splashing of his nephew. But one of the men broke off abruptly - his cheer turned into a cry of alarm, for there, on top of them almost, was a band of nomadic robbers, whirling their weapons in the air, and drawing every moment closer! Instantly the men rushed for their weapons - those that were outside the barricade quickly formed a line, and the others promptly sprang to help them. One of the soldiers tossed a spear into the water, and Kalaphlar's nephew strained to grasp it. Kalaphlar himself, after the first surprise, had sprung over the enclosure with a bound, and now encouraged his men with his example. But it could not last long; they were vastly outnumbered, and one by one were cut down. Still they fought on bravely, but so furious was the robbers onslaught, that but a few seconds sufficed to show who would have the victory. Kalaphlar's nephew, still struggling in the river, perceived all this, and he saw, too, that the bandits had not noticed him. For one moment he hesitated, but then he turned, and, diving like an otter, struck out for the other bank. The current was stronger than he had thought, but he was a good swimmer, and, though sorely tried, presently found solid ground beneath his feet again. As soon as he reached the opposite bank he turned round, and, shading his eyes with his hand, looked down at the site of their encampment. What he saw filled him with horror - the fight was over, and now the bandits were grabbing all that they could lay hands on, preparatory to making their retreat. He saw at a glance that none of his comrades had survived. As he watched, horrified, something flashed in the sun - it was his uncle's armor - they were carrying his body away. With a cry of rage, he plunged back into the river. Exhausted as he was, it was virtually a miracle he made it to the other side. But by the time he got there, the robbers were far gone. Choking down his sorrow, he threw himself on the hot sand. Suddenly he could bear the spot no longer; with a hoarse shout of defiance he sprang to his feet, and plunged into the duney desert beyond, leaving the sun and the sand in possession of the scene. A few more photos in the Flickr set below: I hope you enjoyed the story, I plan on doing more parts though I'm not exactly sure how it will end up yet!