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Found 4 results

  1. Northwall had been under siege for nearly two weeks before the Desert King's commanders gave the order for an all-out attack against the fortified city. The vanguard included a brigade of Nocturnian orcs trained in the tactics of siege warfare. Among their equipment and machines was a large battering ram, which was pushed right up to Northwall's front gate. Crossbowmen, protected within a testudo formation, kept the walls clear of Ulandian archers while the ram thundered against the door. After more than an hour the heavy wooden gate split and separated from its housing. Prepared for the breakthrough, the orcs rushed inside to meet the Ulandian defenders face-to-face. Mummy soldiers and other regular troops in the Desert King's command were quick to exploit the situation and followed closely behind. It became apparent the Ulandian 2nd Legion, nicknamed the Salamanders, refused to lose the city. With its walls breached, Northwall was quickly being overrun, yet the Salamanders stood their ground. When the Desert King's troops declared victory the next morning, not a single soldier of the 2nd Legion had been captured - the entire unit had fought to the last man. Despite being vastly outnumbered the Salamanders had inflicted terrible losses against the Desert King's army. Several entire Desert King companies were annihilated in the fighting. When the losses were finally counted, the day was marked as the bloodiest since the war began. A few other angles: Soldiers of the 2nd Legion brace Northwall's gate in an attempt to stop the Desert King's army: Historical annals would later note the heroism displayed by the 2nd Legion that day, and even the Desert King would pay his respects to the legendary unit. So too did those who fought against the Salamanders that day, and they erected a hasty monument to honor the dead from both sides. And the battering ram by itself: -------------------------------------- Hello! This is my entry for Warzone 7. I tried to go with a blend of Avalonian/Kaliphlin architecture here, hope this looks appropriate for the area. I'm sure this minichallenge is going to produce some sweet builds, I know I had fun with it! I should not I had originally built a larger, more proportionate gatehouse but it really threw off the build's composition so I scraped it. I liked that the area above the gate was shorter than the surrounding wall. Just imagine there's a big, ornate gatehouse right were the build stops! Anyways, thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated! If I win, I'd like B7 to be my next Warzone pick.
  2. The troops of the desert king are heavily forcing the attack. It's time for every living Salamander to join the forces on top of the wall. So do this wizard and his three veteran companions, who just climb the stairs to enter a small watchtower within the wall. It's time to fight... till the end! Builder's comment: I am not really satisfied with the build, I just lacked the time to improve it (make the wall less colourful, actually build the watchtower instead of having it's entrance just hanging around in the air). Sad, but I thought I'd rather post an imperfect build instead of none at all...
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ6:B7] Diversion and Defeat

    The siege of Northwall took a surprising turn when Desert King forces managed to create a diversion that allowed DK forces to enter the city: Fatima the belly dancer was dancing so delightfully in the light of the evening sun that the guards could not resists and moved closer to watch her. And what a beauty she was! Unnoticed by the guards, mummy warriors rose from the sand and entered through the open city side gate. The happiness on the guards' faces was soon washed away... .. by midnight the city had fallen. I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques
  4. Warzone 6: Last Stand of the Salamanders Location: B7 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and Desert King (Unless A path is opened up by the HIGH COUNCIL before the end of the minichallenge) Terrain: After a series of pushes in the Arkbri valley, primarily from the Desert King, the Northern Ulandians find themselves in the crosshairs once again. This time, the 2nd Legion, the Salamanders (green colors) are holding the last remnants of the once vital Northern corridor. This battle takes place around the town of Northwall. sandendonmap by skaforhire, on Flickr Northwall is the last major Kaliphlin settlement going north before the Cedrican Grasslands and Avalonia. Its climate is no longer desert, but tall grasslands with the occasional trees. Northwall itself has high walls, in which the Salamanders and their allies have barricaded themselves behind. The forces of the Desert King are all over the region, including a small siege of the town. The buildings of Northwall and its surroundings are a mix between Kaliphlin and Avalonian. History: Once just a tiny town on the frontier, Northwall has now passed Sand’s End as the northern most Kaliphlin settlement. It is mostly a guard post to keep rogue raiding parties out of the region. Little trade goes through the town, as they do not have the populace to support the vast market days that Sand’s End has. For this reason, most people living in Northwall are related to the military somehow. Mini-challenge: Northwall’s defenses are quite hardy. Desert King forces should depict a clever way to get through( or over, or under) the wall. Ulandus forces should depict a MOC where the Salamanders and allies cleverly repel the oncoming invaders. Both teams need to depict the walls of Northwall in some manner. Both teams should depict Ulandus forces in some manner – they don’t have to be replicas of the forces used in the preludes, but should have green in their color scheme if possible. Secondary judging category: Best Wall. Winner of this title will become “Defensive Architect of Kaliphlin” Restrictions: 16x32 Due Date: April 12th WARMAP318 by skaforhire, on Flickr