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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I want to share my new project, consisting of two models at once, which was completed at the beginning of November, but due to the fact that the first model took part in the Technic-competition "Car" on the site, work can be published only now. It all started, as always, with a deep reflection. I wanted to build a car on a small scale, but with a particular theme. Thinking about building a Chevrolet el camino, or about any musclecar without electricians, but once I came across a photo here this monster ... By searching the necessary information for the model came across something similar on the topic of: RC model hearse style monster truck, who suggested the name of the project - GRAVEROBBER RC Here's my idea for the construction of a passenger car passenger supplemented desire to put a body on 4x4 chassis and build something like a crawler. But more on that later So, with the theme of the project it was clear in the LDD were made basic design elements. Given particular attention, do not want the output to get a brick, so set the task to make the body as realistic as possible in terms of forms. For this had to sacrifice functionality - namely, opening hood, trunk, doors, but I think in the models with the electrician, especially on such a scale is unnecessary functions. Better in terms of form, the model from them will not, and the weight will increase significantly. And since I had already planned to put on the car buggy motor weight had to be minimized. The main thing - it's speed! Still build a dragster. And that's what happened in the end. Specifications: On Graverobber installed buggy motor responsible for the movement of the vehicle in space, the servo motor is responsible for steering, power is supplied to small battery box for 6 AAA batteries, well, for remote control infrared receiver responds V2. To give more realism in Graverobber installed LED lights in the front and rear lights. Maybe for someone it may seem overkill, but the style they give more than if they were not. Initially, the stage of construction Graverobber rested on the chassis without suspension. In this arrangement has its advantages, firstly, it is possible to achieve a large inversion of the front wheels, and secondly, for the construction requires fewer parts, which reduces the weight of the model, wherein the realism of this does not suffer much, because small scale model. But to me, after all, wanted to maximize the realism, as much as possible. With the rear suspension is simple - there is a bridge. But with the front tried a bunch of options for independent suspension ... eventually came to the conclusion that to get into the dimensions of the front at this scale is not possible from the front suspension and I refused (by the way not sure if the front suspension in real dragster). Also mounted on the wheel axes of different dimensions. Before - 43.2 mm, rear - 49.5 mm. The basis Graverobber lay a collective image of the american hearses production - Cadillac, Lincoln. Since the front part was made of a polygonal shape with a protruding wedge grille, with bumper follows the shape of the front end. Body itself has kept the proportions of classic hearses - it is long, with a high roof. Exterior - exclusively black, the subject requires. To give some kind of raisins, I printed stickers in the style of "Halloween", which has made itself, and glued them to the body panels on the sides and rear. After that Graverobber ceased to be boring, monochromatic and exacerbated + 10exp to style. Despite the fact that the scale Graverobber small, I still paid attention to the details of the cabin. In this project, all the electrics managed to fit so that it is not conspicuous - good body shape is allowed. So were able to establish in the front, visible part of the cabin all necessary device - and then detailed sports seats with lateral support in the headrests, and the steering wheel and instrument panel with a large tachometer, and even a tank of nitrous oxide. Also located on site PPC headlamp switch (for example, when the batteries are low, you can switch them). The model has all the attributes dragster collected on the basis of the car - and then a huge sticking out from under the hood compressor with air intake and exhaust system of four pipe leading to the sides of the body and set the rear stabilizers (in real dragsters they prevent tipping machine at startup) And now tell you about all-wheel drive modification Graverobber - Meet, Graverobber 4x4! Since the body of the hearse, I decided to put on a 4x4 chassis at the design stage, in parallel, I began searching for a desired gear. I do not think that the chassis must be sure of their own, and to reinvent the wheel did not. Since the foundation laid down Graverobber 4x4 chassis designed Nico71, for which he thanks a lot! The advantages of this chassis'll take small, in comparison, for example, to 41999, the number of electricians, and the presence of CPT, which allows you to use the same XL motor for driving the models and for the winch. In refining the chassis, I removed it from the mechanical engine V6, and Override gear selector in the original it does not provide good contact in the extreme positions of the movable clutch Gearbox. Well, the little things have been replaced by some details. I also changed the prefabricated bridges portals from Nico71 as in sets of 9398, 41999, 42030. On the lower gear portal was set 8L axis of the stopper, is usually used instead of 4L. Because in Graverobber 4x4 I immediately planned to use a non-standard rubber diameter 108 mm, for which it was necessary to install spacers. The truth of this grazing rods rubber wheels in the extreme positions it still did not help, but it looks cool. I have also been redone winch instead of native dual-lowering I found a worm, though speed coiling-unwinding the rope is not increased, but increased traction. Regarding the appearance, the body has not changed completely. All elements dragster Graverobber I saved except bumpers. I have gathered again in the style offroad, in black. On the roof was installed chandelier additional lighting with LEDs - any SUV must have their neutral winch drive