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Found 5 results

  1. Cad Bane has teamed up with Deadpool to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters! Mace Windu and Nick Fury are the last thing stopping the villainous duo from swiping valuable S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets. Who will win this fierce battle? [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration Cad Bane fires his blaster [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration Deadpool swings into action [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration Nick Fury defends the computer station [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration Rhodey's face works surprisingly well for Mace Windu [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration The scene from above [sWvsM] - Cat. B - S.H.I.E.L.D. Infiltration Here is the scene with no figures If anybody's interested, there is a photo of the technique I used for the wall in the spoiler Thanks for looking and comments are welcome! It would be awesome to win but I know that's unlikely with all the great entries that have been posted here! Good luck everybody!
  2. Sometimes you just know you've gotta have a set. You see the pictures and you need to order it pronto. For me, this is one of those: Set Name: Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase Set #: 76004 Theme: Superheroes Subtheme: Marvel, Ultimate Spider-Man Pieces: 237 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2013 Price at Release: USD 20 Buy it? Inventory? Bricklink INTRODUCTION LEGO has been blessing Superhero fans with these 20-dollar-range sets. Last year we got Lex Luthor Power Armor for DC, and the SHIELD Truck and Wolverine Chopper for Marvel. This year LEGO is back with the Aquaman on Ice set for DC and this guy for Marvel. 20 bucks is truly a great, buyable price range. I didn't actually buy Lex Luthor or the SHIELD Truck, but I can tell that both are great sets if you want them: exclusive figures, nice vehicles, cheap price. What else can you ask for? This set looked even better to me, though. Why? Nick Fury. Venom. Transformable hover car! I remember slapping together some crappy transformable hover car when I was a kid; ah, nostalgia. Anywho, all those ingredients are a recipe for awesome. So is the set awesome? Let's fine out… BOX So many things are great about this box art. The new comic city across the top (which also appears on the DC sets, but in blue of course) is amazing, much better than the dull striped pattern from last year. The main artwork, with blue sky, tilted up angle, and zooming vehicles about to smash together is so actiony and fun. Bright and awesome! This one side has a non-LEGO Spidey to compare, I guess. But let's talk more about the front. The set name is really stupid. Why did they need the 'Spider-Man' at the beginning? Who else would have a spider-cycle? Does Batman have a Spider-Cycle? I don't think so! But 237 pieces… One more detail: mini figures always look more epic when they have the same picture of themselves blown up but faded in the background. Wouldn't you agree? The main back box art is a bit bare. There's something in the big blue-dot picture, but I can't tell what it is. They still added a little action, and there are of course the play feature windows, but overall it's not too exciting. I love it when LEGO even uses the flap of the box for more great art. I find this city stuff just lovely. CONTENTS Pour that box out… and we've got three numbered bags, instructions, comic, DSS, and Spidey's web. Why his web didn't make it into a bag, I don't know. But hey, it doesn't matter. COMIC The comic is your usual nonsensical little thing involving big battles that don't lead much of anywhere. All of the figures from both new Spidey sets take part in the battle (as do the sets themselves), and then Iron Man randomly appears in the background of the final pane. Don't ask. Also don't ask who is flying Dr. Doom's jet on the cover if all of the figures are seen not in it. The back shows the 'all figures' picture from last year's wave as well as the seven new figs from this wave, more spread out of course. I especially like J Jonah angrily trying to take a picture of Venom's back. INSTRUCTIONS The instructions came rolled up and a bit torn, as usual, but I really couldn't care less. The fun artwork is seen more broadly here. It's really quite exciting. Here's a random page. The background is a comic-dot blue gradient, not too exciting, but fitting and a good contrast for the parts. On some pages, like this one, is a nice fade of Spidey, Nova, and Dr. Doom. Of course, a fade of characters who are actually in this set (besides Spidey) would be better, but hey, I guess it's a subtle ad. I found it amusing that LEGO has you put Venom on top of Fury's car in the final step. Fury doesn't seem too bothered by it. DSS The stickers are unfortunately the printed color kind, and not the clear back kind. These will probably start peeling in about a day. They're not too bad, though, as stickers go. I'm glad LEGO is finally starting to work references to the far superior building-toy Megabloks into their sets, celebrating the year Megabloks was started on the license plates (#bsalert). PIECES You thought I'd show you all the pieces, didn't you? No? Good, I'm glad you knew that wasn't going to happen. Instead, here are new(ish) parts, all found in bag 1. The SNOT piece has been showing up a bit now, but it's still quite useful. There are some nice spares from the set, like 1x1 round tiles, cheese, a tooth, and that other 1x1 goodness. Technic, eh, whatever, who cares about that stuff… MINIFIGURES Woohoo! Finally made it to the figs! I'll talk about Spidey, the only non-exclusive fig, later. For now, just look at Venom and Fury! Soak in the awesomeness. Venom, with his pink gums and huge white eyes looks quite terrifying, just as he should. Nick Fury is pretty BA himself. The face is terrific, and could easily be put on a more movie-ish torso and fit right in with Avengers figs. Fury's torso is a bit simplistic; that's not bad per se, but it stands out against other recent torsos. Everybody's got cool back printing and more muscles! Gotta love that Fury's eyepatch strap extends across the back of his head. Of course, since LEGO doesn't print sides of heads (besides Lobot), Fury's patch string has an awkward gap. It's weird, but not as jarring as Bane's mask, since this is so thin. I just wanted to give you a close-up on Venom's scary smile as well. If you pop some hair on Fury, the printing gap goes right away! Kind of a combo between old Fury look and Samuel L Jackson Fury. Now let me talk about Spidey. I don't hate him as much as I thought I would, but he's still got issues. I suppose he just looks way too cartoony; it does sort of look like he's a kid in pajamas, and though Spidey isn't a serious guy, this is a bit too not-serious. He's cute, maybe too cute. I find the old one (left) much better still, but the new one isn't terrible if cartoony floats your boat. MINIFIGURES with ACCESSORIES The accessory assortment is a bit bare, but these guys are supposed to be somewhat super just by themselves. Spidey gets his regular white string, which isn't good for much, but Spidey needs webbing. Nick Fury gets the out of place futuristic gun. Really, the mould is awesome, but modern weaponry just doesn't look like that. Why is all of the LEGO universe now using a gun introduced in a futuristic line? Venom gets awesome tentacles; they produce a great Venom symbiote feelers effect. Venom's tentacles are attached with a black pin bracket (its second appearance in black) and a cool round piece with clips. It gets the job done well without using too many parts and being the least bulky it possibly could be. SET - By Parts I didn't take any build pics, so I'll just show you all angles of the set. The build keeps itself varied, and besides for a 2X here and there, isn't too annoying. Watching the car spring up from a lot of pieces is quite rewarding and fun. Each character gets their own thing, which is pretty great. Let's get to it! Symbiote Bombs (or something) Venom gets these odd objects to toss around. I guess they are Venom symbiotic things that get all gooey and attach themselves to stuff, turning other people into surrogate Venoms. In LEGO form they're a bunch of spiky stuff. Honestly I don't understand why these are even included; the piece count is so high and these are kinda worthless, so surely they could've been left out. I'm not complaining about getting them, since parts are parts, but I don't understand. Spider-Cycle Here's Spidey, showing off his cool ride. It's pretty tall next to him, but we don't expect LEGO to be proportionally correct. I've seen much worse. Here's the cycle from the show, just for comparison: Obviously, the LEGO version doesn't look much like it besides for the color scheme. But that doesn't mean the LEGO cycle doesn't look nice. LEGO produced two similar-sized vehicles for Batman last year, and this one by far is the sleekest and most compact. The color scheme is a bit drab, but that actually complements Spidey's bright colors nicely. It's really not too long, and does't have too much going on. Sure it's not a motorbike, but Spidey doesn't look ridiculous on top of it. It looks pretty speedy and powerful too. Plus, you can barely tell it transforms. Of course you know it transforms, but it doesn't scream 'I transform!' if you know what I mean. That's a plus in my book. Voila! Just flip out the wheels, and you've got a hoverbike! You can even still roll it if you put them at the correct angle, or you can flip them all the way out so that it really 'hovers.' Yes there's no thrust, but this feature is still wicked cool. They took what just looks like a nice bike and made it transform into a hovercraft without being clunky. That's a win. SHIELD Car If you're a boss like Nick Fury, you need a boss of a car. That's just what he gets! This thing looks fierce. I couldn't find any specific images of SHIELD cars in the Ultimate Spider-Man show, so I don't know if this is modeled after a specific one. Regardless, flying SHIELD cars are a thing, so it's not like LEGO made it up. This car looks fantastic (it is regular green, btw, but my camera has trouble with some colors). It's both rough-looking and sleek. Though it's eight-wide total, it doesn't look overly bulky. The one portion that looks a little odd is the SNOT plates in front of the windshield; something just looks a little off there. Otherwise, superb. Using the windshield piece on its side is awesome. Of course, Fury can't really see out of it because he looks straight into the part where studs go, but LEGO isn't realistic anyway so I'm over it. The slanted bit behind the cockpit is quite nice too; from this angle you can barely tell it's a function. Here we are from the back. Another nice big bumper, and a big spoiler making this a sporty-looking vehicle. The metallic grills and contoured piece on top help with that as well. Of course, pick the right angle and you see the flick-fire peeking out. The cockpit only has room to seat one, which again isn't realistic, but since this is Superhero stuff it doesn't bother me (it' s much more annoying in City sets). The controls include two printed tiles with a print that goes way back, and a steering wheel. Maybe the tiles represent missile buttons in this case. Curiously, there's a 1x2 tan cheese slope behind the wheel that looks like it's begging for a dashboard sticker, but there's no sticker. As usual with LEGO, there's a bunch of hidden colors in the model. The blue plates seen here are not well-hidden, though, and really should have been green. I don't understand why LEGO does weird colors for pieces that will still be visible on the completed thing. They shouldn't. I showed you the peek at the flick-fire already, so let's look at that function. You can see the tip of the missile here, but overall it just looks like a nice back of a car. Tilt it up, though, and you've got a missile! Nick Fury must be such a good shot that one missile is all he needs. Given how much LEGO loves flick-fires, it's kinda strange that they couldn't manage to fit at least two in somehow. You can position it higher too, but no matter how you tilt it, flicking that thing is quite a challenge. This feature is a nice thought, but doesn't really work. The very similar feature in one of the Galaxy Squad sets appears to be much better in terms of firing missiles, but this of course looks like an awesome car. You could just pretend Fury puts it into missile mode and launches missiles without actually flicking anything. Then, simply twist down the wheels (each one twists independently), and you're good to swoosh this baby around! The car actually looks more magnificent in hover mode. Just think about it in terms of real life: who would want a normal car when you could have a freaking hover car! Note how Fury has to wave his gun way above the windshield if he wants to shoot it; just another limitation of awesomely SNOTing the windshield piece. You can see the whole glory of the hood sticker here too. The little intakes are lovely, as is the SHIELD logo. I wouldn't want to leave this sticker off, though the car would still look fine. WHOLE SET and CONCLUSION There we go. Fierce, sleek hover-car. Cool, transforming bike. Random black spiky stuff that didn't need to even be here but is anyway. Exclusive, awesome Nick Fury and Venom. Pajamas Spider-Man, but ok, that's to be expected. What else can I say? To my taste, this is the best $20 Superhero set yet. The other vehicles we've seen so far like Deadpool's chopper and the SHIELD truck have been nice, but they've got nothing on this hover-car. They are all good buys, don't get me wrong, but this one really has some oomph. I think ratings are a bit useless for this one. This set is a big 10/10, 50/50, or .063/.063 if you really want. Unless you hate Nick Fury, hate cars, hate hover cars, hate anything beautiful in the world, or are a curmudgeon who absolutely will not buy a Licensed theme, go pick up this excellent set at your earliest convenience. Until next time!
  3. niteangel

    MOD - Nick Fury's Flying Car

    This is more like a "mod" than MOC :) I have finally got the 76004 set with Nick Fury, Spider Man and Venom (I love Venom!), but the green car does not look right in my setup which contains the original Quinjet, original jeep and my MOC Avengers truck. So I just turned it back to the official blue color... And now everything is all good and ready for battle!
  4. Hi Eurobricks gang. I'm fairly new to LEGO collecting, and wondered if I could enlist the help of you who are in the know. I've bought the Avengers lego minifigures, but it bothers me that Black Widow didn't come with a gun. I'd really like to buy the one she (and Nick Fury) is holding on the Avengers LEGO poster, but I've yet to find this gun anywhere. Do you guys know if this is an existing gun, that is available to buy anywhere, or was it a one-off especially made for this poster? Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! :-) Snoozle
  5. niteangel

    MOC - Avengers Commander Truck

    Some of you may have seen my Avengers Truck, and so I will make a little post about this MOC which was made quite some time ago :) Seeing the whole set of Avengers vehicles from Lego having only a plane (Quinjet) and a jeep (and now Nick Fury's car which I turned it into dark blue color to join the original color scheme), I feel it needs something a little more solid to complete the line. So I had the idea of a mobile command center, a truck. And it is coming! The truck built is actually quite easy, borrowing all the techniques you may have seen in different "great vehicles" from Lego City line. The back is built like in 7733 set. You may notice that the built of the truck head is different because of the height of the doors. I took them from the original Avengers jeep, and so the doors cannot be fitted in under the windshield normally. I therefore reverse the construction to make it work. The tail is a little different. I feel that the back bumper area of many Lego trucks are not well done. After many experiments I came with this 7-stud wide approach, giving it more solid protection and a more sturdy feel to the truck. Inside we have a a little command center with computers, and a gun rack at the back. No idea why Tony Stark always occupies that space for his suit transfer, but that can be the second use of the truck. (note the foot stand for Iron Man, the pointed piece indicates Mark VI suit which has triangle core at the chest; the other one is for Mark VII) The gun rack can actually be taken out (a little different you see here from above because recently I modified it :) the picture above is more recent). One can change the rack for different arrangements and types of guns as long as the width and height is maintained to be kept in the truck. I also modified the jeep as you see, because the original is just harmless! Now, the firepower is back for the Avengers! Hope you guys like my set!