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Found 6 results

  1. As Studio is gradually getting new parts added with some updates from time to time, it's time for you to post details about the new parts and show them to us as they become available. Thanks.
  2. A few days ago, LEGO has started uploading episodes of "Beyond The Instructions" on their YouTube channel. The idea is that they show an official set and then modify it, often using 3'rd party parts like RC drone equipment, helium balloons, cameras, laser pointers, IE things that are obviously not made by LEGO... wait, isn't that "against the instructions"? Sure is! Now the question is: Is LEGO promoting non-purist thinking? Are they doing it to rattle the brand-loyal builders? Or is there anything positive that you see in these types of experimental videos? PS: The idea is not to endlessly debate if "purism" is good or bad, because that never ends anywhere constructive. It's just to discuss what intentions LEGO might have and what effects there could be in the way MOCers and MODers carry out their hobby.
  3. I'm sure most of you guys know of Vengit, the producers of the SBrick. I was thinking, since they already make the SBrick, a PF compatible element that Lego itself would never produce, maybe they could eventually expand their lineup to include more things? If they did so , what would you want them to make? I'd like to see some adapters, to connect various other batteries to the PF system, like a cable that would go from a common 7.2v RC batter to a PF plug, or a snap for a 9v battery, or even a system that plugs into the wall, like the old train speed regulator. Also good would be some small motors, and a proportional switch. Also along these lines, would it be a good thing if Lego endorsed this kind of thing, like they did for certain Mindstorms sensors?
  4. Not much to really say on this one. I saw a bad "lolita" MOC on Flickr, and it reminded me how much fun building Hahli Husky was, what-with the whole anime-ish look. So I was inspired to do a more stylized magical girl MOC. She's supposed to have sort of a darker look, even with the bright colours. The new Gali mask lends itself very well to bangs! I named her after Julie from LEGO, as she's the person who added me to the NYCC stuff and sent me all these amazing parts. Julie is awesome!
  5. Hi all, I was just thinking about the following: LEGO is always making new parts. New parts aren't bad at all (there are some exceptions of course). But, LEGO is also about creativity, and it's not very creative to just make a new part instead of finding a good solution with what's already available. LEGO is making quite a lot of new parts lately. There are 2 categories of new parts: there are parts that are just unusable in any other creation except for what it's made for. And there are parts that are very general and are very useful in a lot of creations. Although the new parts are mostly from category 2 lately, it still are a lot of new parts. I don't want to say that new parts a bad, but what if we would take a break? What if we would focus for a moment on what we have already? There were more of these discussions in the past. But, I was thinking: what if LEGO wouldn't make any new molds (new brick/color combinations are not taken into account) for 1 year? What do you think about that?
  6. TrumpetKing

    POLL: Favorite CMF Parts

    Hey y'all! I know there is a topic for this, but it has gotten quite old and dusty there. So, I'm re-vamping it, all the way up to Series 10! Just let me know if I miss anything. I am going by the last one's criteria, which basically means that I am counting the Skater's hair. I also didn't count any fabric parts. 3,2,1 VOTE and DISCUSS!!!!! Also, I voted for Ponytail, Trophy, Short Beard, Paintbrush, Axe, Genie Lamp, Medal, Fairy Wings, Bandanna Hair, and Trend Hair.