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Found 4 results

  1. HeraldicBanner

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner!

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner (that's my screen name, I obviously don't go by that in real life.) One of my few real-life friends, @TechnicRCRacer, reccomended I take a look at this forum. I did, and I decided to create a new account. I've been told that the "Hello, my name is..." is to introduce ourselves briefly, so here goes; -I'm a huge Tolkien nerd, as you can probably tell from my profile. -I'm also a huge history nerd; I'm mostly interested in the Dark Ages - Late Middle Ages. -I also read a lot of science fiction -- I greatly enjoy Asimov's works, Dune, Warhammer 40k (though I can't afford to play; seriously, Games Workshop, $1,300 for a model? Are you kidding me?) -I've done quite a bit of Lego (though not nearly as much as most members on this forum), but mostly just from sets and instructions. I don't really have enough money to buy the largest sets, nor do I have enough to purchase shipping from Europe, which is where most of the pieces originate from. I like the new Saturn V set, and generally enjoy Lego's realisic space sets. I like Technic and I think that most of the larger Creator sets are really good.
  2. I've decided that I want to get back into Ninjago, but I would like some tips on what sets to get or anything in-between. Also here's my experience with the theme so far. 2011: At first I hated Ninjago, but one day I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon the Fire Temple set for half price, I thought "why not, it's cheap!", little did I know what this would turn into. 2012: I'm now into Ninjago, and I'm buying sets frequently. I went to my aunt's house in England, which had a LEGO store close to it (this was before the LEGO store in Scotland opened), I had saved up a very large amount of money, and then spent most of it on Ninjago... I wasn't good with money back then. 2013: I knew that these weren't the final sets. That's all I can say, this year wasn't very interesting apart from that, at least I got two sets. 2014: After the missing summer wave of 2013, I lost interest in Ninjago due to how long it was since a new wave, so I didn't buy any, mainly because I sort of forgot about it. There were three sets I regretted not picking up. 2015 Wave 1: I tried to get back into the series, but I bought an eight pound set to use as my judgement, i know it's not a very good representation of Ninjago. I might come back and buy some of these if I can actually find them any more. 2015 Wave 2: This is the main reason I want to come back to Ninjago. I think the designs are a lot better than Rebooted or the Tournament of Elements. 2016 Wave 1: I don't think it looks as good as the Possession sets, but I think it's better than the Tournament of Elements sets, that's to be expected, because Wave two sets are usually better than wave one sets.
  3. Hey all, I've been wondering this for a bit as I've always used the excuse that whatever set I'm buying is 'for Bella' (my daughter) when really, I love Lego and often buy things I really just wanna play with myself. Today was a perfect example, Bella has a reward program where she can earn little Lego sets, and today she got Olivia's Workshop. She doesn't even fully understand what that means yet - but I loved it, and I loved teaching her all the names for the things in the set (she knew 'chemicals'!). With Christmas looming, I've decided to get her a bigger Friends set that will be retired soon, but I'm struggling to justify the cost (we're in NZ, so it's silly money really) to my partner and my Mum, and when they say things like "Are you getting it for you or her? She won't know if you get her the small set/knock off/some other junk" I really wish I could say "Yes, it's partly for me, and it's my money, is that a problem for you?" But I am a chicken. :( I don't know what to say to them next month - I'd like to get a Creator Mod set for my birthday - and that'll cost me two weeks wages at least! I've often heard EuroBrickers joke about their partners 'not understanding' their love of Lego - is there any point in explaining it to them? Is there anything I can do to make them happier about the whole thing? Their attitudes are very discouraging at the moment, I've been building in LDD and that's kind of been tolerated, but I want to brick some things and you know, that requires bricks! Help? Thanks heaps in advance - you guys have been so super helpful so far :D
  4. Slyders


    Hi! I've been using Legos my whole life and been using Lego Digital Designer as a teaching tool in a high school graphic design class the last couple of years. A lot of the kids find it easy and enjoyable.I figured since I've used this forum for help on a few occasions that I should sign up.