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Found 12 results

  1. Life in the Myzectlan valley was pleasant. But the habitat was small. It was necessary to explore the jungle to discover new areas. The Myzec warriors explore the dense rainforest. Here dangers are defied, such as this rickety rope bridge. A mystical temple gate is discovered on the opposite side. What a strange place... What would it be? Who built this? There is even a smoldering fire and there are fresh fish and vegetables... --- Will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 10.3 Daily life of the Myzec with this build. Finished 3 out of 3 for this task. Property type: Large Art en Culture (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 61 x 66 studs Total parts: ~9,100 Credits: - Rope bridge based on a design by MattedBricks (Flickr) Note: I have used a “hose/flexible tube” instead of the “String with End Studs 21L overall with Rope Climbing Grips (16.1cm)”, because this piece is not available in as a flexible part. - Minifigs based on design Zulu Warriors by UnitedBricks
  2. Name: Myzectlan Ownership: The Crown of Corrington (A semi-autonomous city of the Myzec) Location: The hidden valley of the Myzec, Cascadia, Paradise Isles Map: Mayor: Trade Value: See account spreadsheet Town Bank: See account spreadsheet Who can own property in Myzectlan: Anyone Who can freebuild in Myzectlan: Anyone Description: Myzectlan is an ancient city located in a hidden valley deep in the interior of Cascadia. Home to the Myzec people, legend has it the city was cut off from it's parent civilisation hundreds of years ago. Over time, the Myzec have lost the advanced building techniques of their fore-bearers and the city is now an eclectic mixture of the older style stone buildings and newer repairs in wood or mud bricks. The Myzec primarily farm maize, sweet potato and beans in 'floating island' plots or chinampas on Lake Myzec. The meat in their diet includes fish and water fowl and dugout canoes are used to transverse the lake. Very few mammals are farmed in the Myzec valley although there are some pigs and goats. They weave cloth from goat wool and produce leather from animal hides hunted outside the valley. A basket ball type game is a very popular recreational activity. The Myzec are a matriarchal society where most positions of authority are held by women. They are a well developed and organised society and practice a dualistic region where they strive to balance the eagle, which symbolises peace, wisdom and order; and the jaguar, which symbolises ferocity, war and chaos. Original Information: Builds in Myzectlan Please help us out by posting your a link to your Myzectlan builds in this thread. Licensee is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 42/61 Size for EGS purposes - Level 4 'Large Town' Required for Level 8 'City' 19 properties including at least x4 artisans, x1 commerce, x4 factories, x4 residences, x1 education and one Royal. Residences: 4 Myzec House, medium residence, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Stone House, medium residence, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Factories: 4 Boat Yard, medium factory, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Dye Factory, medium factory, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Artisans: 4 Community Kitchen, small artisan, Darnok (+1 settlement size) Macuahuitl Craftsman, small artisan, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Amanteca Workshop, medium artisan, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 7 Through the Falls, large commerce, Silentwolf (+3 settlement size) Levanta, small commerce, Myzectlan (via Elostirion) (+1 settlement size) Myzectlan Market, small commerce, Myzectlan (via TomSkippy) (+1 settlement size) Agricultural Market, medium commerce, Wellesley (+2 settlement size) Art and Culture: 14 Tikal Temple, large culture, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Golden Eagle, large culture, Bregir (+3 settlement size) Temple of the Feline Gods, large culture, Elostirion (+3 settlement size) Throne Room, medium culture, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Pyramid Ruins Southern Cascadia, medium culture, Myzectlan (via Elostirion) (+2 settlement size) Snake Temple, small art and culture, Wellesley, (+1 settlement size) Educational: 2 Moon Tower, medium education, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Plantations: 5 Corn plantation, small plantation, Bregir (+1 settlement size) Maize and Waterfowl on Lake Myzec, small plantation, Myzectlan (via Elostirion) (+1 settlement size) Poinsettia Plantation, small plantation, Myzectlan (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Egg poaching, small plantation, Myzectlan (via Ross Fisher) (+1 settlement size) Chinampa on Lake Myzec, small plantation, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 2 Jaguar Tower, small fort, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Watchtower on Lake Myzec, small fort, Myzectlan (+1 settlement size) Troops: Other Builds: Waterfall in the Jungles of Cascadia, Elostirion Southern Cascadia, Elostirion Patrolling the Grasslands, Ayrlego
  3. After a long day of work on the Chinampas the Myzec return their homes in Myzectlan. They live in a beautiful valley on a refreshing lake with lovely waterfalls. Here they fish and herd some pigs. A peaceful existence. --- Unfortunately will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 10.2 Daily life of the Myzec with this build. Property type: Large Artisan (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 92 x 59 studs Total parts: ~6,600 Credits: - Roof technique based on @ Tipsandbricks (Instagram) technique #905
  4. A snapshot of the daily life of the Myzec. Those inhabit the city of Myzectlan, located in a hidden valley on Cascadia. They use floating islands, or 'chinampas' on Lake Myzec to grow their resources. In addition, fish is another great source of food. --- Unfortunately will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 10.1 Daily life of the Myzec with this build. Property type: Medium (plus) Plantation (but cannot be licensed, because I have reached the maximum) Dimensions: 90 x 66 studs Total parts: ~9,500 Credits: - None
  5. The southern part of Cascadia is a lot drier than the fertile jungles north of and around the large mountain range where the Myzec people have found their refuge. Yet still there is life on the southern side as well: Both in vegetation and wildlife. Large carnivorous wild cats stride through grass und brushes, seeking their prey - and sometimes stumbling over the remains of the former glory of an ancient Civilization. Explorers from all over the Brick Seas have come to Cascadia to find out more. While some may find glory, others may just fall prey to the feline hunters. Some kind of follow-up to this older MOC: Southern Cascadia
  6. On Cascadia the Myzec have to transport their harvest from their chinampas on Lake Myzec to Myzectlan, their capital. On their path through the jungle the have to traverse many rock walls. To avoid large paths around those the Myzec have invented a construction they call "Levanta", which is basically an elevator for their transported goods, operated by a crank lever on top of the cliff. The Myzec climb the cliffs through stairs or ladders, like in this case.
  7. On Cascadia the people of Myzectlan (the island's indigenous people) have found a way to cultivate Lake Myzec. On their chinampas they farm maize and sweet potatoes, among other crops. In this scene two Myzec farmers are about to hunt down a colourful waterfowl, which together with the harvested maize will make for a great meal. A small contribution to the Daily Life Challenge of the Myzec. I have borrowed the Chinampa frame idea from here. These are, by the way, the trees which @Ayrlego mentioned in his fantastic boat yard. The licensing should definitely be as a small plantation, however I am not sure if I will license it myself or sell to Myzectlan. Als in the first version the MOC still had a prebuilt canoe and a white frame... Much happier with what it is now.
  8. After a couple of months fascinating and peaceful interlude in the ancient city of Myzectlan, the time has come for Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock to leave, and resume his duties as Colonial Governor from a more accessible location. Sir Dirk and Dr Brickingstone approach High Priestess Zia to announce Dirk's imminent departure. Dr Brickingstone wishes to remain with the Myzec for the time being, so Dirk has made him the Corlander representative. He has been instructed to continue working on a draft treaty which will make the valley of the Myzec a semi autonomous zone within the Corlander colony of Cascadia. "Colonel Allcock, I believe you will be leaving us shortly" said Zia through Dr Brickingstone as the interpreter. Although usually able to pick up languages quite fast, Dirk had yet to master Myzec. "That is correct your Highness, I must leave your beautiful city for a while, as pressing matters require my attention elsewhere. In my place, and with your permission, I will leave a small party with Dr Brickingstone." "That is acceptable Colonel. As you are aware, most Myzec have no desire to leave our hidden valley. Sometimes, rarely, individuals amongst us venture outside, most to never be heard of again. Indeed one of my most promising young apprentices has expressed a desire to explore the world beyond our domain. This is Cuxi" Zia said, indicating to a young women at the base of the throne. "I would ask you to take Cuxi and a small party of attendants with you as my representative, so she may learn of your world" "Of course your highness, it would be an honour." Soon the arrangements were made and Dirk was ready to depart. He would miss Myzectlan, however his responsibilities weighed heavily on him, and he needed to return to Port Woodhouse and Jameston. Also he was beginning to worry about the disappearance of his good friend Don Isaac Montoya, last seen heading to the Sea Rat haven of Tortuga to treat with the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan. He would depart in the morning for Camp Isaac, and seek information from the Royal Pioneers there before deciding on his next destination. One thing was sure, he could not help his friend from Myzectlan. An additional scene of the throne: A special thanks to all those who made suggestions/comments in the WIP thread for this build!
  9. So I thought I might try something a bit different - rather than posting a finished MOC and receiving comments on the finished product, I thought I might try a WIP/build log and hopefully get some advice from you guys along the way. Also I thought some people may find a build log interesting? Anyway, I was supposed to whip up a quick build of my sig-fig, Colonel Dirk Allcock leaving Myzectlan. It was supposed to be a quick build for story advancement purposes. I had the idea of him speaking to the leader of the Myzec, High Priestess Zia in a sort of throne room. While looking for some inspiration on the internet, I found this image which almost perfectly depicts what I'd like to build: Problem is I'm not sure I can do it justice and need some help! And here is my starting point: The area is a 20x40 base. The green section at the end will have some background vegetation and I plan on taking the shot front on, no angle. And some progress: On reflection I am not sure about the dark tan additions to the flooring, I am however very happy with the SNOT splinter pattern. I am thinking that I will probably replace the dark tan with a mixture of dark green and olive green to match the columns. Thoughts? Circles are hard! Also the throne - I've experimented with various ways of trying to portray the circle part without any satisfying results, does anyone have any suggestions? The columns will likely extend the same height as the are now up with a flat roof on top in light bley with dark/olive green highlights and maybe some vegetation. The idea is the Myzec like their buildings to 'become one' with the life giving jungle. Any advice/comments/criticism most welcome! EDIT: LINKS TO UPDATES Update One
  10. Colonel Allcock has lingered in Myzectlan, learning the culture and customs of the Myzec people. Despite having been on Cascadia for some time, he has yet to have seen one of the islands famed large cats. Although at night he has often heard them, they have remained elusive. Learning of his interest, one of the Myzec warriors with whom he has become friendly with, has offered to guide him to a watchtower in the jungle just outside the hidden valley in which Myzectlan is located. The watchtower is part of an overgrown fort complex, and although the jungle has long ago reclaimed most of the structures that once stood here, the watch tower remains standing and functional. The Myzec simply call it the 'Jaguar Tower', so named as the jungle cats frequently travel along the small stream running past the tower at night. After a long night waiting, Dirks patience finally pays off as, in the early hours of the morning, a jaguar strides past, its powerful muscles highlighted by the moonlight. ------- A build mainly to use my brand new jaguar I recently acquired! The tower is in the style of Gideon's jungle temple, a style I decided I liked much more than my own last attempt at Meso-American! Will be licensed as a small fort for Myzectlan.
  11. More than three hundred years ago, the Myzec were at their prime, a highly sophisticated civilization, the undisputed rulers of Cascadia. But prosperty brought another problem: Time. People suddenly had plenty of it available - to think, to develop ambitions, and to start political intrigues. Vohazulan, a minor servant of the high priestess of the Myzec, used his influence among the common people to secretly originate his own religious cult. The "Felinians", as they called themselves, worshipped the large carnivourous cats, the apex predators of Cascadia's deep jungles, as gods. Soon Vohazulan's followers grew in size, secretly raising temples in unfrequented areas deep within the jungle, where they worshipped their feline gods. The Felinians refused to fight the carnivourous cats, and being eaten by a god was the greatest honour the cultists could hope for. While Vohazulan had only strived for political influence and raw power, his cult had soon made itself independent from its founder. Young men who were supposed to become warriors, scientists or masterbuilders, and even young women who were set for their way to religious and political power, ventured into the jungle alone, to become prey to the claws of the gods. Thus having acquired a taste for human flesh, and knowing the ease of obtaining it, more and more cats had become pure maneaters - which had not been their nature ever before. When the great retreat was initiated, at the time when the Myzec retreated into the protected valley and lost all contact to their mother civilization outside, Vohazulan was banned from the city of Myzectlan. While most Myzec believe he has found his self-created doom between the teeth of the largest tiger that had ever been, some fear he had secretly returned to the city, and that his cult may have lived on in the dark till this very day. Most Myzec, however, think only the events around Vohazulan and his cult have lead to the retreat of their whole people into the valley, and thus also to the demise of their civilization. Only in recent years their warriors have started to rediscover their bravery, venturing into the jungles once again, always ready to fight the felines, while the scientists hope that over generations the cats may have forgotten the taste of human flesh. This, at least, is what Halosian scientists have extracted from the incomplete records of Myzectlans history. Quite heavily inspired by this 3d rendering which I found via Google...
  12. Previously... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego Mysteries on Cascadia Part 1 and 2 - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 2 - Ayrlego Hidden beneath the falls - Silentwolf Beyond the waterfall, in the valley before them, the Golden City panned out. Following the pathways down along streams and rocky outcroppings, they arrived at the city. Micah, Allcock and Montoya walked down the main street towards what appeared to be the main building. In front of it, what appeared to be a (rather tanned) Halosian was standing waving towards them. Underway, they noticed something curious. The architecture exhibited advanced materials and building techniques, but appeared not to have been maintained for a long time. On top of those buildings too ruined for use, simpler structures, often of wooden construction, had been erected. Otherwise, the Myzectlan society appeared highly advanced and well-organised. Approaching the temple, Montoya bowed: "Dr. Brickingstone, I pressume?" he said with a smile. In a fairly archaic Corrish, the man replied in the affirmative and beckoned them closer. "Come hither, good men, and present thyselves - we have much of which to converse!" The female guards stepped aside, and the three men entered the temple with dr. Brickingstone, who would tell them of the Myzec people for the next many hours. __________________ The Myzec have a well-ordered agrarian sector, and haven't known famine for many years. This will be licensed as a small plantation. (32x32) Temple of the Golden Eagle. Slightly fallen into disrepair, but still in active use. Unfortunately, the Mysec has lost the skills needed to maintain the many stone structures erected by their ancestors. Dr. Brickingstone asserts that these skills were lost generations ago when the Myzec lost contact to the large civilisation they were once part of. Apparently, when the wild cats arrived on the island, the Myzec largely stopped leaving the valley. Around the same time, their mother-civilisation experienced a plague, contracted on an expedition to colonize new islands, and almost entirely stopped navigating the seas. At least, that is the myth the Myzec tell. The temple of the Sun is today used both as a place of worship and as the administrative center of the city. Its sturdier construction means it still stands largely as it was built, possibly centuries ago. The Myzec believe in interfering as little with nature as possible, and thus refuses to remove any but the most invasive creep-vines crawling their buildings. Together the two temples are licensedlicensed as a large culture. (48x48) Continuation. The Lost City of Gold, Part 3 - Ayrlego Thanks for the patience - hope you can enjoy the story anyways! :)