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Found 5 results

  1. Dense vegetation climbs the steep slopes of the Cascadian Mountains. Where birds twitter and monkeys screech, where plants flourish and mighty waterfalls roar - this jaguar leaves no doubt that this is indeed the realm of mighty cats.
  2. The southern part of Cascadia is a lot drier than the fertile jungles north of and around the large mountain range where the Myzec people have found their refuge. Yet still there is life on the southern side as well: Both in vegetation and wildlife. Large carnivorous wild cats stride through grass und brushes, seeking their prey - and sometimes stumbling over the remains of the former glory of an ancient Civilization. Explorers from all over the Brick Seas have come to Cascadia to find out more. While some may find glory, others may just fall prey to the feline hunters. Some kind of follow-up to this older MOC: Southern Cascadia
  3. On their way back from Lake Myzec to Myzectlan, the Myzec have to traverse the dangerous jungles of Cascadia. Their century-lasting fear of the felines of Cascadia has forced them to ensure a safe passage through the jungle. Besides some active watchtowers, there are smaller fighting platforms spread all through the jungles. The Myzec call those defensive platforms "Miraforma". A Miraforma is elevated high enough so that the large carnivorous cats cannot just jump on it. A rope ladder can be reeled up, and the weapons on the platform - mainly bows, quivers with arrows and spears - give even the weakest farmers a chance to defend themselves. I felt that the fight against the felines is such an important aspect of Myzec life that I had to contribute a MOC dedicated towards it to this challenge. Also I wanted to try out some new approaches to both rocks (ok, hardly visible in the dense jungle, bot still there) and especially to plants. Some more pictures show: The empty scene without minifigures: The Myzec running towards the Miraforma: And some of my plant creations:
  4. On Cascadia the Myzec have to transport their harvest from their chinampas on Lake Myzec to Myzectlan, their capital. On their path through the jungle the have to traverse many rock walls. To avoid large paths around those the Myzec have invented a construction they call "Levanta", which is basically an elevator for their transported goods, operated by a crank lever on top of the cliff. The Myzec climb the cliffs through stairs or ladders, like in this case.
  5. So I thought I might try something a bit different - rather than posting a finished MOC and receiving comments on the finished product, I thought I might try a WIP/build log and hopefully get some advice from you guys along the way. Also I thought some people may find a build log interesting? Anyway, I was supposed to whip up a quick build of my sig-fig, Colonel Dirk Allcock leaving Myzectlan. It was supposed to be a quick build for story advancement purposes. I had the idea of him speaking to the leader of the Myzec, High Priestess Zia in a sort of throne room. While looking for some inspiration on the internet, I found this image which almost perfectly depicts what I'd like to build: Problem is I'm not sure I can do it justice and need some help! And here is my starting point: The area is a 20x40 base. The green section at the end will have some background vegetation and I plan on taking the shot front on, no angle. And some progress: On reflection I am not sure about the dark tan additions to the flooring, I am however very happy with the SNOT splinter pattern. I am thinking that I will probably replace the dark tan with a mixture of dark green and olive green to match the columns. Thoughts? Circles are hard! Also the throne - I've experimented with various ways of trying to portray the circle part without any satisfying results, does anyone have any suggestions? The columns will likely extend the same height as the are now up with a flat roof on top in light bley with dark/olive green highlights and maybe some vegetation. The idea is the Myzec like their buildings to 'become one' with the life giving jungle. Any advice/comments/criticism most welcome! EDIT: LINKS TO UPDATES Update One