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Found 8 results

  1. As child I also enjoyed lego a lot, especial technical lego. Now we have a little son (1.5y old) and we start to explore the lego/duplo train (10507). Reading here a lot of interesting info, on how the new train (10874) works and I guess some day, I want to create/hack such a train too.. The other thing we like to do, is 3d printing of lego/duplo compatible things. I'm not sure if this topic is allowed on this forum? Anyway, on thingiverse I put some lego/duplo compatible train necessities, like rails, flex tracks, bridges, crossings, funnels and many other items you need. ;) Also created a duplo compatible car collection, with some other enthusiasts. I'm happy to use this forum, talking about more opportunities combining 3d printing and lego.
  2. Hans Domke

    Hans Domke, new member

    Hi all, My name is Hans; I hail from the Central Valley in California. I've been building with LEGO Bricks for about 10 years now. Mostly I would build a new set and have around for a bit then I would disassemble it and combine it with other sets and create something of my own. Usually these were multicolored although I tried to keep it similar or themed. Currently I am into building custom RC vehicles wether it be sport cars or offroaders or planes (not flight capable.) I am 19 years of age and working on 1 project at the moment but have plans for others. My goal in this forum is to get help with the mechanical bits and maybe some design suggestions. Also I will try to help anyone I can. :) -Hans
  3. Iminifig Tube

    Joining Eurobricks

    Hi my name is Chris. I'm LEGO minifig customizer. I made a lot of customized minifigs before, espcially in Lord of Rings theme (before LEGO released LOTR minifigs), Star Wars, Super Heroes and Legends of Zelda. I hold a eBay store and sell minifigs as a side business at that time. I stopped the store for a while due to a job change. Now with another change, I reopened my store, started my social media channels, and I would like to join Eurobricks, meet new friends, share my creations, and hopefully we can create more LEGO minifigs, story lines, and YouTube videos together. If you need help on any LEGO minifig topics, please let me know and I'm wiling work with you. Best
  4. LegoPondswald

    Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hi guys! I'm Eveline from The Netherlands and a new member here. I came out of the dark ages last May and my house is already too small for all the Lego I own. I'm building my own city, got a nice Star Wars collection, own all the Brickheadz and am working on a Christmas Town (called Christmas, Doctor Who fans will get that ). I also make video's of my work (mostly the city and some speed builds) and take pictures which I post on Instagram. During the day I'm a freelance journalist. At night I build Lego or enjoy some of my other hobbies: watching series/movies (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter), writing and photography. Nice to meet you all! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :).
  5. McLaren97


    Hello, my name is Liam. I'm from Wollongong, Australia and have recently got back into Lego. At the moment i am focusing on speedchampions, as i myself am a racecar driver. Over the next year i hope to be building a few GT mocs including a McLaren 650s GT3 and aston martin v12 Vantage GT3. Cheers?
  6. Rider Raider

    Hello from the other side!

    Hey guys! Rider Raider here! I'm an American AFOL who prefers building medieval (RPG style, might join Heroica! The RPG.), Town, and Technic. Hope to see you all! ~~~_|<<<~~~~ Rįder RAIDE_R
  7. Hello, all ye humans! (well I hope ya'll are humans.. though I'm not sure what else you would be..) My Name is George, and I am a humanoid, human living in the US. So yeah, that's all.
  8. My username is ArmstrongYong but my name is yuan(I put the username randomly),and i love lego Star Wars theme,but madly i don't have enough budjet to buy any of the set.