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Found 5 results

  1. Willem Guilder's personal guards are well known in Weelond and easily recognized across the Brick Seas, with their green capes, knee-high boots, wide hats with plumes, and fashionable rapiers. But they are versatile men at arms, equally capable with the musket and on horseback. Many young men in Eslandola aspire to join Guilder's musketeers. And now the director of the MCTC has decided to expand the size of his guard unit. Here they are seen assembling in the warehouse district of Weelond. --- Just a quick build to raise some troops in Weelond. My temporary photography location isn't ideal; the warehouse in this build is actually tan, not yellow! All C&C welcome.
  2. Having arrived in Terelli, Governor Guilder was disturbed by the mood on the streets. In some places you could find people quietly bemoaning the actions of the king and worried about the prospect of war with Oleon, but they dared not speak too openly for fear of royal reprisals. Meanwhile, in other sections of the city, hooligans were ready to denounce (or worse!) anything remotely Oleanderish. The hooliganism was troubling to Guilder; patriotism and loyalty to the king was one thing, but these were mere thugs looking for an excuse to cause trouble, while good men dared not speak. Law and order was breaking down right under the king’s nose! Guilder decided his first stop must be the MCTC headquarters. He had been unable to contact Guy Wyndzon before he left Weelond; Guilder hoped that he could discover the whereabouts of the Secretary of State (or even his uncle!) before heading to the palace. As Guilder approached the entrance to MCTC HQ, a marble building that that still managed to understate its importance to Eslandola, a distraught woman in blue was just leaving. “Oh, Governor Guilder!” exclaimed the woman in an Oleander accent. “Perhaps you can help me.” Guilder knew the face, and quickly tried to remember her name. “Ah, you’re the friend of Thaddeus Calvo, are you not? It was lovely to see you at the opening of my new residence back in May.” Then he recalled her name. “What are you doing here, Madame Villeneuve?” “I was looking for Thaddeus, but he is not here … as I expected. He’s always off adventuring. I had hoped someone at the MCTC could help me in his stead, but I have had no luck.” “Dear, what can I do for you?” “The politics of recent days have become quite difficult to bear for someone like me. I have been afraid to venture out of my room much at all. I had hoped to find passage back to Breshaun, but it appears no ships from Terelli are being allowed to leave for Oleander ports. I am afraid of what might happen to me here.” “I understand your concern, Madame. I have seen the hooligans in the street. It is a shame, and the reason I am here in Terelli is to make sure this war does not come to pass. Once my business is done here, I can transport you to Breshaun personally on my ship.” “You are very generous, governor. Thank you! But what can I do in the meantime?” “You can stay in quarters here at MCTC headquarters as my guest until I am ready to depart.” Guilder turned to one of his bodyguards. “My musketeer will escort you to retrieve your things and bring you back here safely, and will serve as your bodyguard until our departure. Will that be adequate, madame?” “Oui, most certainly!” “And I will pass word when I can to Thaddeus to let him know you are safe. If he knows you are here, I’m certain he is worried for you as well.” “Merci.” * * * * * * And here's the full build: I built this earlier this year, and it has appeared as a background in another post, but this was the perfect opportunity to use it again, and I wanted to show the whole thing this time. If I were building the HQ from scratch now, I'd work in a little more color and a little more detail, as the detail that is there doesn't show up well in white. But I'm still happy with the build. As always, all C & C welcome.
  3. On the Bluecoat-held Caribbean island of Sainte-Salacious lies the most ancient and prestigious Académie des Mousquetaires, where the bravest recruits for the Bluecoat Army receive their training as musketeers. While at the Académie, recruits learn swordsmanship, marksmanship, some light typing, and occasionally are beaten with raw fish. When they graduate, the recruits join the ranks of the most elite unit of the Bluecoat Army, the illustrious musketeers, who dream of little else but the day when they will meet their Redcoat foes in battle, and then afterward type up the after-action report. The building, itself, was built in 1562 by the Spanish as part of the monastery of Saint Salacious, who was martyred in the 9th Century while trying to introduce non-alcoholic beer and anger-management to the Scots. The island was named by the Spanish explorers who landed there in 1517 and contracted trichinosis from eating the local wild pigs. And now, here is my MOC, which is part of my larger building project to document life on the strange little island of Sainte-Salacious: Sometimes the musketeers do charity work, such as this musketeer teaching swordplay to a young street ruffian as revenge for the boy's mother saying she doesn't date soldiers. The monument to the greatest musketeer of all time..... whose name escapes everyone.... The Bluecoat guard on the left is not overly thrilled to be wasting his youth guarding a door, while the guard on the right is just plain tickled not to have been posted to an actual combat unit. The roof comes off for ventilation on very hot days. Apparently. A bizarre little ritual, but a necessary part of the training. Apparently some of the bricks in the wall started to separate when I carried it downstairs to photograph it. Ah well, free lighting. I had wanted to use more vegetation in the courtyard, but I'm saving my trees for a different project.
  4. Reekardoo

    The 3 Musketeers

    Hello. The first of three sets inspired in the work of Alexandre Dumas - The adventures of D'Artagnan and the three Musketeers - - Hope you like it! Cheers! Enjoy and leave your opinions.
  5. [pid][/pid] 248C Sorting through the CMS minifigs gave me this idea for the PhLUG MMM:CMS challenge. Sounds like an even match! AC