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Found 7 results

  1. I recreated set 40586 (Moving Truck GWP) in blue, and changed the wheels, rear-view mirrors, front bumper, and a few other things. You may be asking why I chose blue for the truck. The answer is simple: I had two blue wheel arches lying around unused, and this neatly solves that! The rear of the truck. The roof comes off and the ramp slides out. Also in this picture you can see the cabin door opens. The roof of the cab section also comes off to seat a driver at the wheel. Thoughts?
  2. Hi, This building is stuffed with power functions and lights, so please take a look at more pictures and movies on my flickr. Short movie: see here. More detailed shots (but poorer quality - I have some problems with camera): see here. I was inspired by special kind of nativity scenes called "Kraków szopka" (see here). However final result looks rather like "Gasthaus". I should mention that all elements are powered by one Lego motor. And they could be driven manually by one crank. And this is my first creation where Lego Technic parts (gears etc.) are doing their proper work (they are not used just for decorations).
  3. The driving idea behind this MOC, was to have moving targets. Once I had those designed, I figured some functional ballistas would be a good addition, so the build basically became a target game. Both the large targets move together, and you can conceal one target at a time inside the control building. I also experimented with a dark tan and dark green landscape, and am pretty pleased with the result. The Annual Marksman tournament at Valholl consists of standard archery, and a separate competition with moving targets for ballistas. Who will win this year? More pics here. C&C always appreciated
  4. First off, thanks for checking out my build! This MOC originally involved a few mini-scale resistance X-Wings on display, but then I encountered Jason Allemann's (JK Brickworks)'s video on his kinetic sculpture of Sisyphus endlessly pushing the boulder up the mountain. This is where my inspiration to make a moving vignette came from. The terrain on the top of the gear box is supposed to represent any number of desert planets you want it to be, most likely Jakku though. ;) Anyways, three's a link to a video of the thing in action right below the first picture, the font is huge you can't miss it. Once again, thanks for checking this out! If you have any constructive criticism don't hesitate to comment, hope you like it! :) -Alec DSC_0460 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr CLICK THE LINK TO SEE IT IN ACTION! DSC_0457 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0451 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0449 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0456 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0459 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr
  5. Hey there, My question especially for those who've moved to another country for good (EU zone, UK to be exact); Will be moving to UK if everything goes according to plan, want to move my collection as i invested a lot both in money and in effort. Anyone did something like this? Any of your comments, opinions, suggestions are welcome. Do i need to pay any import taxes for private goods? Will be shipping to myself. What method should be used? Which company could be used? Any known international movers? Any occurred problems/solutions? Thank you.
  6. Hi All, I've spend the last weeks time on building a new bridge for my trains. I wanted something that was big enough for ships to pass through, inspired by JANGBRiCKS' Drawbridge. With the 42042 set containing a lot of liftarms, I got a set off that and started to work. The result is a blue/grey bridge spanning over 64 studs, and raises for ships to pass: LEGO Train bridge The mechanism uses the boom system from the Crawler Crane, with some modifications: LEGO Train bridge LEGO Train bridge LEGO Train bridge It's all controlled from the house next to the bridge: LEGO Train bridge Where the person in charge has a nice view of the tracks and bridge: LEGO Train bridge LEGO Train bridge Here is a little video of it in action. Video of trains passing: Now I just need to build a harbour... ;-)
  7. Since I started collecting again 3 years ago, space has gotten tight, really tight. I had been keeping everything LEGO at my parents house. Then on January 18/19 I decided to rent a van and move it downtown to my building, closer too my apartment, where I can store it in a more comfortable, spacious, location. Now their weight is better distributed. Used sets are now 4-5, instead of 6-8, similar goes for the newer sets. Unfortunately this will only be a temporary, as this ex-communications room they are in will most likely be renovated and rented later this year. When this happens, I will move it into another location in my building. It took a few friends and I around four hours and two trips in a 10' UHaul. The hardest part was getting everything out of the room, downstairs, and into the truck. Couple that with a four inch snowfall, covered windy roads, and potholes, and you had our saturday evening. We only used two ratchet-straps and some care placement to secure the opened set bins on the first trip. A tarp and blankets and short stacks to transport the new sets. After a 15 minute, 4 mile drive, everything arrived safe, with only a single lever/antenna falling off an old fireboat. Unloading was very fast thanks to a loading bay, some carts, and freight elevator. A straight shot to 2nd floor and an hour of stacking boxes and it was done. I figured I shoot the move, but wish I would have had pics of the weather that night. Serving double as a record if anything bad happened to these, as we all know how valuable some of these are. Next I will be photographing the contents of the storage bins, as much has changed since 2011. Plus, I've always liked those 'I Spy' books, and looking at a photo shooting down into those bins is very reminiscent IMO. So here is a move of an AFOL with a serious problem