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Found 5 results

  1. To complement explosive boats and direct fire artillery, the foreigners, now identified as Royal Engineers, had brought with them plans and equipment for long range defences, and with the assistance local manpower an artillery platform for heavy siege mortars was quickly erected. Able to lop explosive bombs accurately over great distances, it would be a threat to any besieging fleet or moored vessel. The builders now gone, the Corlander engineers are drilling the local garrison in the use of the mortars. Being accustomed to direct fire artillery, the mathematics and fire control of indirect fire is taking some getting used to. One of the garrison has made the mistake of standing before the gun as it fires, disregarding the warning from the instructor. The nature of indirect fire means communication with nearby outposts is of the utmost importance, which means a semaphore has been set up in conjunction with the battery. Further, to aid in fire control a spotting tower with optical equipment allows correction of elevation and azimuth for the artillery.
  2. As part of the initiative to build gunboats for colonial protection, the boatyards in King's Harbour have been busy designing and building two types of gunboats to augment the effective, but rather small, Colonial Gunboat Mark I, the similar WTC designs, the converted whale boats of the Paradise Islands, and another heavy gun sloop out of King's Harbour. This has resulted in the following two designs: The Artillery Sloop No. 1, and Gun Sloop No. 2. Artillery Sloop No. 1: A heavily armed gunboat favouring firepower over agility. The main propulsion consists of the sails, while the oars serve mainly for short range manoeuvring, training of the guns, and calms weather attacks. At the bow, a 32 pounder carronade is mounted for close quarter combat, together with two heavy mortars for long range. At the stern, two 18 pounders are placed. Overall, this small mortar sloop has the firepower of a far larger ship, and can punch holes in any enemies it may encounter. Gun Sloop No. 2: A swift and agile gun sloop for coastal and port defence, as well as local patrolling. In a calm, such sloops may attack becalmed vessels, which are helpless to return fire. The 18 pounder at its bow can punch holes in all but the largest vessels, and the small mortar at the stern gives some extra firepower for long range engagements. Apart from the 10 oars, the gun sloop is a swift sailor. The lug sail and mast can be stowed when not in use. Both will be licensed as class 2 warships.
  3. All submissions must be given freely for reuse.
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    British Mortars

    [pid][/pid] Cannon MOC Other 3C Hello, we have seen some interesting custom-made cannons and mortars recently which got me inspired to create something myself. So, here is the Royal Horse Artillery testing out the latest mortar models: Some detail shots: I have always loved the Royal Horse Artillery (I used to have some plastic soldiers) and so I am very happy to have recreated them here. (I had the grey barrels for a long time not know what to do with them...) Have a nice Sunday! [New pics (October) below in the post!]
  5. pcvando

    Mortar Barge Artillery

    Hello! Here is my first Eurobricks MOC post, It is a mortar barge, used during various conflicts by all sides during the 17th, and 18th centuries (possibly earlier and after) to defend ports and harbours. It could be towed by a larger ship, as it cannot move on its own, or it could be positioned and anchored for effective defence. The ship consisted of a simple flat top barge, usually wooden, with a 36inch mortar, additional shot, powder, and other items necessary for its operation. It also had a crew (usually of about three) to operate it. I have decided to recreate it, building off of the "Kraken Attacken" Lego set (What a strange name XD) It is simple, but features some planks for support, with the mortar in the interior, and enough firepower to stop a large vessel, or siege a city! Below are a few photos of the vessel, crew and mortar design!