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  1. The tale begins thusly, pray forgive my long prattle From Eubric did come great warriors of battle Our heroes did wander to the edges of town The mission their focus as a light snow fell down Off to the Mopags over streets which did glisten When past some bell ringers each paused for a listen "A merry Grogmas to you heroes! What takes you about on this cold dreary day?" "Perhaps you could spare some fine coin during this merriest of seasons to aid the poor of Eubric?" THE PARTY Nerwen Calmcacil (Chromeknight) *Party Leader* 265 year old female Elven Shaman Level 40.4 *Immune to sealed* *Gains Double EXP* *Restoration* *Counterstriking* Power bonus:,+8 Defense: 1 Health: 62 Ether: 49 Gold: 425 Equipment: Mourning Star (WP: 10; Fire-elemental; inflicts Fragile-effect; mace), Lesser etherial cloak (SP:1, Max. ether +3, immune to sealed; backwear), Medal of Valor (Double experience from battles; accessory), Chameleon Vest (Max. Health +10, the user becomes able to absorb the last element it was damaged with; bodywear), Counterstrike Gloves, Barbarians boots (natural, respite becomes restoration) Inventory: Weapons: Nocturne Flute (WP:6; causes asleep-effect; instrument), Mutt's Flute (WP:10; inflicts Weakened-effect; instrument), Party Maracas (WP:4; user is hastened; instrument), Battered wooden flute (WP:6; Darkness-elemental; instrument), Sword of the Warrior of the Light (WP: 14; Light-Elemental, Meditate becomes hits; longsword), Bent Crowbar (WP: 8; 3x damage to Mechanic enemies; hammer), Singing Sword (WP 10; causes bleeding, longsword/instrument) Artifacts: Leather armour (SP:1; Bodywear), Zap-Tap Badge (1/2 chance to Electric counterstrike an opponent who has dealt damage to a hero, equal to the hero's level; Accessory), Shield (SP: 5), Nordic Stomach Guard (SP: 3; Immunity to Ice and Water; Bodywear; Suitable for Barbarians, Regulators, and Beast Warriors), Shield of the Red Lizard (SP: 2; Immune to Blind), Seal of the Warrior Priestess (At the beginning of the battle the user has a 1/6 chance to be Transcended, a 1/6 chance to be Blessed, and a 1/6 chance to be Inspired; Accessory; Suitable for Paladins), Trickster's Mask of the Angel, Razor (user is Blessed and Immune to Bleeding, Enraged, and Encouraged; May take up any artifact slot; requires a shaved head), Helm of the Lord of Light (Immune to Light and Jinxed; headwear; Suitable for Knights), Sylvania's Cowl (Permits Animal Talk, Headwear), Encore Plectrum (if the same Battle Song is sung for more than one round in a row, the song’s ether cost for the consecutive rounds is halved; suitable to minstrels; accessory.) Gems: Opal (2), Topaz (2), Diamond (2), Amethyst, Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby Scrolls: Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Fragile, Scroll of Confusion, Hundred Hero Hymn (Inspired-effect to all allies for 10 ether; song), Consumables: Phoenix essence (3), Potions (10), Grand potion (2), Health Core, Tonics (3), Grand tonic, Ether Core (2), Ambrosia (4), Elixirs (2), Remedies (6), Neutralisers (2), Tiger Balm (2), Nostrum (2), Smelling Salts (2), Venom (4), Mulled Wine, Dragon Scale (lucky & blessed), Titan Heart (encouraged & inspired), Fire Bomb, Ice Bombs (2), Lightning Bomb, Water Bombs (2), Dirt Bombs (2), Air Bomb, Bone, Milk (restores 15 HP and 15 Ether), Red Death Blood (Once applied to a weapon the first successful hit deals doomed, consumable) (2), Sushi (restores 5 health and ether), Feather of Lithe (user is nimble for three rounds, 1/3 chance to avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits), Grating Stone, Bright Polish (2) Tools: Shovel, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass, Telescope Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-) 213 years old male elf Mystic Knight Level: 34.75 *Nimble* *Restores 1 ether whenever damage is taken* *Immune to All Elements, Sealed, Blind, Weakened, Confused, Sleep, Fragile, Cursed, Poisoned and Bleeding* Power: 48 (Level 34 + WP 14) Defense: 15 (5 + 10) Health: 45/45 (5 + 33 + 7) Ether: 44/44 (5 + 33 + 5 + 1) Gold: 1063 Equipment: Alpha and Omega (WP: 14, dual healing/spellcasting at the cost of 2 ether, Hollow [Grand Potion stored], staves), Shield of Elvenkind (SP:10, restores 1 ether to wielder every time they take damage; shield), Norgh Armor (SP:5, Immunity to Darkness, Light, Fire, Ice, Water, Wood, Wind, Lightning, Earth damage and Sealed, Blind, Fragile, Weaken, Sleep and Confused, bodywear), Blessed Amulet (Protects from Cursed-effect; accessory), Sterile Gloves (Immunity to Poisoned and Bleeding, handwear), Elven Boots (Wearer is permanently Nimble; suitable to elves; footwear) Inventory: Gems: Zirconia (Gem containing all elements; cannot be merged into equipment), Amethyst (Darkness) x3, Diamond (Light), Aquamarine (Water), Opal (Ice) Garnet (Earth), Scrolls: Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Elemental Aura (Enables the user to cause the target's attacks deal only elemental damage corresponding to a gem available to the user for the duration of one battle. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 5 ether) Weapons: Despair (WP: 21, darkness-elemental, physical attacks and spells deal double damage to enemies inflicted with any negative effects, staff), War Blade (WP: 17, double WP against lower level enemies; greatsword), Nightfall (WP: 11, Darkness-elemental, absorbs 2 health on successful hits, Hollow [Nothing stored], dagger), Sleeper (WP: 4, deals Asleep to enemies it hits, Hollow Upgrade [Nothing stored], melee/throwing weapon), Duplovian Swift Halberd (WP: 10, deals Stunned on successful hits, Hollow [nothing stored]) Broomstick (WP:9, ranged), Handy Shield (SP:4, Immune to Blinded) Artifacts: Slightly Less Lucky Die (Randomly causes the Lucky or Jinxed effect when used, costs 3 ether), Ribcage Shield (SP:11; every time the wielder takes a hit, the shield loses one SP; gives immunity to Doomed and Sudden Death for as long the shield has SP left), Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing, headwear), , Winged Sandals (Protects from Bound and Slowed effects, footwear), Heart Locket (Protects from Enamored-effect; accessory), Snake-Eye Charm (Protects from Petrified-effect; accessory), Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles; accessory), Paper Doll (Protects from Hexed-effect; accessory), Cloak of Espionage (Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle, backwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP:1, vermin with level less than half of the wearer's are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; bodywear), Dragoon's Helmet (SP:3, makes wearer absorb attacks of the element of their pet dragon, gaining health instead of damage; suitable for dragoons; headwear), Emerald Hood (SP:4, Immunity to Fragile, headwear), Cloak of Necrotic Shielding (SP:3, provides SPECIAL GUARD against Undead Enemies, backwear), Tin Helmet (Protects from Confused and Hexed effects; headwear), Sharkskin Hide (SP: 1, doubles water elemental spells, bodywear, suitable for mages, necromancers, chi monks, and weather mages), Vexing Vestaments (SP: 3, +8 max ether, the user can no longer heal undead to damage them, but healing humanoid, holy, and luminous enemies will now deal damage and inflict the hexed-effect, suitable for clerics and chi monks) Tools: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass Consumables: Copy of The Eubric Herald (Gives the target the transcended and inspired effects for the duration of one battle), Kraken Fang (Grants hastened and reinforced effects when consumed), Grand Potion (7), Potion (4), Remedy (24), Mead (5), Smelling Salts (8), Nostrum (5), Mulled Wine (4), Elixir (3), Ambrosia, Ether Core (2), Grand Tonic (6), Phoenix Essence (4), Ethereal Essence (Revives a fallen ally with full health and ether and the transcended effect), Bone (4), Smoke Bomb, Blind Bomb (2), Seal Bomb, Sleep Bomb (2), Deluxe Skeleton Decoy, Feather of White, Feather of Flight (2), Demon Repellent, Skeleton Decoy (2), Mithril Shard (1/4 of a piece of Mithril), Crystal Ball (Worth 50 gold, 100 at magic shops), 3 Scrap Metal Vindsval Half-Born (Asphalt) 39 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 34 Paladin *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened, Effects* *Immune to Dark & Demonic enemies* Power Bonus: +8 Defense: 29 Health: 53/53 Ether: 38/38 Gold: 709 Equipment: Wrath Lance (WP:16, causes enraged and burning 10, poison 7 and cursed; Darkness and Fire Elemental, lance), Shikokku's Stealth Suit (SP:6; Power +6, User is immune to Dark & Demonic enemies; Body, Head and Backwear counts as 1 Artifact), Mythril Shield (SP: 20 Shield), Mechanical Arm (Doubles WP for the equipped weapon; wearer cannot become disarmed; suitable for Vindsval only; handwear), Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity toAsleep,Blinded,Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji) Inventory: Consumables: 4X Mead, 3X Smelling Salts, 5X Remedy, Potion, 6X Grand Potion, 3X Smoke Bomb, 4X Tonic, 4X Venom (poison -1), 3X Deadly Poison (Poison -10), Banana, Poison Bomb, 4X Hurricane - This exotic drink grants the Hilariously and Luckily Drunk-effect, doubling the power of every attack, provided the consumer can state a pun related to his attack with every attack for the duration of one battle, Bone, Fenghuang Essence, Agni Bomb, Elixir, Myrrh, Soma, 2X Phoenix Essence Misc: Mythril Shard, 4X Grating Stone, Gold Bar (Collateral from the Demon Germ) Weapons And Shields: Very Pink Parasol: Broomstick, WP:1, Male enemies are Enamored with the hero, Xeno Whip (WP:4, poisoning the Xeno Whip doubles the poison output, whip), Leets d’Loc (WP:9, ice-elemental longsword), Verkenner (WP:10, Broomstick,ranged), Renegade’s Crook (WP: 10, successful healing also poisons the target’s weapon by 3, staff), Simurgh Wingblade (WP:12, cannot be used with a shield; great-sword), Twin Sai (WP: 12, dual strike, dagger), Stygian Blade (WP: 12, Longsword: WP doubled when using it against an Ethereal or Ancient enemy. The aura it exudes seems to be very cold, very luminescent water, the blade of Charon, the Angel of Death.) Crystal Blade: WP: 16, Greatsword. Imbued with a diamond, as is light-elemental as a result. A transparent blade that the fallen angel Glaz wielded), Ludeus: WP: 25 Glowing Blade forged from the body of Immortalis. Be free from your endless burden, argent lord of lightning, and allow this blade to carry on your legacy. Successful hits have a 1/3 chance of Awakening the blade's true power, doubling the sword's WP for the next round. Doubling does not compound. Greatsword/Longsword. Artifacts: Toxic Hood: (Headwear. The green hood worn by the Rosalia Pestilence. Changes the poisoned effect, to Blessed for the duration of the battle if poisoned while wearing the hood, Usable by all.), Ten-Gallon Hat: Gives the wearer the "Tourist" effect, causing no one to take them seriously), Gloves of the Hypocritical/Hippocratic Oath, Handwear, (Adds +10 to healing for characters with the Healing job trait and + 10 Poisoning for characters with the Wicked (or future equivalent) fighting style ), Mythril Mail (SP:10; suitable to knights and barbarians only; bodywear), Anniversary Medal (Power +5, SP +5, Max Health +5, Max Ether +5. Values increase by 1 with each passing year; Accessory), Gauntlets of the Legionnaire (Power +5, immune to Petrified, Handwear), Wanderer's Seal (Vindicator's Seal, grants access to the Vindicator job class; suitable to followers of the Wanderer only) Gems: Emerald X2, Aquamarine X2, Garnet X2, Opal, Topaz Scrolls: Scroll of Poisoning. Can be cast on a weapon to give it Poison 10, for the duration of the battle at the cost of 5 Ether, Scroll of Frailty (Enables casting the Fragile effect to one target for three round. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.) Tools: Bed Roll, Shovel, Magic Compass Matthias (StickFig) Level 27⅔ Druid *⅙ chance of being Encouraged at the start of any battle* *Immune to Ice* *Immune to Bound, Fragile, and Slowed* *Gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed*Power Bonus: 12Defense: 6Health: 37/37Ether: 28/28Gold: 619Abilities: Bearer of the Anvil (Matthias may sacrifice his turn to add his WP or SP to another heroes for the round. He may also improve one weapon at the end of each quest [+1 WP].), Immortal Waters (Once per quest, Matthias can heal himself to full health and remove all negative effects during combat. This does not take up an action.)Equipment: Ethereal Restored Fireball Extraordinaire (WP:11; also hits enemies listed above and below the target; Darkness-, Ice-, and Lightning-elemental; deals Fragile; user is Slowed; hand cannon), Dapper Hat (This amazingly dapper hat gives the wearer a ⅙ chance of being Encouraged at the start of any battle, headwear), Hunter's Plate (SP:4, wearer gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed, suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and winged warriors) (Dreyrugr), Ethereal Rocket Boots (SP:2; immunity to Ice; protects from Bound, Fragile, and Slowed effects; footwear)Inventory: Ethereal XX Handcannon Replica (WP:12, pierces defense, Fire- and Light-elemental, deals Afraid, hand cannon), Peashooter (WP:2, deals Burning -2, hand cannon), Pongcanis Crossbow (WP:8, crossbow), Crocodile Handbag (Max. ether +2, immunity to water; accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Human (Changes the wearer into a human of the same gender when worn, accessory), Winged Sandals (Protects from Bound and Slowed effects, footwear), Ethereal Garnet (Earth and Sealed), 2x Adamantite Shard (¼ of a full Adamantite ore, used for adamantizing weapons), 8x Bone (Distracts the target for the duration of 1 round, preventing Free Hits; worth 5 gold in magic shops), Deadly Venom, 2x Elixir, Grand Potion, Grating Stone, Potion, 2x Red Death Blood, 4x Remedy, 4x Shattering Arrow (Lowers enemy SP by 5, suitable for classes with bows and crossbows), 4x Tonic, Smoke Bomb, Zhar-ptitsa Incense (Revives all party members to full health and grants the Blessed, Reinforced, and Transcended effects, consumable), Bedroll, Magic CompassQuest Items: Guffington's Seal (Proves the hero is a Friend of Guffington - the hero starts every quest with one Hero's Cocktail (Makes the hero Encouraged, Hastened, Lucky, and Inspired, consumable)) Monk Pretzel (Played by Palathadric)463-year-old male "hermit" Artisan *Reinforced*Level: 36 2/4Power Bonus: 2Defense: 32Health: 69/69Gold: 3865Equipment: Dual Staff (WP: 10; Ice, Lightning, Fire, Wind, Light; Deals *Bleeding 3*; Dual Strike; Staff), Darksteel Armour (SP: 6; Max. Health +3; Bodywear), Armour of Dark Arts (SP: 10; Takes up: Bodywear, Handwear, Footwear slots; counts as one artifact; Suitable to Knights, Dragoons, and Skirmishers), Marauder’s Mantle (Grants permanent reinforced effect; Suitable to Marauders; Backwear), Soul Link Chain (Allows the user to pair up with another party member, each of them gaining all the effects that the other has. The partner has to equip the chain as well (ie. one chain can be shared by two people); Accessory)Inventory:Weapons: Tyrant's Maul (WP: 28; causes *Hexed*; Hammer), Quarterstaff (WP: 4/8 against Humanoids; Staff), Flying Cross (WP: 11; Darkness; Broomstick), Splinter Broom (WP: 10; 1/2 chance to deal *Stunned*; defies SP; Broomstick), Whip of Savage Overlords (WP: 9; ⅙ chance of inflicting the *Slowed* effect; Whip), Heaven and Hell (WP: 25; Darkness; Dual-Strike; Whip), Steak (WP: 1; instantly kills vampires on successful hits; suitable for all), Staff of the Necromancer (WP: 12; damages Undead; +1 Level to raised Undead; Staff), Shadeaux Mace (WP: 9; deals *Fragile* effect; Mace), Glacial Mace (WP: 12; has 1/2 chance to cause *Slowed*; Ice-elemental; Mace), Shredding Star (WP: 13; removes all temporary effects from the target; Mace)Artifacts: Strategist's Shako (+5 power while in the front row, +5 SP while in the back; Headwear), Bloody Skull Helmet (SP: 3; heals wearer by the amount of health other combatants lose by *Bleeding* at the end of each round; Headwear), Duplovian Helmet (SP: 2; Immune to Magic and Healing; Headwear), Burning Knuckle Helmet (SP: 10; Wearer suffers Burning -3 effect; Suitable for Anyone; Headwear), White Ninja Cowl (Once per battle, the wearer can choose to hide for up to three rounds, avoiding Free Hits; the effect ends if the user targets an enemy; suitable to rogues, beast warriors, chi monks and infiltrators; Headwear), Bumble Fanshirt (SP: 1; Vermin with level less than half of the wearers are scared and won't directly attack the wearer; Bodywear), Order Imperial Prophet's Armor (SP: 8; Grants Command; Suitable for Prophets; Bodywear), Duke's Coat-of-Arms (SP: 5; Protects against *Fragile* and all *Poisons*; Suitable for Knights, Dragoons, Skirmishers and Regulators; Bodywear), Infernal Armor (SP: 10; absorbs Fire; suitable to knights, dragoons, regulators, skirmishers and vindicators; Bodywear), Cloak of the Grand Vizier (SP: 6 multiplied by the number of party members; Grants immunity to Darkness, Wood, Earth, Water, Light, Fire, Lightning, Wind, *Blinded*, and *Confused*; Backwear), Cloak of the Barbaric Runecaster (SP: 3; wearer creates and deploys a Skeleton Decoy at the start of every battle; Suitable for Battle Mages, Necromancers, and Scholars; Backwear), Ethereal Cloak (SP: 2, Max Ether +4; Backwear), Rock Gauntlets (Grants the wearer Iron Fist at no ether cost; Suitable for anyone; Handwear), Counterstrike Gloves (Handwear), Soothing Slippers (Meditation restores 5 ether; Footwear), Shackles of War (Accessory), Lens of Speed Reading (allows a scroll to be read in addition to a normal action; Accessory; Suitable for scroll users), The Good Book (Grants the Convert job trait - the user can turn any allied or neutral NPC to their faith, gaining their respect; user gains 10 gold from each conversion; suitable to Monk Pretzel only; Accessory), Scholar’s Codex (Makes negative effect scrolls deal non-elemental damage equal to the user’s level when successfully used, but also cost 1 ether more; suitable to scholars only; Accessory), Book of Artisan's Tricks (At the beginning of the quest, wearer may choose to copy another class' ability (the copied ability can be used at will until the end of the quest; Accessory; Suitable for Artisans)Gems: Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Aquamarine, Ethereal Opal (Ice and Fragile)Scrolls: Scroll of *Sealing*, Scroll of *Blindness*, Scroll of *Confusion*, Scroll of *Sleep*, Scroll of *Frailty*, Scroll of *Weakening*, Scroll of *Minimizing* (Has 1/2 chance of causing the *Minimizing*-effect on the target; costs 10 ether.), Scroll of Arc *Sleep*, Scroll of Elemental Aura (Enables the user to cause the target's attacks deal only elemental damage corresponding to a gem available to the user for the duration of one battle. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 5 ether)Consumables: 8 Potions, 20 Grand Potions, Cherry (Restores 1 ether), 2 Tonics, 4 Grand Tonics, Ether Core, 15 Remedies, 3 Neutralizers, Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), 2 Phoenix Incenses, 6 Phoenix Essences, 4 Meads, 5 Smelling Salts, Soma, 5 Nostrum, 5 Mulled Wine, Dragon Scale (lucky & blessed), Titan Heart (encouraged & inspired), Tiger Balm, 5 Venoms, 5 Deadly Venoms, 2 Paralyzing Venoms, 3 Jinxy Juices, 5 Smoke Bombs, 2 Fire Bombs, Holy Bomb, Military Grade Fire Bomb, 2 *Blind* Bombs, 2 *Seal* Bombs, 2 *Sleep* Bombs, Plague Bomb (Causes 15 damage and *Poisoned* by 15 -effect to all opponents when used.), 2 *Stun* Bombs, 2 *Confuse* Bombs, 6 Bones, Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the *Poisoned* by 7 and Cursed effects permanently), Strong Wasabi (-2 *Poisoned* permanently), Grating StoneTools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Shovel, Magic Compass, Magic Shovel (will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest) QM Note: Welcome to all, please ensure your stats are all correct. Just as a heads up, I've got a trip to Europe in the middle of January, but that's the only hiccup I currently forsee for the quest. Otherwise, I hope to to update this quest rather attentively as we've had a rash of too many quests of late treating the 24hr rule as the usual rather than the minimum.