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  1. *Your entry has earned 8XP* 39 BY - Kamino - Somewhere underneath the surface. Clevor Hrof : He is masquerading as a Guru, with title of Kan… Berig Mell : What is a Kan, master ? : Smoke and Mirrors ! : Halt !! No one shall pass !! Especially human ! Du Du Park : Mesa not human ! Mesa pass ! : Three miserable non-humans request audience... : I inform his Highness. ************** Great Guru : ROOOOOO ZZZZZZ ROOOOFLLLLLL ROOOOOO ZZZZZ :Great Guru : ROOOOOO ZZZZZZ Hu ? Whazappend ? Guard : Three miserables non-humans request audience, your Highness ! : Mmmmmh ?! Miserables ! I hate the poor !! Grrmmmblll, OK let's go ! : HIS HIGHNESS, SKIPPY THE KAN GURU WILL RECEIVE THE REQUESTERS FOR THE GLORY OF PAST ATLANTIS ! Clevor Hrof : Greetings, Vigo ! Skippy ( to the first guard ) : Tell me, scumbag, you let human in !! Guard : Errrr… I’m sorry Skippy : You’re a bonehead Callaghan, wave off !! Clevor Hrof : Even the Vigos erect themselves temple, now ? Berig Mell : Superiority complex, Master. Du Du Park : Oyi, mooie-mooie ! How luxury ! : I'm not sure I truly understand, but I'm sure you won't join the Atlantis Mercy Mission for Non-Human, will you ? : Don’t play games with me, you’re not on any mercy mission… Skippy : Nevertheless, I’m the Guru Skippy ! Clevor Hrof : You’re part of Black Sun, and one of the nine ! You have to come with us to Coruscant ! Skippy : I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I have such a busy schedule ! and Coruscant is so far away… SHANDOOOOR, my organizer !! Shandor : Here you are your Highness ! Skippy : When will I be likely to have some spare time to come with our guests ? Shandor : Not before 3 cycles I’m afraid, your Aquatic Luminosity… Skippy : So the audience is over, dear sirs, please come back in 3 cycles. Clevor Hrof : I really enjoy your little display, but you will come with us… Right now ! Du Du Park : Youssa under arrest ! Skippy : So, you join or you move but I have some spiritual work to do now ! : You come with us to Coruscant ! Skippy : No, I won'ta. What you think you're some kinda Jedi, waving your hand around like that ? I'm a Qiraash. Mind tricks don'ta work on me ! Guards, this gentlemen are leaving, show them out !! *** A short tussle later *** Clevor Hrof : The Jedi Council's orders are not to be questionned, Vigo ! Skippy : So be it Jedi !! Clevor Hrof : Arrghhhh ! Du Du Park : How wude ! Berig Mell : Damn it !! It's a Sith Lord !! Berig Mell : Garrglll Du Du Park : Oooie, I'm falling. Du Du Park (running) : Mooie, mesa running ! Skippy : If you will not join, you will be destroyed ! (now unleashing Force Lightnings) SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAK Du Du Park : Aooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww ! Skippy : Young fool...only now, at the end, do you understand. SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK ! Du Du Park : Aowwwwww Skippy : Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side. You have paid the price for your lack of vision !! And now my little Jedi, you join the Dark Side or you die !! SCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK !!! Du Du Park : Aoooooooooooooowwww ! Mesa join ! Mesa join ! Skippy : Perfect my friend... you were full of fear, so of potential : fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate… leads to power ! Du Du Park : Teach mesa, my Master ! Skippy : Gnerk gnerk gnerk gnerk ! C&C welcome, that's my first entry for Ep 2 with the Molavar seed part. The lightsabers and the Force Lightnings were photosoped, but it is according to the parts original colors and just for much more "star wars good looking purpose" not for faking/cheating/etc... pics without photoshop are in the bonus following