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Found 11 results

  1. Pate-keetongu

    New Century City Block II

    This is posted before Block I for this is newer and the photographies of this one is better - being only 64x96 studs I was able to rotate it in the studio. Now. This is a block of early 1900s modular houses. They are not built with LEGO's standards, they're bigger and have no interiors (nor inner walls, floors and so on). Goal was to create interesting and impressive outer forms of buildings. Grand Hotel Masaryk is inspired by Grand Hotel Europe in Prague. Due to heavy use of SNOT, the construction id rather complex, but sturdy nonetheless. Bright colours create contrast with the neighbours. Olofslott begin with idea to build a larger building on 45 degree angle. There is a large tower with a glass dome and various bays to create interesting shape. It is inspired by Olofsborg house in Katajanokka, Helsinki, and Imatra State Hotel, two masterpieces of Finnish Art Nouveau. House of the Brick Wall is inspired by National Museum of Finland. The curved wall has more modern feel on it. The curved roof was very tricky bit to build. Louhi represents Finnish Squared Rubble using natural stone national romantiscm. It is inspired by Old Poli on Lönnrotinkatu, Helsinki, and Tampere Cathedral in my hometown. I was curious wether people would like the bare plate walls or not - I think they're quite close to the look I was trying to achieve. The rope bridge gateway was there from the beginning. Lots of talk and some extra shots on the blog Cyclopic Bricks. Thanks for watching! Build on!
  2. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] New Century Corner

    The New Century Corner, a display of five modular houses inspired by early 1900s architecture which I love. This was built for a LUG collaborative modular town in Model Expo 2016 that took place couple of weeks ago. From left to right: House of Two Whistling Geezers, House of Two Sisters, House of the Bat-Lord and Three Sinners, The House of Secret Society of Aviation, The House of Golden Frogs. The houses were built by first tablescrapping some interesting bits and the creating the rest of the building around them. That's what I usually do, anyway. The first of the houses (Two Sisters) was built in last November and the last (Bat-lord and sinners) was finished couple of week before the event. I might expand this to a whole block in the future, with four corner modulars and several houses between them. More pictures and talk on the blog.
  3. Hi all, The parts arrived today so here's another 16x16 mini modular house. This time it's the domestic bliss that is The Tower of Orthanc from Lord of the Rings. It is very cloudy here in Ireland today but I did my best to compensate with the camera settings. It's far from ideal but I took the picture anyway. Hope ya like it :D
  4. Ansmoc Studio

    [AnsMoc Studio] The Grand Piano

    Brick Count:259 bricks Design:3 hrs Post-Production:10 hrs (the cons of pov-ray :o) ) Design Principle With reference to Hikada's design Various studless construction techniques and a white and gold colour scheme are used to optimize the beauty of the form A perfectly accurate scale is adopted so that your pianist can now interact with you model Hope you all would support my work on Lego Ideas and I am much obliged to see my work being the inspirations of yours For detailed description, please visit my project on Lego Ideas : 3 by
  5. BrickOn

    MOC My first modular house

    So I bought the Palace Cinema last weekend and as I built it I slowly became more hooked and wanted more. My next purchase will be the Parisian Restaurant (but I am trying to cut back on Lego), so until then I needed a fix and decided to MOC a house to go on the street. My first Modular MOC, on Flickr It took all my available useful bricks and as I got to the first floor I realised I would need to dismantle something to continue and so the Toyshop creator set came apart (but as you can see I liked some of its features so decided to keep them in the build). Originally the house went right to the back of the baseplate, but then I literally did run out of bricks (in anything other than primary colours) so I resized to make a backyard area at the rear. View from behind, on Flickr I wanted to include an interior but was running low on inspiration at this point so the current occupant lives a very spartan life and had a perchance for black. Ground floor, on Flickr Ground floor interior, on Flickr And the upstairs is even more bare... First floor, on Flickr The building was designed to go next to the Cinema and so I wanted the build to blend with the building, but also be a little different to keep the street interesting (the street will be growing). And so my street begins, on Flickr Finally this was all done with my existing bricks, and I want to put an order in to get some more bricks to finish the build off properly, I will definitely be ordering some tiles to finish off the edges and some plain white bricks (the final part of the building was built with white plates and 1x1 bricks). I'll also improve the bathroom. Any comments and suggestions for improvement will be really useful because I can add the stuff to my next order! Cheers :-)
  6. andybear@hk

    MOC : ShangHai Bun Restaurant

    Hi all, Last month I had build my First Chinese Modular House, Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. also in LEGO Idea Here come the second one, Chinese Modular House #2 ShangHai Bun Restaurant. This building is another type of Chinese style, which is selling Shanghai Bun. Same as last one, full of different details and 4 different outlook in each size. Many Thanks for watching and comments. Outlook Shanghai Bun Restaurant with Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant Different modular Kitchen and a store room at first floor Restaurant at second floor more photo in my flickr album Many thanks for watching
  7. andybear@hk

    MOC: Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant

    Hi all, lets share my new MOC, Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant. A Chinese style modular house within 4 different surface. a small garden and small temple in left size and a kitchen build by stone in the back. front door a hawker selling some snacks A garden in left size with one table, and a small temple in the corner door open, go inside the kitchen and the Chinese style chef the woman is in cashier 2/F thats the end thanks for watching, also, many photo in my flickr ablum
  8. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Ambrose Street 23

    This house was built for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo RY's house contest on Model Expo 2015. It won the third place on both audience and LUG member voting. I was going with jugend style at the beginning, up the house ended up being more neo-gothic. There are no interior and not even floors. There are more talking on my blog. Enjoy.
  9. I fell in love with canal houses since the first day of my Amsterdam trip this may, and started designing it next morning after return. I did my best to keep all the distinctive features of a canal house. First off all, you can notice that the canal houses are narrow and deep. They were designed so to minimize taxes, which, at that time, depended on the width of facade. Amsterdam is situated on a swamp land, therefore facades were built of light bricks with large windows to reduce the weight. Another interesting feature with windows is that they become shorter from ground floor to the top. This makes an illusion that building is higher than it actually is. Also note some kind of a plaque just above the door. Three hundred years ago, only small percent of people could read, and plaques helped to identify name or profession of the owner. Because canal houses were built narrow, staircases were also narrow, making it a big problem to take furniture and goods up. To solve the problem hooks were placed on the top of the house, allowing to lift what you need and pass it through the window. Red bike. Thanks to many factors, like flat terrain, narrow streets and desire to decrease car-accident deaths Amsterdam became one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Nowadays there are more than 400 km of bike paths and 1 200 000 bicycles (even more than citizens). About 100 000 of them are stolen each year, and therefore our bike is securely locked. Pls support this canal house on Lego Ideas: (You could also find there story behind the building and more pics, in higher quality)
  10. This is my Police Station. Maybe someone have seen it on rebrickable or in my store at Bricklink. 4012 pieces without furniture or 4902 with furniture!!! If you are hero to build the instructions are ready for you!!! You can find more pictures at: If you want please visit also my facebookpage or my Bricklink store: http://www.bricklink...e.asp?p=ste2208 I hope you can enjoy with it!!! Stefano
  11. F0NIX

    MOC: Diagonal Road

    B-OM-34C On this MOC I wanted to do something different. I was a bit tired of all the straight roads with 90 degree corners of all roads in the typical LEGO city. I wanted to do a big modification of the well known Grand Emporium and make a connection over a diagonal road to a building with a modern look. These pictures was taken before I finished of the roof of the modern building as I was out of ideas on how to do it so I asked for help on the Norwegian LUG Brikkelauget. And someone replied that he had trouble with curved and slanted building techniques in LEGO. And I thought that was a very good idea so the roof got both curved and slanted. Another one said the top should be more like a café with panoramic view, so I tried to do that also... This picture from above show the shape of the modern building. Here are both buildings together (the modern building is not finished at this point): I dont have a good picture of the creation after it was finished. But here is one from LEGO Fan Weekend 2012 in Skærbæk: Photo taken by L@go