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Found 6 results

  1. Good Day. Today I present a military tow truck inspired by the JSDF one. The base truck is (Mitsubishi) Fuso Super Great FX 6x6 - the self-defence force exclusive variant. My model has full suspension, with "leaf springs" (flexaxles) all around. Drive is permanent 6x6 with 1x M-motor (was decent without cabin and superstructure, but with those added the performance became abysmal), steering is done via another M-motor downgeared with a wormgear. In-cabin steering wheels is moved via a micromotor with rubber belt drive. The truck is built in Tecnic figure scale, with customised front tires to make up for lack of proper width tires in TLG inventory. The crane is completely manual, with all functions controlled via gears on the outside. The function list is: -Outriggers capable of lifting the rear -Boom elevation -Boom rotation (no gearing, just swiwels with some friction to keep it in place) -Boom extension (with stops via a ratcheted gear and an end-stop to prevent the boom from falling out) -Hoisting -Rear winch All in all a mediocre build, but quite happy about it considering how disinterested I was in building something recently. A major improvement would be a L-motor for drive, but there's not enough space in this chassis, a perfect fit would be the mini motor Efferman shown a prototype of. Steering is a tad floppy as well, it was caused by my preferrance for a higher ground clearance, although even if it weren't floppy, the CV joints have a teenncy to pop out due to all the stress (heavy model with suspension and no differentials). The boom has a low weight limit, topping out at about 200g, heavier loads cause the boom to flex until it breaks - unless it is fully contracted, in which case I was able to lift about 400g. I have a complete chassis with a partial cabin lxf file, but I doubt anyone would be interested in building it, so I'll upload the model as is on []Brickshelf[/url] . Video: Photos: Cya!
  2. I’ve been troubled by the vulnerability of LEGO parts on heavy models for a long time. Especially some crucial parts related to drivetrains, like universal joint, bevel gear, etc. One solution I can think of is to distribute torque by using multiple drivetrains. Instead of using 2 groups of motors driving the wheels on each side respectively, I built a live axle chassis with a dual-drivetrain system. In this way we don’t lose the benefit of differential while cornering. I actually designed 2 experimental MOCs utilizing this system. Today I’m gonna show you one of them - Mitsubishi Pajero. Bodywork is based on the very first generation of Pajero series, which was introduced in 1982. Some details have been exaggerated for a better looking, like the bull bar, rooftop, and engine hood. This MOC is built more for aesthetic purposes. Due to wheelbase concern, it’s only rear-wheel drive. Luckily both front and rear suspensions are quite responsive, which will help just a little bit on tractions when driving off-road. Each drivetrain is driven by an L Motor, rotates in opposite directions, and together they drive a single differential. I also managed to put a 2-speed linear gearbox in it. some renders to show them all: Outdoor test: I never expected it to have a great performance given the fact that it is 2-wheel drive and those 62.4mm tyres have a really bad traction. I think it is acceptable for its configuration. More photos: Upcoming New MOC This new MOC is a 4x4 model with a similar but different drivetrain. It is still an unfinished prototype, but I can’t help giving you guys a sneak peek of it. Stay tuned and enjoy
  3. Hi everyone! Its that time again! MOC time! This isn't the chick car Eclipse, the older one is manly! It will hopefully have -FWD -Suspension -Opening doors -Opening Doors and trunk -Lights -Engine -RC Gearbox (Piterx, I need your help ) Updates coming soon! Feedback, help, and critics appreciated !
  4. Welcome everybody :) Today I’d like to present my new MOC. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Specifications Scale 1:8 Length 74s / width 31s / height 21,5s (60/24,5/17 cm) Weight: 3700 g Front suspension: McPherson struts with realistic geometry – Caster, Camber and Ackerman Rear suspension: independent, multilink 4x4 drive 4-speed gearbox AA + AAA Battery Box 6 motors Functions Driving (2 XL + L) Steering (L) Changing gears (M) Locking central diffrential (M) Led headlights (switch) Working steering wheel Opened bonnet Opened trunk Opened doors (front with lock) History From a long time I wanted to build Lancer Evo. When I saw Impreza WRX STi built by Pipasseyoyo, I knew that I have to make his “eternal rival” – Evo. What’s more I prefer Lancer than Impreza :) I started building at the end of the May. It went quite fast and after one week the chassis was done. Unfortunately I created the body not as fast, because I finished it few days ago. Drivetrain The Mitsubishi is driven by two XLs and one L motor. The XLs are connected with the gearbox. It uses the new driving rings. Then from the other side the drive from gearbox goes to the differential, and from the second one an axle from L motor with reduction 3:1. The differential powers the central differential, which transmits the power to the axles. It is a bit complicated, so there are some diagrams :) Gearbox ratio: I 5:1 II 3:1 III 1,67:1 IV 1:1 The changing gears mechanism is based on that presented by Sariel few months ago. It is powered by M motor. For locking the differential I used M Motor with reduction 3:1. Steering For steering I used L motor, which propel the gear rack 1x13 with ratio 9,6:1. Suspension In the front there are McPherson struts. I tried to imitate them correctly, tahat’s why there is a geometry – Caster, Camber and Ackerman. For depreciation I used 9.5L absorber (from Unimog) and grey 6.5L. In the rear there is multilink independent suspension. I used 9.5L absorber (from Unimog) and yellow 6.5L. Some photos Gallery
  5. I present to your attention my new MOC - Mitsubishi Evo IX. I really like original car, that was the reason to built it in Lego version. In the first version of my machine was two speed gearbox, but I decided to remove it. Due to the heavy weight of the body, electronic parts and old receivers (V1), the machine even with 2 buggy motors drives badly. The model was built to Ukrainian Brick Fest 2014. Features / Functions: 1. Four-wheel drive through a center differential from slow outputs of two buggy motors. 2. Two receivers V1 3. Lockable central differential by M-motor. 4. Fully independent suspension. 5. Opening doors and trunk. 6. You can easily remove the battery boxes. 7. Steering with auto-reset by M-motor. Thank you for watching!
  6. I've been looking at different cars lately and one I really like is the Mitsubishi Evo X. An idea of mine was to create suspension models as small MOCs, similar to how lego made engines as sets a long time ago. But with limited photos it's pretty confusing, but here are some: ^The way I see it, there is one wishbone on top, a pair of separate links at the bottom, and a last link visible in the next photo. Also there is a swaybar, shock, and driveshaft. ^the last link is easily seen here (in the back), and the front is a MacPherson Strut setup. What I wanted to ask is for some feedback on what parts (technic or bionicle) that I could use the replicate this. When I get some decent progress in, I will post photos here. Thanks!