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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I am very interested in your opinions on this? First time in my life i purchased some Lego which are sealed in their boxes, and from 1982. Would you open those? I'm keeping some polybags sealed with minifigs in them (like Martian Manhunter, Lego Universe astronaut... etc.), thinking about their value might increase, but this is a whole different ball game for me. I would like to open these. But i am not sure what to do/ what would be the "right" thing to do; i mean all that history, and the fact someone kept them closed for this long.
  2. I'm looking to sell these sets that I have acquired over the past year that are of no further use to me. They were originally going to eBay, but first I wanted to check if anybody here happened to have an interest in these sets before doing so. You can make an offer by sending me a PM - I was thinking of selling them a bit below recent sales for these sets in a similar condition (so MISB or opened, etc.), so you can check on the links to past and the links to current listings when thinking of a possible reasonable offer, so right now it's negotiable as I have no established prices yet. Here's a list of the sets I've got - pictures can be found far below. - 1256 Shell Promotional Gas Station (MISB, slight damage on the box in some places, small dent) eBay sold listings current listings - 1362 Studios Air Boat (MISB) eBay sold listings current listings - 1731 Ice Planet Speeder #1 (MISB, some damage on the front) eBay sold listings current listings - 1731 Ice Planet Speeder #2 (MISB) eBay sold listings current listings - 5911 Adventurers Johnny Thunder's Plane (MISB) eBay sold listings current listings - 5912 Adventurers Mike's Swamp Boat (MISB) eBay sold listings current listings - 5913 Adventurers Dr Lightning's Car (MISB) eBay sold listings current listings - 5914 Adventurers Sam Sinister and Baby T-Rex (MISB) eBay sold listings current listings - 6357 Classic Town Stunt Copter N' Truck (With box & instructions, pieces in good condition) eBay sold listings current listings - 6771 Alpha Team Ogel Command Striker (No box, instructions may be available, in good condition) eBay past listings current listings​ - 6898 Ice Planet Ice Sat-V (With box & instructions, box in poor condition, pieces in good condition, ~98% complete) eBay sold listings current listings - 6831 Classic Space Police Message Decoder (No box, instructions may be available, in good condition) eBay sold listings current listings More pictures can be provided upon request.
  3. Carrera124

    Unboxing an unbuilt Metroliner

    The story behind Born in the late 70s, I grew up in the 80s. My favourite themes were town (I received nearly all town sets from that era), and technic. Moreover, I'd always like to have one of those beautiful 4,5/12V train sets, like 7735 or 7745. But my parents told me that I could either get technic stuff set or train sets, but not both themes together. So, it always ended up with increasing my technic collection... In 1991, I saw a new chance. A new system, a new era. 4563 was the set to go. But again, my parents refused, arguing that I would be too old for Lego in general. They were right, I went on to buy my first computer (which is another story) and bought my last Lego sets in 1992. The dark ages started. But they were not 100% dark, as I never missed to grab the new catalog each year, what helped to keep me on track. Some years ago, the dark ages were gone and I went into PF trains. Simply because they were available easily, they were affordable and they were close to 80s looks and standards. In contrast to the city theme, where cars and everything else seems to be extremely blown up, compared to 80s 4wide standards. The story today I never planned to get into 9V trains. TLG has dropped the 9V system quite some years ago, even the support has ended. Sets and parts are highly sought after, and therefore rather expensive, even if they are in used condition. But some days ago, it happened: I managed to get an unbuilt 4558 Metroliner at a reasonable price. I just couldn't resist. Seals are loose due to age, but the parts are still in their trans-clear bags. Opening the set The top of the box looks rather worn: Parts in sorting tray and polybags: Sorting tray, foil is still sticking firmy: Compared to today's sets, the amount of parts looks somewhat small: Instructions in perfect condition, stickers look also very good: What's next? I don't know. Keep the set unbuilt? Build it? Try to get a box which is in better condition? Try to swap it against an unbuilt 4563 set?
  4. Has anything like this ever happened to you? According to the Swedish news agency TT, a Lego collector in Halmstad, Sweden is to be compensated by the customs office in Sweden. He had bought an anniversary edition of some Star Wars set from Hungary, but when he recieved the supposed to be MISB item, it had been opened by the customs (in search of ripoffs maybe ). The market price was about € 200, but with the seal broken it's value is only about half as much. He will now be compensated with the difference in value... If I had been a collector and not a builder I suppose I would rather have had that MISB than the compensation. /Thomas
  5. [pid][/pid] Introduction Welcome to my seventh review on Eurobricks! On my way to review every old Pirates set that I buy new (full story on my 6247 - Bounty Boat review), here's another set from the first wave that saw the day of light in 1989. This one has a special place in my heart since it's the first Lego set that I bought with my own money when I still was a child. Its name is Shipwreck Island, and ya better be warned : this review won't be objective ! Product Details Set No: 6260 Set Name: Shipwreck Island (USA) - Treasure Island (UK) - Le repaire des pirates (France) - Piraten-Schatzinsel (Germany) - Haai-Baai (Netherlands) Theme: Pirates Released: 1989-1991 Minifigures: 2 Pieces: 71 RRP: $12 Purchase Price: €55 new on Bricklink ~Box~ Front Wow, how could it be more piratey? Lonely island, treasure, palmtree, monkey, parrot, cannon, gold... Everything is here to make some fantastic stories! At the back, we can see what seems to be the Eldorado Fortress. Back Four (!) alternate models, which will be covered in the next chapter. As with all classic pirates sets (though I didn't mention it in my previous reviews), we can see a hand-drawn model of the actual set on the map-styled background, which adds a nice touch. Sides As usual, we have an alternate setup of the main model. All the legal stuff (my box is an european version). ~Alternate models~ Alternate model 1 Alternate model 2 Alternate model 3 Alternate model 4 Well... as awesome as the actual set is, its alternate models are quite bad in my humble opinion. The "least worst" might be the second with the camouflaged cannon, but the palmtree only has two leaves left... What are your thoughts on them? ~Box opening~ Yo-ho-ho! Every remaining MISB Shipwreck Island now has gone up in value! Inside the box The lovely island-patterned baseplate is loose, and comes with three bags. Instructions and promotional flyer The instructions and flyer are folded, let's have a look at them. Instructions As always, the tricorne hat is way too big. At the back, we have an alternate setup of the main model (with only a few placement changes), and two alternates models already seen at the back of the box. Random instructions page After only six steps, the build is mostly finished. There is no part callout, but it's really easy to follow. One interesting fact, unlike almost every other Pirates sets, is that the palm tree is being built with parts added each step. Usually it's build apart either at the beginning or at the end of instructions. Promotional flyer It's almost the same flyer as the one I got in my 6245 - Harbor Sentry review, although this is the european version, showing firing cannon. It's a fantastic diorama, which would have been even cooler including the mighty Eldorado Fortress. ~Parts and minifigure~ Part layout Here are the contents of each bag. Excepting the baseplate, nothing here is especially interesting. However, pirates fans never have too many parrots, monkeys, cannons, palm trees, half-barrels or gold coins! This make this set a good pirates accessories pack. Minifigures Your common classical pirates minifigures! At least we don't get another captain redbeard. Back in 1989 though they weren't seen as "common minifigs" and when I got this set (my first "real pirate" one, the other being a bluecoat one : Sabre Island), I really loved the eye-patched guy, with his nice brown tricorne hat. The red bandana was also a nice touch, although at this time it was a lot more common than the blue one. ~The build~ Building the cannon Before everything else, we start by assembling the cannon. 23 years later, it still looks awesome. Notice the little spot inside the cannon? It's only found on firing models and helps guiding the cannonballs (round black 1 x 1 bricks). After step 2 The first step is a bird-eye view to help place the yellow tiles, which will help for inserting the treasure chest. After step 4 The rock-like structure used to hide the treasure chest is finished. After step 6 The build here is almost finished, only lacking accessories. When compared to the finished model, we clearly see that accessories are really what makes this set a great one. Without them, it would really looks empty. ~The finished model~ Box cover view Simply awesome. With all its accessories, every free space is now filled. The green leaves add a nice touch. However, despite its name (Shipwreck Island), there's no trace of any shipwreck... Maybe the half-barrel is all that remain of the ship? Side view Why is the pirate standing in water...? You can see that the structure really cover all the island, I wonder where do they sleep? Back view Hiding the chest Simple but clever. The chest fits nicely. I remember being amazed by this when I was a child (like I feel today when I discover new technics used for Modular Buildings) Sailing in a half-barrel "It's all about recycling!". It's really a nice idea, and something we only ever saw in this set. ~Final thoughts~ Design: 10/10 - I can't see any flaw. Okay, it doesn't look like a "Shipwreck Island", but who cares? It's beautiful, full of life, full of Pirates stories! Parts: 9/10 - A fantastic accessories pack! The baseplate is also very nice, and only found in two sets (the other being Sabre Island). Minifig: 8/10 in 1989, 3/10 nowadays - As great as was the first pirates waves, it was clearly lacking some variety for pirates minifigures. These two are now very common, but still nice if you don't already have them. Build: 7/10 - Nothing spectacular, but simply pleasing. Playability: 9/10 - Adding a bluecoat would have make it perfect. However with all its accessories and animals, it still has a very strong playability. Alternate models: 2/10 - I really don't like them. Price: 10/10 - Today it can be found for ~$15, which makes it a fantastic deal for getting pirates accessories. Conclusion: 10/10 - I told you I wasn't being objective :). It's a beautiful set, packed with useful accessories, animals and vegetation. An absolute must-have for every pirate lover out there!
  6. Hey guys, I decided that someone else can enjoy this little set as it is not available before christmas. I intend not to gain extra money, so you could try your luck, getting your hands on this set. It is MISB, excellent condition. Non smoking household. If you have any questions, please ask. Shipping to other countries could be possible but I'd have to check first. Good luck!
  7. [pid][/pid] Introduction Welcome to my sixth review on Eurobricks! On my way to review every old Pirates set that I buy new (full story on my 6247 - Bounty Boat review), I've chosen what I consider to be the first Lego Pirates set ever (as it has the smallest set number among the first wave) and one of the two impulse sets (the other one being 6245 - Harbor Sentry). Its name is Buried Treasure, which is one of the most iconic scene for any Pirate stuff. Is this treasure a real jewel, or should have it been kept buried? Product Details Set No: 6235 Set Name: Buried Treasure (USA) - Bo'sun Will with pirate treasure (UK) - Le trésor du pirate (France) - Pirat mit Schatztruhe (Germany) - De Schatbewakers (Netherlands) Theme: Pirates Released: 1989-1991 Minifigures: 1 Pieces: 16 RRP: $3,25 Purchase Price: $17 new on eBay ~Box~ Front As with all first wave Pirates sets, we have a classic yellow box. The picture shows a pirate, a monkey and the treasure which seems to have just been dug out. Back Here we have our classics alternate models. You can see closer pictures in the next chapter, and built models in the last chapter. Side An alternate setup of the main model. ~Alternate models~ Alternate model 1 Alternate model 2 Alternate model 3 As with other impulse sets, it's hard to make alternate models out of such a small part count. However I really like them, especially the first and third models, which depict nice scenes. ~Box opening~ Yo-ho-ho! Every remaining MISB Buried Treasure now has gone up in value! Inside the box One loose plate, one plastic bag, and the folded instructions. Unlike any other Pirates set I've reviewed, it didn't come with a promotional catalog or flyer. Instructions A single two-face sheet, with only five steps. Any skilled builder shouldn't have too much problem ~Parts and minifigure~ Part layout There's not many interesting parts here. However it's always nice to get a monkey, and we never have too much gold pieces! Minifigure It is the most common Pirates minifigure after Captain Redbeard. I shot his back, but at this time they wasn't being printed. I have a nostalgic feeling looking at it, as it brings back so much good memories! ~The build~ After step 3 The whole structure is built here, as you can see it's not very elaborated without the accessories. ~The finished models~ Main model With the accessories added, it really becomes a lovely scene. At this time, the shining metal gold made its first appearance and looked way better than the yellow round 1x1 plates that came in Castle sets. Alternate model 1 I love it, it's a clever use of parts to make something different. The monkey seems nice here. Alternate model 2 I don't quite get why the treasure's lid is put like that. It's the weakest alternate model in my humble opinion. The monkey is holding a sword this time. Alternate model 3 Again, we have a clever setup by remonving the pirate legs. However the chest looks really deep that way . Meanwhile, the monkey keeps getting nastier, with a cutlass AND a pistol. The pirate should really be careful... ~Final thoughts~ Design: 7/10 - It's hard to rate impulse sets. This one is average, with a really small sand and rock structure. What makes the set good is all those accessories which come along. Parts: 8/10 - Several useful accessories, a monkey, and gold! However I think it's lacking a treasure map. Minifig: 6/10 - Back in 1989, it was a good way to start getting pirates minifigures, but today, it really is a common minifigure. Build: -/10 - Built under one minute, so there is nothing much to say. Playability: 6/10 - Having a bluecoat instead of the monkey would have make it more playable. Why not include a treasure map? Alternate models: 9/10 - A clever use of parts, and actually I think the first one looks better than the main model. Price: 10/10 - $3,25 for all those parts was a pretty good deal. Today it can be found for ~$4, which is still a great deal for Pirates lovers. Conclusion: 6/10 - A good impulse set, and a nice way to start a Pirates collection. As a standalone though it's not a must-have.