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Found 10 results

  1. Hallo Eurobricks! Because of my dark ages I missed the great Milano 76021 set. So I bought the second Milano 76081 and rebuild it like the first Milano. I also did some modifications like the color theme, used the new canopy and the small wings are in brick build because of the missing panels. I hope you like it and comments are welcome. MAG85 Milano_1 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_2 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_5 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_3 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_4 by MAG85, on Flickr
  2. AlexDoesLego12102

    MOC: Another Milano Combination

    This is my MOD/MOC of the Milano. I originally did it just after seeing Vol. 2 in the summer, but I thought you guys might appreciate it. I originally planned just to swap colours and update the cockpit, but as I worked I decided to improve and expand more parts of the ship. More Guardians meant even more accessories, so I added cupboards and holds under the wings. How could I not represent this bit? The updated interior. And of course, the stereo saw some updating! I hope you liked it! Comments and criticisms are more than welcome!
  3. VaderFan2187

    [MOD] 2017 Milano Set

    Here is my MOD for the LEGO 2017 Milano! It's pretty shabby but I did it quickly. Crucial though: You need 2x of this piece: 1x1 round with bar First, comparison photo of the old and new. (I added eyes). Since Nebula can go to the back, the main cockpit now sits four Guardians (can't add Baby Groot :( ) Now we go to the back of the Milano (I added an engine MOD as well) Remove the roof piece And put Nebula inside! If anyone is interested, please PM me your email and I will send you the LDD. Thanks for looking! VaderFan2187
  4. atomic80

    5 Milano models

    One of my favorite movies is Guardians of the Galaxy. I still remember sitting in the theater in total awe of the ship that Peter was flying, the Milano. I knew that if LEGO ever came out with a set that I HAD to get one! And then..there was more...and more...and then Tyler Clites revealed the UCS sized version. that's a build. So, when LEGO came out with set 76081 after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I got one...enjoyed the build. I hadn't realized that they came out with a larger build for the original movie, set 76021 which for some weird reason has bright orange accents instead of orange. I also picked up the mini Milano too. After that, I found the instructions for the UCS by Tyler Clites. I decided to go for it and shortly after that, I found the micro sized version also by Tyler Clites. I decided to replace the bright orange pieces on set 76021 with the proper orange accents as well as modify the windshield to match the others. And so, this is the result of my madness! The only thing was that I wasn't able to put the lime green "accent" piece on the micro version because it wouldn't fit without making contact with the other "claw" pieces. Any suggestions on what to do there? And the sets: LEGO Micro Milano by Tyler Clites LEGO 30449 Mini Milano LEGO 76081 Milano LEGO 76021 Milano with modications LEGO UCS Milano by Tyler Clites 5 LEGO Milano builds by Jason Tang, on Flickr
  5. Hi all! First post from me, I've been hopelessly hooked on the new Star Wars Lego for a few years now, modding a few like Poe's X-Wing, but I wasn't sure about posting pics since that one especially has been modded to death :) I got the new Milano for my birthday (thanks kids!), it's an amazing little set but I think it just needs a couple of obvious tweaks to finish it off. Here's my effort, it's no movie replica but I've tried to build up the rear of the top to make it more substantial and added some fins. I also changed the main engine for a revolver stud shooter thing, added a couple of engines to the wings and turned the empty lower rear part into a hold for all the minifig weapons, Groot's boombox and Starlord's helmet. The annulax batteries went straight in the spares box with that horrible pink tentacle monster, yeuch! Lastly I filled in some empty internal gaps, like inside the ships 'chin', and changed those yellow hinge parts inside the wings for black ones. Hopefully the photos show off the big changes. I think it's a fun little set that was sadly missing some finishing touches, but with a few spare parts added looks so much better!
  6. When the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out, and the sets were revealed, I was really hoping they'd include a mini version of the main vehicle (the Milano, in this case), as they had with so many other movies, and I was disappointed that they didn't. When I saw the mini Milano for Guardians vol. 2, one of the first things that came into my mind was wondering if I could alter it to make it look like the large version that we got for Guardians 1. I've gotten a few ideas on how to alter the new mini set to make it look like the big one from the first movie, and I'm interested in hearing yours. So far, I color-swapped the orange pieces to "keetorange," made the canopy piece trans. light blue, and made all the fins on the edges of the wings grey instead of having four of them blue. Does anyone have any other ideas? I'm not only interested in ideas to change the front, either, the more I can make this one look like the original big one, the better.

    MOC Mini Milano

    This is my first MOC that I've uploaded to Eurobricks! So, this is my miniaturised Milano. The Milano is a ship from Guardians of the Galaxy. Anyway, when I created this ship, I was aiming for something similar in size to the ship in Ravager Attack. The final model was a bit larger but I still think it looks pretty good. When I started to build this, I realised that I could turn this into a batwing (also because I lack angular blue and orange parts)... I realise the photo quality is pretty poor (as well as the background) but bear with me. Front View Cockpit Interior And you can fit Batman in....just Underside Trying to work out how to do the fins was a struggle, but I got there in the end! Nose cone build. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out! More detailed pics. I made use of one of these pieces and added a rod through them. New rock-band now touring! So, what are your thoughts on this creation? Let me know in the comments below! More photos can be found on my flickr Cheers
  8. VaderFan2187

    [MOD] 2014 Milano Set

    One thing that always bugged me about the 2014 Milano set is how, even though it was far larger than the 2017 one, both had the same seating capacity (4). So I decided to MOD it to see how many people it could fit! First, here is the cockpit: Please ignore the pink lines, I didn't notice it when I took the screenshot Apart from the interior, nothing else on the Milano was changed. Lift off the roof and this is the interior: It seats 10 passengers! 5 people in the front… …and 5 people at the back: It's a simple MOD really, and I have seen MODs to this set that are much better, but if you want the LDD file you can PM me your email and I will send it to you. (If you already have PMed me your email, just send me another PM asking for the LDD file) Thanks for looking! VaderFan2187
  9. A big thanks to Jason who took notice and contacted me for this to potentially become a product at their store. When redesigning it I had to make it stable and strong enough as well as making it aerodynamic, the original design was too blocky. I'm quite confident that is is the best outcome for a mini Milano spaceship design. I hope you enjoy it too. I really hope you enjoyed this MOC and plan to purchase one; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Available to purchase at: Adeel
  10. After a post by a fellow member, I learned that 76021 was already in shelves at the Houston LEGO Store. What followed can be best described as "sheer joy." I had been looking forward to this set since initial descriptions surfaced. A Marvel set that's larger than 400 pieces? A set based on Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the comics on my pull list? I was sold. But did the Milano Spaceship Rescue turn out as well as I'd hoped? Is it truly "all that and a bag of chips?" Read on to find out... Name: The Milano Spaceship Rescue Theme: LEGO Marvel Superheroes Year: 2014 Pieces: 665 Minifigs: 5 Minifigures Price: USD $74.99 Minifigures: There are 5 minifigures included, 4 of which are exclusive. The Sakaaran appears in all three sets based on the film. I'll start with Star-Lord, the rebellious prince of Spartax. Star-Lord wears a maroon jumpsuit for space flight. His facial expressions are snarky and angry, similar to most of the other LEGO Marvel Superheroes. His hair is pretty common to find these days, nothing to get excited about. I am excited, however, by his new dual blasters. They're very accurate to the comics and to what we've seen of the film so far. He also comes with a helmet complete with hair! It doesn't look as bad as you might expect. He doesn't tower over minifigures, but it's fairly noticeable. And he has this gun... thing? I'm sure all will be explained in the film. Next up is Gamora, the most dangerous assassin in the galaxy and the daughter of Thanos, the Mad Titan. Her jumpsuit is basically the female counterpart to Star-Lord's, which makes them seem more like a team. Her hair is unique, and useful to MOCers wanting to create a punk rock/pop star. Drax the Destroyer, a being created with the sole purpose of killing Thanos, completes the Guardians included here. He is controversially grey, falling victim to what I'll call "concept art" syndrome, much like sleeveless widow's peak Mandarin. Drax is adorned with tattoos across his torso and on his arms. If you look closely, you can see little LEGO skulls. Neat-o! Ronan the Accuser, the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, takes the role as lead villain, though he is much more (morally) grey in the comics. Only time will tell if the film will follow that characterization. He has a nice headdress that doesn't fold his cape up too much. He also wields the Universal Weapon and carries what I presume to be one of the infinity gems, or stones as they are called in the MCU. The Sakaaran appears to be a member of the Shadow People, the creators of the Old Power. He looks A-OK! Pretty menacing, but forgettable on the whole. His weapon is generic enough to be used for space themed MOCs. The Necrocraft Cockpit Open The Sakaaran sits at the controls... The engine Beauty shot! The Sakaaran ship, or Necrofighter in proper terms, is a nice inclusion. Menacing, swooshable, and equipped with two new spring missiles. The controls are simple, but at least they're there (I'm looking at you, Extremis helicopter...). The Milano Well equipped for any battle... I was surprised that the designer didn't include any of the new spring missiles. There's plenty of room underneath (as you'll see later on). They're super functional and I'm mildly disappointed that we didn't get any to add to the fire power of the Guardians. Thrusters The underside Just a quick note, it's nice that the big holes on the underside are covered by large thrusters. It's not perfect but it gets the job done. Rear view The interior Gamora's controls are a printed tile, previously seen in some of the Star Wars sets... Aurebesh lettering? Mark your calendars, everyone: Disney is planning a crossover. Might the Millennium Falcon meet the Milano? Seating (and a fire extinguisher) ...and some more seating! Are you "Hooked on a Feeling?" Get ready for lift off! Comparison with 6869 Quinjet Aerial Attack Conclusions... So that's the Milano! Overall this was a joy. The interior is great: spacious, plenty of seating, a very detailed cockpit, lot's of free clips. What's not to love? The window in the back is a nice surprise and gives it some atmosphere. Another nice surprise is the stereo! I imagine that'll be a bigger plot point in the film than we previously thought. Can somebody say: "That's momma Star-Lord's mixtape?" Back on track: The build was nicely paced, I was never bored. The ship is heavy and full of features so you feel like you're getting your money's worth. Both fighters are very swooshable. There are a smattering of new elements for the MOCers and the figures will leave all of the Marvel fans and kids happy. If I had some criticisms, they're that the wings take a little time to adjust because the ball joints are very close together so it was difficult to position them correctly. Also the lack of Groot as a potted plant is disappointing given how easy it would have been to include. Perhaps he doesn't have that ability in the film, only time will tell. But in the end... Playability: 10/10 (No spring missiles for the Milano, but the interior, swooshability, and Sakaaran Necrofighter more than make up for it) Design: 10/10 (I see no problems here. As I said before, the build is excellently paced and the Milano is very sturdy) Price: 9/10 (665 pieces is average for $74. It's forgivable though because the Milano is pretty heavy so you feel like you get your money's worth and there is so much playability) Overall: 10/10 (Don't delay come June 1!) Bonus As a little celebration of the LEGO Marvel Universe entering the cosmic realm, I took a group photo of all of the characters we have thus far...