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Found 10 results

  1. According to the BBC ( ) and other news channels, Mega Bloks' owners Mattel are in merger talks with Kre-o's owners Hasbro. Would a single Mattel-Hasbro be bad news for TLG? Mega Bloks has always made low quality products while Kre-o has been pretty decent quality but badly designed (have you seen their minifigures?). Together, they could be OK quality and design and therefore more of a threat to TLG. What do you think? Apologies if this should have been in the Community forum. As it concerns TLG, I thought that it would be alright in General. Please move it if it isn't.
  2. Are Clone Lego Brands bad for LEGO (the company). Okay first off lets define clone Brand: I wouldn't count things like Brick Arms as Clone Brands. Because Brick Arms isn't trying to BE or Pass of as Lego, they are doing their own thing making fancy cool weapon things. I'm not sure if 'Mega Bloks' counts, recently they have been trying to be like Lego, but I was a huge fan of the Pirate line they had for a while, but now it's kinda a Lego rip off. Things like bom bom bricks and all those weird little clone brands you see on Ebay. So what my main question is, does/how do Clone Brands hurt LEGO? Do things like Brick Arms, Brick Forge etc. also hurt LEGO. I know since the Clone brands are cheap completely un-durable plastic so other than maybe making people thinking LEGO isn't durable do clone brands do anything to LEGO?
  3. ResIpsaLoquitur

    Mega Bloks Minions Blind Packs

    OK, I did the unthinkable and bought some Mega Bloks products recently--specifically, I got a couple of the Minions blind packs for my daughter. (I'd call it a shameless ripoff of CMFs, but more and more companies are selling blind packs of toys lately, so I don't have much room to complain.) I actually think they're not bad, and they strike a decent balance between being "bricky" and resembling their movie counterparts. One complaint--these may have some manufacturing defects. I got the Egyptian Minion today and one of his arm holes was NOT set deep enough to get his arm in. I got my Dremel Tool and made the hole deeper, so it works fine now. But watch out for this problem. Anyway, has anyone done a "feel guide" for these things? They're considerably harder to feel for than Lego's CMFs, because they have a lot of loose parts floating in the package (arms, legs, and a big 2x4 brick which really throws off your manipulation). There's a "rare" Bob figure I'm trying to find and I'm not sure how frequent he is or how you can really tell it's him. Any tips?
  4. Totally awesome desert cameo micro action figures by Mega Bloks Set CNC67 unboxing, review and action display. New for Fall 2015. Nice sniper rifle, machine gun drum barrel, ski mask and face mask! Desert outpost with digi cameo tarp not bad either.
  5. I recently got into LEGO again, focusing on and loving the Friends sets. I've noticed the Mega Bloks My Life As series of knockoffs in Walmart for a while and keep getting tempted to buy one. The Valley High School has shown up on clearance for months now, but it hadn't gotten low enough to be worth the likely waste. A few days ago I saw it at $10, a 75% markdown off the $40 original price, and I gave in and got it. It has 583 pieces, four minidolls, and was released in 2014 as I believe a Walmart exclusive. From the start I kept my expectations low. I primarily wanted to give Mega Bloks a chance and just see what they had to offer, especially as people had said that the qauality had improved significantly over the years. The Friends Heartlake High was the first Friends set I built a few months ago, and I really enjoyed it. Even on the box, this Mega set looks sterile and dull in comparison, almost like a prison or castle with the gray brick walls. On opening the box, I found that the minidoll bag's poor seal had broken and leaked them into the box. Some of them had gotten under the front page of the first instruction booklet, crinkling the front page badly. At first I thought that the bags had no numbering until I had laid them out and noticed faint numbers. One bag oddly had no number, even though it had several large pieces and an inner smaller bag of more pieces. The instructions didn't show which bag number to open, so I started with #1. I didn't even get past step 1 as pieces weren't present. Looking through the bags, I found them in #3. The second substep of step 1 required opening a few more bags. By step 2 or 3, I had to open every bag. So the bag numberings are apparently just to help them prepare the set, not to help with building. They don't say anywhere on the box how many bags there should be, so I couldn't verify that they were all there without building the model. Putting it together I paid close attention to how well pieces fit together. At first I noticed some significant variation in clutch strength, but as I got moving I really couldn't say that it was much different than LEGO. Perhaps a little more clutch strength, as the recent Friends sets I've built have felt "oily" rather than "squeaky" as my childhood LEGO bricks' clutching feels. I'm still undecided on whether I like higher or lower clutch strength, so I have no critique of Mega in this regard. Along the way one plate had a noticeable bend in the molding, though to be fair I encountered something similar in a recent LEGO set as well (second picture showing proper plate that doesn't lift at edge): Mega has matched LEGO in colors being slightly off in the instructions. These tiles are navy blue but look purple in the manual, and the these light gray pieces look a noticeably darker gray in the manual. I finished the model without a hitch, without missing any pieces. There were a few left over, and I don't think I missed using these. The arch pieces were noticeably thinner than the normal bricks. Otherwise the tolerances on pieces seemed good. Interestingly some props like the apple and juice carton have a little handle so a minidoll can hold it. I didn't apply the stickers beause stickers are stressful and I'd like to keep it pristine for now. Looking at the stickers, I'm not sure they'd help. I don't like their style. Looking at the finished model, it looks just as sterile and uninteresting as on the box. Everything about this is just off in some vague way. The scale of furniture, the sparseness of the rooms, the colors, the slight translucency of the plastic, random studs having little dimples, the general design of the set seeming jumbled and uneven. I tried mixing Friends minidolls with these Mega Bloks minidolls, but the Mega ones' studs are smaller so that they aren't compatible. I'm glad I determined with certainty whether I like Mega Bloks and am missing out on anything by ignoring them. It gives me more respect for how well LEGO gets it right, at least for my taste.
  6. Hi guys! I'm started a new channel - only in English... And the first short video on my channel is Assassin's Creed fight against borgia guards!
  7. Aura

    Mega Bloks Marketplace?

    Hello, I know it may seem strange to post this on here, however I have had so much trouble researching if there is a Mega Bloks marketplace? Or a pick a brick Mega Bloks place? I am a huge LEGO fanatic, but I recently wanted to build a Mega Bloks Scarab based on the one seen at the toy fair, so I was wondering if anyone knows any information, or is my only hope ebay? Thank you.
  8. I know, I know, both pale in comparison to our beloved Lego! Let's just say Lego didn't exist (*gasp*) and you had to pick one of these two brands. Which would you go with and why?
  9. The thread title says it all. Which do you find worse, and why? EDIT: Can a mod fix the title?