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Found 3 results

  1. Back in March 620, Prio Sea, North shore of Tortuga... precisely at Dr Thaum's pied-à-terre The young Iauln is up the tower, searching the horizon with his telescope, the trusted Callaghan is manning the grill, and the doctor... PSHHHHHHHH ! PSHHHHHHHOUUUT ! SHHHHHH ! SHHHH ! KLANG ! Dr Thaum : EUREKA ! It works ! Callaghan, my steam engine is working ! The wheel is turning !! YEEEEEHAAAAA ! TJ Johnson : Excuse me doctor, your parcel... Dr Thaum : I don't give a sh... of that parcel Callaghan, you're a bonehead, Callaghan ! TJ Johnson : This is not Callaghan, doctor... Dr Thaum : UH ?! Oh, sorry, TJ, which parcel ? Errr... OK THE parcel ! You've found him ! Well done TJ ! Here I come ! Dr Thaum : Wonderful guys ! Bring the coffin in my pantry... CALLAGHAN ! Show them in ! And then offer them a drink ! XXXXXXXXXXXXX Dr Thaum : Dear professor, you're finally back to me ! TJ Johnson : Allright doctor, can you explain me what's going on ? I terminated about twenty persons for bringing that corpse back. Dr Thaum : Of course Mr Johnson, You've just brought back to me the corpse of my estimated mentor, the professor Oktober Sippio, he teached me most of my knowledge... TJ Johnson : Talk, talk ! Why should I bring it back untouched and eliminate all witnesses, the 2 altonian captains and some of the crews ? Dr Thaum : OK, OK... many years ago, the war between Oleon and Corrington was in full swing, and with this war, its share of destruction, orphans, famine and diseases, notably the leprosy. The lord-chambellan came to the professor Sippio and asked for a terrible disease, ready to take a heavy toll on the Oleonese ranks and he asked for a cure too, for Corrington, of course, for a stated price... Something as terrible as leprosy. I just defended my thesis and became doctor, with my friend Henry, under the direction of the professor Sippio, and all 3 began to work on this scourge. Callaghan : Wait a minute ! You got paid for that !? For a disease ready to rampage the world !? Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan ! I get paid for my care ! The death is offered ! Anyway, the research, especially for the cure, needed a vast amount of money the lord-chambellan was hesitating to provide, and there were suddenly changes in the royalty and the lord-chambellan was dismissed for womanizing, but this red leprosy... Callaghan : This leprosy ?? TJ Johnson : Finish your story doctor... Dr Thaum : This leprosy was good and ready. The cure was ready too, but we barely had only half a dozen unit dose, we do not have fully tested. A cleaning up was then initiated in the ex lord-chambellan business, our lab was destroyed, Henry and I escaped with few samples (including some of the cure) and books and the professor was captured as he was burning the last flasks of Red Oktober. Nethertheless, the professor was the only one to have the complete formula of the cure, but just before I vanished with Henri, he had time to say " I will point to the solution". Since then, I have done all that I can but the professor died in jail and his body ended up in a mass grave. After years the mass grave was found and under my instructions and with some money the coffin was loaded in the LaCrosse, a ship hired for the Sea of Thieves sea link. Unfortunately the ship sank near Terraversa, and it took me almost a year to find the sinking localisation. But when the LaCrosse wreckage was found, that was only to realize that 2 altonian ships found the coffin, probably floating on the sea near the wreck, and take it with them to Ulric. This is where you come in, TJ... Callaghan : Why Red Oktober, doctor ? And were are the flasks you runaway with ? I hope destroyed !? Dr Thaum : Red Oktober... because of the red color of the substrate, and destroyed... No. Have a look around you Callaghan Callaghan : Reuuaaargh !!! This is the Red Oktober ? Dr Thaum : Indeed... Callaghan: And the cure samples ? Dr Thaum : Already consummate Callaghan Callaghan : Let me develop a bit... This is the reason why Henri, Barney, Hadvice, Oggy you and I boarded the Leper Messiah and the Leper Crusader ? You and Henry tried your cure ! And it didn't succeed ! We now have 2 doomed ships storming the seas with full crews of infectious demons !! That's an outrage ! You're a fool ! You lost your best friend and even your son ! And you aren't seeking a solution anymore ? Dr Thaum : Shut up Callaghan ! The cure is a success, as you noticed it, Barney, Oggy, Hadvice, you and I are well, right ? and... TJ Johnson : Why did you give your last dose to me ? Dr Thaum : Some flasks were broken in the skirmish as the lab was destroyed and the professor captured, there was a mini leprosy outbreak after this in the city, and the professor died of his own Red Oktober in jail. So the last dose was for you, as you perhaps have to touch the corpse and bring the last sample back. And Callaghan, the solution is here ! That's why I hired TJ for bringing the the coffin back. The cure formula comes with the corpse of Oktober Sippio ! "The professor point to the solution" Callaghan : You administer me the cure ? When ? Why ? and Henry ? and Hadvice ? Dr Thaum : Enough Callaghan ! Enough ! You have a drink to offer ! Callaghan (leaving) : You smutty old fool! Dr Thaum : Look, TJ, for the cure, "the professor point to the solution", look at that right arm and the index finger... TJ Johnson : A false finger ! How did you notice that ? Looks like a true one ! Dr Thaum : Henry and I made this false finger, the professor asked us to amputate him and replace the real one with this prothesis this is an empty one and he probably hid the cure formula inside. That's why I wanted you to bring me the body back or at least the right arm ! Dr Thaum : All our efforts are rewarded ! I now have the cure formula ! This is designated to be the Doctor's residence in Tortuga, should be licenced as a medium one with court approval @Bregir @Capt Wolf @Bodi @Ayrlego (because of being only a MOD of the old fishing store official) I hope you enjoyed the story... all is not revealed, there is lot more to come ! C&C welcome as usual, bonus pics (of all that was MODed later on )
  2. Clarissa Fontonajo: "You really like him, don't you?" Román Fontonajo: "Who?" "Cooke." "He is... honest, straightforward. And knows his business." "That's not what I meant." "I know." "Then why are you afraid to admit?" "Because... I don't know... old habits maybe? Affection makes us vulnerable, after all." "And also human." "I know..." "Then stay in touch with him. Become friends." "I might..." Román and Clarissa sat in their house by the river in King's Harbour, enjoying a sip of wine, the night after the Great Ball. What an event it had been! "You think the kids are doing alright?" "Clarissa... they are hardly kids anymore. Even Isabella has turned 18 a few months ago." "I know... but still... she..." "You keep underestimating her. Marja once told me that Isabella is the most dangerous of all our kids." "Juan is your heir, both in age and skill, and you know it." "I do... yet they are all our heirs, in one way or another. Joaquin will be a father, soon." "Half Fontonajo, half Tenotaxclan. I'm curious what the little one will look like." "We will be grandparents, Clarissa." "Yes, we will. Soon enough. Like an old couple." "You know what I like most about not being Admius Legistrad anymore?" "That you finally have some time for yourself?" "No, my dear. That you and I have more time." She took a pause and looked at him. "Never before have I asked you this, Román. But do you love me? I mean, not in the way that our parents decided to marry us, and we do have our children together and share our lives. No, I mean in the way that you really love me for who I am..." He took a moment to think. He had never told her before. "I have loved you since the night we got married. I am glad my father chose you. I could not have been more lucky. I have always loved you, and always will. And we both know that I would be nothing without you. Nothing but a lost soul, sitting lonely in his tower, waiting for the world to keep turning. But you and I, we have already changed the world, and will continue. I love you, Clarissa. More than you could ever imagine or believe." Silently he took her hand, and so they just sat there and enjoyed the water stream towards the ocean. "You see those ducks down there?" "Those are ducks? I mean... they have silver wings? Isn't that rather odd? Not that I knew too much of it?" "Montoya once wrote me about them. The Royal Society found them to be a special species of ducks. That was not too long ago. Actually it might even have been the last letter I got from him. I don't know if he has ever named the ducks..." "You miss him..." "I do..." "What a curious friendship. The philanthropic scientist and the ruthless tradelord." "Politicians, both... If only our shipyards were doing their duty..." "It does take its time. You will find him. Just wait some more." "I cannot. It has been too long." "Then Román, we will leave tomorrow." "But you still wanted to go to -" "It doesn't matter, Román. We will leave tomorrow morning, we will make sure those ships are built, and then you can go ahead and search for Montoya." And he looked her in the eyes, and he felt his undying love for her. And so they sat, by the river in King's Harbour. (the mentioned people from the Fontonajo family can be found here: Fontonajo family) (Colourscheme inspired by Bregir's Colonial House)
  3. Due to horrific lighting conditions the pictures suck. I will make new ones and upload them next weekend. Because it's the end of the month I will post them now already, so I can license them. Please address all your complaints about photography directly to the EGS. Many wealthy Eslandolan merchants have a secondary domicile in Montario. Being close to governor Román Esteban Fontonajo never hurts, and much of the island's real business is already being made in Montario. Also it's location right between Nova Terreli and Pontelli makes it an even more important stop on every journey.