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Found 24 results

  1. Location: Stormhaven Type: MCRA Outcome / GOC Task (12-A) The Sea Rat Fleet was swift, firing into the wooden frame of Fort Coyle. In moments, it was ablaze, and the raiders upon the town. But that did not stop Stormhaven's brave defenders. Quickly, they readied arms, and rushed to the Town's defense. And by there brave actions, they managed to save* the town of Stormhaven FIN *some of Just a small build to count for reactivating the Fort in Stormhaven. I always like building for the settlement, and I'm mostly happy with how this one turned out. I don't plan to license it, as it as a MCRA build (unless the crown thinks it can / should be) The OOC is that it is a small barracks that the off duty soldiers were hanging out in before Stormhaven was attacked, and that they are rushing out to defend the settlement. If it were EGS it would be small residence, at 16x22. The Storefront is a simple 8x8. The biggest Issue I had was the roof, due to some parts limitations I have for my collection currently. I tried several different techniques, before just deciding to use slopes for the front of the build, and just not having any shots of the entire build. I would have liked to have had a full roof, but it would have sacrificed build quality, and I figured I'd rather have a simple solution that doesn't detract from the build, than a complicated one that does. I did use what my original plan for the roof was in the store front build, and it does look way better, but I just didn't have the pieces to make it for the entire build. I did consider doing an 'action build' of the Sea Rats fighting Corrington, but I ended up deciding to do a build of the fort being repaired... until I realized I couldn't match the style of Fort Coyle well enough, and a different build would be a better option. This went through a few iterations, first i had a scene of workers digging out the mangroves to build a foundation for a new fort, but it ended up basically just being 2 minifigs next to a dock. Then was a very mediocre watchtower build ( @Darnok can attest to) that looked like a pile of brown with a second pile of brown on it. I finally decided to do a cabin design as a barracks, and I think it's a solid build. The Storefront was to mostly round out the build, and hit the 20x20 (400) stud count. I realized very late building it that I was short. (22x16 is only 352) so I made a small build to round out the story, and meet the stud count. I think the only real change I would have made, is perhaps having it have a bigger interior. I used a technique that went well with some other builds (having a layer of white tiles inside of the build, so it has a more clean interior), but it did take away most of the space of the interior, to the point I couldn't fit more in than the box and the minifigs. I also was on the fence about mixing fleshy and yellows, but I didn't think it detracted from the build having both. Anyways, C&C appreciated. @Bregir @Ayrlego @Captain Dee and @SilentWolf please make sure you add your or as to this build. EDIT: So rereading the description of Stormhaven and reviewing more pictures, I can see how these builds don't fit the task as well, as they're not 'properly' suspended over mangroves. This was kinda clear more from the side angles, but having looked at it more, I'd say that it doesn't show it to a point as well was the other builds, and if that is the point of the task to a point of enough to disqualify these, I understand. (I do stand by it repairing the fort though! )
  2. To: Mayor Richard Brickford, Quinnsville, Cocovia @LM71Blackbird And: Governor Jonathan Cooke, King's Harbour, Cocovia @Bregir From: Cathy Derr, captaining the Narwal, port of Fatu Hiva, île d'Or 20 December 618 My dear lords, It has come to my attention that the Mayor would like to test the defences of the Large Town Quinnsville. I would like to take that challenge as my men and woman of the Derr's expeditionary light infantry and the crew of my barque Narwal are in need of some training. I can attempt a raid on your town in the coming month, with your permission of course. But I will not disclose the exact date of my arrival on your shores as to make it a better surprise. Also I will not fire life shots, my bullets and cannonballs will be replaced with yellow paint cartridges as to indicate a hit, but not make real damage. I hope you will take similar arrangements. I look forward to your reply as to agree upon the details. Fair winds, Cathy Derr, act.Capt. of the Narwal,
  3. Participants: Mesabi Vessels: WTC Aurora; WTC Copperhead Coffers: 10 Dbs Troops: 10 WTC Marines, 20 WTC Volunteers Purpose: To boldly go where no Corlander has gone before, the south Characters: Madin disappeared into the Horizon as the two ships sailed around the peninsula. Southbound and down by North White, on Flickr The Copperhead had been adapted into the flagship of the expedition, well most of the men stayed aboard the Aurora. Southbound and down by North White, on Flickr In the Cabin of the Copperhead, Count Mesabi, Darby, Dmitri, and Samantha studied the maps. Southbound and down by North White, on Flickr "You know, I'm just happy to get away from Agnes for a while." Said the Count. "Did I ever tell you she once challenged an Apple tree to a duel? Then she blew it up with a cannon." "Eye two am fleeing from my wife." Said Dmitri, "She is much liek your woman." "I'm still not sure why you need an accountant to travel to the new world." Muttered Darby. "Well, someone needs to count the amount of TNT we have." Said Samantha wryly. "I did. It's a lot. Why do we need TNT to discover a new world?" Asked Darby "Darby, I think you know why." Said the Count. Darby did not, but realized he would never get an answer. FIN
  4. Hi everyone, I did a map drawing out all the trade routes people used. Trade Map by North White, on Flickr Red is Corrington Green is Eslandola Blue is Oleon Gray is Sea Rats Yellow is Mardier Black is other This shows a basic idea of how ships move in BoBS. The map does not show which direction the ships were going, however, and this is a rough estimate. For example, a ship traveling between Weelond and Nova Terrelli could pass through zone 10 or 12. So, the trade routes could be comepletely different. Also, I only recorded ships that had their location registered in two KPAs, so the FTA fleet is not in this analysis. Additionally, if a ship left from a port and returned to it, I have no idea where it went, so it was not added to the map. Let me know what you guys think, and I hope this helps people out.
  5. Location: Breshaun Type: Small Commercial "Wow! Breshaun sure is great! It's the largest city on the brick seas! And it sure is nice!" Said Captain Kelly, of the WTC Teamwork. "Yeah, and everybody here is so nice. How do they afford all this?" Said Jane, his right hand woman. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Excuse me sir, is this the place where we register our profits for the KPA?" Kelly asked the guard. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Hehehe. Yep! Go on in." He said with an evil laugh. The two went into the office. An Oleonese Noblewoman sat at the desk. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Well well well, thank you for docking in Breshaun. Are you ready to pay the tax?" She said with an evil grin. "Wait, isn't there supposed to be a free market?" Asked Kelly. "No! Of course not! We need to fund our public endowment to the arts by stealing- I mean taxing ship's profits! Here, read this." She said. Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "Wait what? You're holding us hostage?!?!" Asked Kelly incredulously. "No... Now give us the money! MWAHAHAHA!" Highway robbery by North White, on Flickr "At least that's how I remember it," Kelly wrote in his diary. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! Just a little poke at Oleon for having such high taxes. I'm sure they appreciate the building in their settlement as well. I'll make sure to pay by the end of the month. Is it Oleon or Breshaun I'm paying? C&C appreciated!
  6. BoBS Map February 617 by -Mike S-, on Flickr With the advent of the Adventure MCRA, we really have some opportunities to open up the story of BoBS. So, before we all start filling out forms, and overwhelming the leadership, we should take a minute to talk about what we all want to do for the Adventure MCRA. Being secretive about it is going to get us nowhere, since we have to build MOCs throughout the adventure which would kinda reveal what's happening. So, what I plan to do, is to send the WTC Aurora around the south end of Rogan sea, possibly stopping in New Oleon to refuel, and explore. This might take several Adventure MCRAs, but that's the WTC's plans. Thoughts anyone?
  7. Hello everybody! We are running an MRCA for December a little later than December! The deadline is January 5th, 2017 at midnight anywhere in the world. For this MRCA, there are no combined island totals, but those may return at a later date. All those wishing to sail with a Letter of Marc from either ESL or MAR, may post it here. (If you want to keep it a secret, then message me, and copy Bregir in on the message, unless you are hunting Bregir, then don't do that) We have an updated map and a new set of trade values, beautifully displayed by KB: Click for HR Happy Sailing!
  8. From the Weelond Herald, May 617... As reported in the King’s Port Advertiser, elements of the Mardier “Grey” fleet, after being driven from their blockade of Elysabethtown by our Garvian allies, assaulted Weelond for two days earlier this month. As all residents of Weelond know, the Mardierian fleet was no match for our city’s fortifications, which gave back a barrage as good as they got. What our good readers may not know is the role our governor and leader of the MCTC, Willem Guilder, played in the defense. Gov. Guilder was at Fort Weelond when the Mardier fleet sailed into the bay, and he was quick to organize defensive measures and order returning fire. The defenses were holding well when, alas, a lucky shot from one of the Mardier ships struck near the governor’s position. Initially there were fears that the governor may be mortally wounded. But have no fear, readers. An excellent surgeon from neighboring Bardo was on hand, and he tended to the governor immediately. Word we have received directly from City Councilman Aaron van der Meede, Governor Guilder’s right-hand man, is that other than the loss of a leg, the governor will be fine. The editors of the Weelond Herald wish Gov. Guilder a speedy recovery and hope to see him up and about soon. ----------- Guilder directing the defense of the fort: The lucky shot hits: The governor gives final orders before being taken to surgery: Aaron van der Meede receives an update from the doctor:
  9. The crew of the Wight Spider sensed a tremendous opportunity on Ilse de Romantica. After all, Grayther Drave would pay a handsome fee for native treasures - and no doubt sell them on to buyers on the mainland for a small fortune. That part mattered little to Gascoigne, leader of the small mercenary band known as the Spiders. All they had to do was liberate those treasures from their current owners. Sometimes Gascoigne wondered if he and his crew enjoyed violence too much. A bottle of rum in their newly rewarded home soon put those thoughts to sleep.
  10. Ahoy mateys, what a busy short month this is, so let's get straight to it: Drastic Measures - Part I Looking from the balcony, his eyes wandered from ship to ship. The Secrétaire d'Etat de la Marine was in no good mood. Although Quilbignon was as busy a port as never before, and despite the fact that the latest shipping numbers had skyrocketed, the depleted fleet was all he could think of. "Something needs to be done about this!", he mumbled into the gentle spring air. "Have this letter delivered to our embassador to Namere! They aren't going to like it, but neither do I." He was still outraged. The Commerce de Breshaun and the Scimitar, both ships had been captured by privateers coming from Namere, as several reports suggested. "Oleon has no quarrel with Namere", he thought "so why in the Brick Seas would they prey on our merchants?! Was it really them? Was it a misunderstanding - or a prelude to open war?" He didn't have an answer - which didn't help his bad mood. "And have my carriage readied! I need to get to Granoleon." The Secrétaire hesitated, weighing his words. "I have a proposal for the Lord Chancellor, that he might not like." "Oh, and before I forget", he continued "Have this here brought to the captain of The Galaxie!" "What is it, Sir?", his adjutant asked. The Secrétaire turned to the window and looked over the port again. "Orders. And a promotion." about: This is a story build to kick off some things. Building wise there's not much to it, lots of work, but in the end 'only' some recycled ideas and repetition. I hope Dukesc's The Galaxie is recognizable. And if you add some minifig hands to those flex hoses used on both ships, all is buildable - they just don't come in LDD. Stay tuned for more C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  11. Comrade Commander

    [SR-MCRA] treasaure Found!

    The keen eye of the Novitius's Captain saw how the curves of the land matched the map he had been given by his employer. Having sent his crew ashore in the rowboat, he was happy to hear they had struck gold! Though the haul held many treasures, by the time the crew and others split their shares it was a lot smaller of a portion for each man. Yet, no one was complaining! I know it is a bit late, but I figured I would post for feedback/criticism at the very least!
  12. Dramatis Personae: Currently, on the high seas... Where are you going?!?! Head to port, not starboard!!! Follow the convoy!!! I don't know which way is what! What's up with the port and starboard stuff?! Why you can't you just say left or right?! It's just how it is! Why did we even let you steer this boat? Oh, we've strayed away from the escorts... YOUR OTHER PORT!!! It appears that the Escandolians have noticed that we have strayed from the group. Or are they Escandolans? It's like the citizens of Canada. Are they Canadans or Canadians? I can never get them right. What are you talking about?!?! There's no Canada here!!! Look! It's the Great Scott! It's turning back around to protect us! We're saved! Well, that just means she'll get captured. We're not supposed to know that, yet! Don't worry, the people of Escandola will return her to us. We're not supposed to know that, either!!! TIME TRAVEL!!! @$#%%&*^*@#%%&*#$@#$#^%#$#!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  13. Ahoy mateys, it's been a busy month so far, so building time was rare. Plus, somehow I haven't had the heart to build this month's MCRA results - too painful the memory of two ships lost with all hands. But, BoBS must go on! April 616, Hurricane Stepho was devastating. Oleon's Merchant Navy lost four ships to this monstrosity! When asked about the fate of La Recouvrance by the crew's relatives, the captain of the Commerce de Breshaun, which had miraculously survived the suicidal cruise, lowered his head expressing his condolences, and with a broken voice he spoke of what he had seen... the last moments of La Recouvrance. about: This is a beefed up version of the sea I used last month to tell a more fortunate story. Although not much of it is visible. Well, and Stepho was threatening my PC's resources quite menacingly Not quite happy with the background, but Bluerender unfortunatelly doesn't allow transparency, that could have been filled more precisely. And this is very much forced perspective, so I could only take one pic. Well, next MCRA story will hopefully be more cheerful again Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  14. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: A powerful Friend Next: Brotherhood of the Red Dragon |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 10 March 616 28 Sea miles from Belson Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer With all the loading complete, we finally set sail for home.....I was eager to learn more from our new friend... Brotherhood contact by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr He represents a group called the "Brotherhood of the Red Dragon," and claims they have a training facility that he wishes us to see..... Learning of the Brotherhood by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Crewman: "Captain, sir.....Sails on the horizon! I think we are being pursued...." Sails on the horizon! by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Captain Rhys: "No worries, me hearties....we have a 'white knight' watching over us....she's just cresting the horizon now... White skull to the rescue by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr ===================================== Thanks for visiting!
  15. Comrade Commander

    [SR-MCRA] A Modest Discovery

    The crew of the Novitius knew this was dangerous waters, and all hands were on the rails to watch for the jagged rocks which protruded from the sea. It was the keen eye of the first mate which spotted her first, a tangle of planks and rope smashed up against the rocks. With both a mind for treasure, and a heart for the fellow seamen potentially trapped in the wreck, a rowboat was lowered to the waters and sent to further investigate. Though no signs of human life were spotted, modest goods and treasure were found on what was assessed to be the wreck of the LeGrande. As always, feedback is welcome!
  16. On The Not-so High Seas Revon and Vasco have sailed the Aurei Lacerta as part of a Bounty run. Gold was rumored to have been found in a Oleander wreck. The rumors were true! Revon kept an eye for some of those good for nothing sea rats, while vasco went diving for Gold. The voyage was successful and they returned with a full cargo. My MCRA results MOC for the Feb. MCRA. You can catch a glimpse of the first few upgrades I made to the Aurei, but the mods aren't complete yet.
  17. Captain's Log. February 23, 616 AE Nova Terreli in sight. The Queen has taken damage, parts burnt, front sail frazzled. Will be repaired. Cotton Lady, Fénix and Golden Snake all well. Time for profit. I have mainly copied the ships from Kai and the city layout from Phadeout. The whole voyage:
  18. Captain Log: February 1 616 We weighed anchor and moved out of Terelli's grand harbour as dawn rose. The Queen of Terelli, our warship escort, had already pulled out ahead and heavily laden for goods we headed east under favourable winds to make our fortunes in Nova Terelli. The three ships, the Cotton Lady, the Golden Snake and the Fénix are shown below. Check out further installments to see how the voyage progressed. Leaving Terelli 3 by Phadeout, on Flickr MCRA Results Feb16 by Phadeout, on Flickr Leaving Terelli 2 by Phadeout, on Flickr
  19. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - MCRA] Exterminate!

    Ahoy, mateys! Fasten seatbelts, 'cause this time it's more than just kind of a likely story March, 616. During her recent trade voyage, 'La Recouvrance' made excellent business in the ports along her route. But as fortunate as this was for her owners, she would have almost also sealed her doom. Few things in these waters manage to travel faster than 'La Recouvrance', and it turned out that 'news' about potential prey does fall in that category. On her journey home notorious pirate Val Gibbons and his 'Roach' lied in wait. And he wasn't the only one: When 'La Recouvrance's escort - the mighty 'HRS Granoleon' - engaged another pirate vessel, the 'Roach' moved to intercept. On a fast warship as the 'Roach', chances for Gibbons were good to catch up with 'La Recouvrance' and seize her before her escort could intervene. What he did not consider, however, was the determination of Oleander gun crews and Royal Marines, as they made short work of the first attacking pirate, and now arrived just in time to - exterminate the 'Roach'. And the ships only: All three ships can be build, and designing them was tons of fun. I tried to represent the classifications for the 'HRS Granoleon' (Class 5 Heavy A) and the 'Roach' (Class 5 Light A) as close as possible, even the gun count should work out. The 'sea' is quite a large area (67 32x32 baseplates ), heavily draining my PC's recources. But no crash, so yeah, almost as fortunate as 'La Recouvrance' I hope you enjoyed this little story and these little ships, thanks for watching. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  20. Dramatis Personae: Somewhere in Kings Port... %^$%&$$%@$%^$&^*&$*%$@$^@%^#!!! You know, Lucy...we could probably overtake the guards. Maybe you could persuade them to open the gate? What? Grr...fine, fine. <sigh> PSYCHOLOGY!!! Here goes...Hey, guys~ Look, lady. We totally overheard you guys talking about your plan. And besides, no offense or anything, but you don't exactly do it for us. Your friend, Alois, over there, however... AWKWARD!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later... 'Cause you make me feel... LIKE A PONY!!! So good... LIKE A PONY!!! So good... LIKE A PONY!!! So good... MONY MONY!!! All comments and criticisms welcome!
  21. Hi guys, CB4 kindly allowed me to moc up the MCRA result of his famed ship the 'Parakeet'. Somewhere in Bastion: "She did WHAT?" So, this guy walks into the bar. Pretty run down, shady character, aweful looking. And his smell! You could smell him from two miles away. Oh, this smell of rum and... like he's been living in a pig shed for the past 4 months or so. Almost knocked me out. Anyways, so this guy immediately starts drinking and after his third bottle of rum starts babbling. I mean, you've all heard of the 'Parakeet' and how she sprung a leak? So, this guy claims he knows exactly what happened that day and serves me this story: A mermaid with shades using a swordfish to saw a hole into the hull... I mean, come on! Seriously? But... the thing is... errh... the more I think about it... well, it is kind of a likely story, isn't it, lads? Lads?? I hope it's recognizable, well, it's my first time trying to 'tell' a story in a single picture, does the idea with the speech bubble work? Concerning the 'Parakeet', thanks to CB4's excellent pictures I managed to stay very true to his original, I just had to adapt a few minor details. What a lovely ship you made, CB4, and thanks again for allowing me to moc this. Well, here's some more details One last thing, in the topic title I didn't know whether to write 'Oleon' or 'Sea Rats'. Some mighty overlord may change the title if necessary. Thanks for watching
  22. After an exiting trip, captain Saxenhauser and his The Bright Owl finally reached port. They would have fallen prey to Garvias warship The Fallen Angel, if they didn't have Eslandolas Trovâo as escort. Here we see her docked before the sails are taken down. The crew unloads. While Saxenhauser shakes hands after a deal well struck. 60DB that will be spent wisely. In my ship FB I got some feedback that wanted an overview picture, and I also wanted to show that she is not parallel, as well as some of the aft deck (although black is a difficult shade to photograph). The second crew member had a crate in his hands before I took the pictures. I hope he didn't decide to earn a little extra for himself...
  23. Shiver me timbers. The Sea Rats ran into the Mardier on their recent MCRA. Everyone sing with me to :Hands up, baby, hands up Gimme your ship, gimme, gimme your ship... Surrender by dr_spock_888, on Flickr With their ships captured, the surviving crew were thrown into a cell. Their fate was uncertain. Mardier Cell by dr_spock_888, on Flickr But there may be hope. The Sea Rats might be monkeying around with a plan. Monkey Plan by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  24. It is time to show the East Trade Wind Company sailing! And here she is: The Stubborn Stern. She is sailing under the command of Captain Enrico Sombrero Verde. There she is sailing away .. and back again I am very happy about the new lantern design: Builder's note: While searching for the harbour I wanted to work on I found a very old and very black ship of mine (with no name). It was built in a style that I wouldn't do anymore so I was about to disassemble the model, when I thought I should give it a chance. Because that ship had been build with the simple goal to give the captain his "walkway" (I had not done this on another ship). So the goal was to leave the basics as they were but to add details and refinements to make the ship look better. Consequently a lot of yellow was added and many a curved slope. Then the old red-white colour scheme was modified to green-white. I've added cannons and the small boat at the stern. And the custom flag. C&C welcome